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Blue M Furnace

iLab Name: Blue M Furnace
iLab Kiosk: BRK Furnace Core
FIC: Shared
Owner: Rich Hosler
Cleanroom - R Bay
Maximum Wafer Size: 
2"/50 mm


General Description

A table-top general purpose furnace for inert and forming gas ambient conditions. The system uses a quartz tube is 3" in diameter with a horizontally on a quartz plate boat. Ramps to 1100 °C using a single temperature zone.


  • Max Temperature (°C): 1100°C

  • Max Processing Time (min):

  • Available Gas: N2, Ar, O2, and Forming Gas

  • Vacuum Capability: No

  • Max Wafer Size: 2"/50 mm

Sample Requirements and Preparation

If possible, samples should be Piranha cleaned for 10 minutes. If this is not possible due to material incompatibility, a TAI Solvent clean followed by a mandatory DI water rinse step is permissible.

Paraffin is not allowed in the furnace.


Questions & Troubleshooting

      Forming Gas Tips

  1. Use N2 for purging and during temperature ramp up.  Since forming gas is 96% nitrogen, you don't get any benefit by purging and ramping in forming gas.
  2. Select a flow setting for forming gas during your steady state somewhere at the half way mark.  Flowing forming gas with the silver ball at the very top of the flow meter is probably excessive.  I've had users gain success with the silver ball flowing at 50%.
  3. Use N2 during the temperature ramp down step, too.  Again, forming gas probably doesn't yield a benefit at this point in time for you.

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