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Quick Start Guide

We are pleased to announce the launch of BNCWiki, a collaborative knowledge space open to all BNC researchers. Anyone subscribed to BNC-all with a current Purdue Career Account may access, edit, and add pages, upload attachments, and make comments. It is hosted on the wiki software Confluence via ITaP, and offers user friendly editing, easy upload of documents, and granular page access/editing restrictions. We welcome your inputs and comments.

What is BNCWiki?

The Birck Nanotechnology Center Wiki is an effort to document and centralize the experimental expertise currently spread around the facility in individuals and research groups. BNC researchers are encouraged to contribute their processes, experiences, issues, and knowledge in order to increase the speed, quality, and breadth of research that can take place at Birck.

BNCWiki currently contains equipment pages for both fabrication and characterization equipment, with details on capabilities, technological overviews, SOPs, user manuals, processes, and references. Info pages are available for iLab, general issues, standard and contributed processes, and MSDS sheets.

A wiki is, by its nature, a work in progress. The success of the project will depend on contributions from students, faculty, and staff. Research groups may host their own pages for more specialized info, access to which can be restricted to the group if desired. Please contact Justin Wirth for more info.

How can I access BNCWiki?

Access the main page here: Login with your Purdue Career Account login and password.

The site is accessible through both desktop and mobile devices. If pages show formatting issues on mobile, either the “View Desktop Version” option in Confluence or the “Request Desktop Site” setting in the mobile browser may improve display.

How do I edit a page?

To enter edit mode when viewing a page, press either the “Edit” button in the top right corner of the page, or press the “e” button on your keyboard.


This will launch the Confluence Editor. Page editing is similar to a document editor such as Microsoft Word, with formatting options available on the menu bar at the top of the page. After changes are made, the “Preview” button in the bottom right corner will allow you to view the edit before publishing. Once satisfied with the changes, press the “Update” button in the bottom right corner to publish the changes.

How do I add a document?

Confluence supports native viewing of PDFs and images, as well as Word, Powerpoint, and Excel files. Once in the Editor, add a file by clicking the “Insert files and images” button, or using the shortcut Ctrl+M.


Use the “Upload files” button to attach one or multiple files to the page. Then press the “Insert” button to add them to the page.

How do I make a comment?

A comment section is located at the bottom of each page, with formatting similar to the page editor. Documents and pictures may be embedded if desired. A dedicated page is available for general discussion of Comments, Suggestions, and Issues, and another for Process Help and Troubleshooting. Questions about individual tools should be made on the tool page.

How do I add a page?

Pages in Confluence are setup in a hierarchy, with a parent page capable of hosting multiple daughter pages. To create a new daughter page, go to the directory page that should serve as the parent page. Click the three dots next to the "Create" button to create a page from a template (currently available as Equipment and Process/Technology page templates), or click the “Create” button directly to create a new blank page.


Where can I get more info?

For more information, questions, or comments, email Justin Wirth. More information on using confluence can be found at the Purdue Confluence How-To Page, with all Confluence Online Documentation.

New User Setup

  1. Get access to BNC-all

    1. Get access to the BNC-all mailing list
    2. Visit
    3. Under the Subscribing to BNC-all section, enter your Purdue email. Be sure to use your One Purdue login ID alias, not a custom displayed email. 
      1. If you need help differentiating these, visit and use the listed alias plus (i.e.
    4. Enter your name
    5. Pick a password, this will be used for modifying your subscription settings
    6. Re-enter the password to confirm
    7. Select whether you would like emails in a Daily Digest, default is "No". 
      1. If you select yes, you will not receive individual emails from BNC-all. A single email with links to all BNC-all emails will be sent to you once a day.
    8. Solve the CAPCHA
    9. Click the Subscribe button

  2. Login to BNCWiki

    1. After subscribing to BNC-all, wait until the next morning to proceed. 
      1. Access to BNCWiki is based on the BNC-all membership list, and membership is refreshed every day at approximately midnight.
    2. Visit
    3. Login with your One Purdue alias and your password
    4. Visit the BNCWiki main page:
    5. To be sure you can visit internal resource pages, visit
      1. If you cannot view this page, email with a screen shot of what you are seeing instead.

  3. Show changed content in notification emails

    1. Visit

    2. Click the Edit button at the bottom of the list of Email Settings

    3. Check the box next to "Show changed content", then click the Submit button.

    4. This will allow you to see changed content when Equipment Status is updated. Without this, you will only receive an email notification that a page change has been made, but will not see what the change is.

  4. Watch equipment pages

    1. As you are trained on equipment, Watch the equipment page to be notified via email of updates.

    2. Go to the BNCWiki page of the tool. These are linked from the iLab entry for each tool, or can be found through BNCWiki itself.

    3. In the upper right corner of the tool Wiki page, click the Watch button (alternately, hit the "W" keyboard key for a keyboard shortcut.

      1. A confirmation box will appear stating "You started watching this page."


The BNC Wiki is hosted as a "space" in Confluence version 6.6.9 as of 2/1/2019. Access is currently restricted to those subscribed to BNC-all with a valid Purdue login, and by default pages are open for anyone with Wiki access to view or edit. Editing is largely straightforward and functions similar to Microsoft Word or other document editors.

Confluence Guides:

Particularly useful documentation pages:

Page Types

The BNC Wiki broadly houses 3 types of pages: equipment pages, technology/process pages, and directory pages. Directory pages, such as the Fabrication page or the lithographic process page, serve as a way to categorize other pages and allow for easy navigation when the Wiki is accessed through mobile browsers.

Equipment Pages

Click for an example of an equipment page formatting.

To create a new equipment page:

  1. Go to the directory page the piece of equipment should be created under. 
  2. Click the three dots next to the "Create" button:

3. Select the "Equipment Page" template, then click the "Create" button.

Technology/Process Pages

Technology/Process Page template

To create a new technology/process page, go to the directory page the technology/process should be created under. 



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