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Purdue Bioinformatics Core

To get started running bioinformatics software, you need to get an account on ITaP RCAC cluster computers.

You may apply for an account by sending email to with the following information (as described in these directions)

  1. Your name
  2. Your Purdue career account name
  3. Your department
  4. Indicate you want to access the Radon and Fortress systems
  5. If you are not a Purdue faculty member, please also include the name and Purdue Career Account login name of your supervisor/advisor.

After your ITaP/RCAC account has been created, you need to send email to the Bioinformatics Core Director.  Describe the work you are doing and indicate you want access to the Bionformatics queues in order to use the software you need.

Here is a list of the bioinformatics software currently installed

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  1. Radon is the compute system. Fortress is the backup system.   Other compute systems that you may hear bandied about are Coates, Rossmann, Hansen and Carter.  To the first degree these systems are just more power versions of Radon.