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BNC Users Should Login!

  • Login with your Purdue Career Account login and password (important: not your BoilerKey) to view all accessible pages, internal resources documents, and enable commenting and editing.
  • Access to the internal resources on BNCWiki is based on 1) having a Purdue Career Account and 2) being subscribed to the BNC-all mailing list. More information can be found on the New User Setup section of the Wiki Guide.

COVID Protocols

The Birck Nanotechnology Center Wiki is an attempt to document and centralize some of the massive amount of expertise currently spread around the facility in individuals and research groups. BNC users are encouraged to contribute their processes, experiences, issues, and knowledge in order to facilitate the spread of knowledge and increase the speed, quality, and breadth of research that can take place.

BNCWiki contains:

Research groups may also host their own pages, access to which can be restricted to the group if desired. Please contact Justin Wirth for more info.

Need Help at Birck?

If you're have a problem and aren't sure where to turn, or your email to BNC Staff hasn't gotten a timely reply, please Submit a BNC Help Ticket

iLab issues?

First point of contact for any iLab problems:

Birck Wiki  Birck Nanotechnology Wiki  BNC Wiki  BNCWiki Purdue Birck Wiki  Birck WIki Purdue  Wiki Birck Nano  BNC Wiki Purdue

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