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Calendar Category Descriptions 

150th Anniversary: lists celebrations or activities related to 150th anniversary celebrations.

Ideas Festival: lists anything related to one of the following four categories:

Giant Leaps website

Academic: lists the University's official academic dates, including the first and last day of classes, late registration and drop/add deadlines, holidays and commencement dates. This calendar is subject to change without notice.

Alumni, Friends & Retirees: lists on- and off-campus activities and development events that are open to any Purdue alumnus, friend and/or retiree. Events for alumni hosted by specific areas of campus (CFS, ROTC, PSUB, etc.) are acceptable as long as they are open to all alumni from that area. Events that are by invitation only will not be listed on this calendar.

Arts & Culture: lists concerts, theatre and live music performances, gallery exhibits, films and performing arts events that are sponsored by University departments such as Convocations and Lectures, University Theatre, University Bands, Black Cultural Center, Purdue Student Union Board, Purdue Musical Organization and Purdue Galleries.

Athletic: lists intercollegiate athletics sporting events for Purdue-West Lafayette.

Career Programs: lists seminars, workshops, job fairs and other career-related activities for Purdue students, employees and alumni.

Conferences & Seminars: lists conferences, seminars, lectures, workshops and colloquiums on- and off-campus for students, faculty, staff, alumni and the general public, including summer youth camps and non-credit programs.

Featured Events

Future Students: lists on-campus events sponsored by the Office of Admissions, including information sessions, tours of the academic facilities and residence halls, programs for prospective and admitted students and orientation programs.

Recreation, Health & Wellness: lists intramural and club sports events, fitness/wellness activities and special programs sponsored by the Division of Recreational Sports, the Student Wellness Office and Worklife Programs.

Student Life: lists club, leadership and service events organized or sponsored by student organizations.

Remember To

  • Include as much detail as possible in your event description. Your audiences will appreciate the information.
  • Use links to take your audiences to more information about the program, speaker, etc. to pique their interest further. 
  • Use words and descriptions that appeal to your audiences. 
  • Proof your submission for errors. (We'll be on the lookout, too!)
  • Include an engaging image with your submission if possible.
  • Change your event info on the calendar if anything changes prior to the event. 
  • Post only events for which you've received proper approvals and reserved space
    Haven't done that yet? 
    • Do it now, so you can ensure you have the facility on the date/time you want. 
    • See our event guide for info on great places to host your event on campus, as well as other tips.

Featured Events

What is a “Featured” Event?

  • These are upper-level University events that reach out to a broad or key audience.
  • These events are listed on the University calendar “Featured Events” page that has a link located on both the homepage and the Calendar homepage.
  • These events are also often highlighted in the scrolling banner on the Calendar homepage.
    (In the new University calendar system, all featured events with an image will be fed to the “Featured Events” photo bar at the top of the main calendar page, although only the next four chronologically occurring events will appear.)

How does an event become “Featured”?

  • Events must be submitted to the University calendar via the Event Submission Form.
  • The system owner of the University calendar (Content Marketing Operations) chooses what events to classify as featured during the process of approving events to be published on the calendar.
  • The events chosen by the system owners to be featured must meet the below criteria.
  • Not every event that meets criteria will necessarily be tagged as featured, but it can be upon system owner discretion or request.

Criteria for an event to be classified as “Featured”:

  • The event must not be invite-only, excepting those events that are so deemed by the president or promoted to key audiences (see next point).
  • The event must appeal to a wide audience as defined by more than two of the following groups: faculty, staff, current students, future students, alumni, retirees, parents/ families and the local community; or to a key audience which is any one or more entire class of students (e.g., incoming freshmen, graduating seniors, etc.).
      • Boiler Gold Rush (BGR)
      • Commencement
      • Convos events
      • Homecoming
      • Spring Fest
      • Spring Fling 
  • The event can be either free and open to the public or require tickets and/or registration as long as it meets the other criteria.
  • Any major University-wide campaigns (e.g. Day of Giving, the 150th), but not necessarily the various events associated with the campaign unless they meet the other criteria.
  • Any intercollegiate sporting event. 
  • Any public event hosted by the Office of the President (e.g., President’s Colloquia, Presidential Lecture Series).

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