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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information about a calendar entry?
Descriptive information about an event is available for most entries. The event title will display as a link. When you scroll over an entry or click on it, details will appear, including a contract name and email address.
How do I know which calendar has the information I want?
Each calendar category is described on the Purdue University Calendar > Help > Category Descriptions page.
How can I view more than one calendar at a time?
The calendar's default view is "All Categories." To select a specific set of calendar categories, click "Category(s)" in the left sidebar and scroll to "Select Multiple" on the drop-down menu. A pop-up box will appear and allow you to check boxes adjacent to the categories you desire. 
 These selections will remain your default calendar view until you change them. 
How do I switch between display views?
The calendar system offers you many view options, located in the left sidebar menu.
  1. In the "Display Format " drop-down, view content by
    • Category: groups events into the categories/subject areas and provides event details
    • Date/Time: Lists the events in chronological order WITH event details
    • Summary: Lists the events in chronological order WITHOUT event details
  2. View events by day, week, month, year by clicking the icons above the calendar in the left sidebar.
How do I change to another (next or previous) month?
Click on the arrow above the calendar icon in the left sidebar to view calendar items for previous or future months. You also may search for events through a date range just below the calendar icon.
Can I view events by day/week/month/year?
Yes, click the icons listed above the calendar in the left sidebar.
How do I search for an event?
You also may search for events in the "Advanced Search" function located just below the calendar icon. The search function allows you to search by
  • date and date range
  • keyword
  • calendar category
How do I find calendars for all of Purdue's campuses?
All events listed on the Purdue University Calendar are for the West Lafayette campus. Events for Purdue’s regional campuses appear on each campus website.
How do I export a calendar category(s)?
To export a calendar:
  • Select the calendar category(s) to display that you wish to download.
  • Click the "Download" icon above the calendar listings.
  • A pop-up box will appear with the options to download the selected calendar as a CSV, iCal or XML file. Once you have made your selection, click "submit."
How do I export an individual event to my calendar?
Scroll over the title of the event and a pop-up box will appear with three options
  • Remind me (will send you a text or email up to 1 day prior to the event)
  • Notify me (will send you an email if anything changes with the event)
  • Add to my calendar (a pop-up box will appear with a choice of downloading the event by iCal, vCal, or by sending a meeting request to your attention.)
Note: If you are in the description area of the event, these same three options are available just above the listing.
Can I get email and cell phone text reminders about an event?
Yes, this function is grouped with downloading an event to a calendar. Use the same instructions for adding an event to a calendar in Question 9.
Can I share an event with someone?
Currently, you can share an event using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Click the appropriate event to go to the "Event Details" section and then click corresponding icon below the event description to share it.
How do I subscribe to a calendar?
  • Go to the calendar category that you would like to subscribe to and click on the "Download" icon above the list of calendar events.
  • A pop-up box will appear that allows you to receive updates by email or iCal dynamic feed.

Remember to:

  • Include as much detail as possible in your event description. Your audiences will appreciate the information.
  • Use links to take your audiences to more information about the program, speaker, etc. to pique their interest further. 
  • Use words and descriptions that appeal to your audiences. 
  • Proof your submission for errors. (We'll be on the lookout, too!)
  • Include an engaging image with your submission if possible.
  • Change your event info on the calendar if anything changes prior to the event. 
  • Post only events for which you've received proper approvals and reserved space.
    Haven't done that yet? 
    • Do it now, so you can ensure you have the facility on the date/time you want. 
    • See our event guide for info on great places to host your event on campus, as well as other tips.

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