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  • Z' statistics project timeline
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  • Set up meeting with Giovanni Petrucciani to discuss technical details of combine implementation Folgueras, Santiago
  • Finish configuration for combine framework including preliminary tests to ensure that it is working technically Schulte, Jan-Frederik  
  • Full comparison between limits from combine and the existing framework Schulte, Jan-Frederik 
  • tests concerning the technical stability of the limits (number of iterations of the Markov Chain, number of toys, ...)  Folgueras, Santiago 
  • Study the impact of the mass window choice, different background parametrizations, Photon Induced Background Folgueras, Santiago Schulte, Jan-Frederik 
  • Binned vs Unbinned Limits, contributions from different backgrounds, sanity checks of the results and establishing a set of checks to be done in the future Folgueras, Santiago 
  • Discovery: P-Values, Significances, Look-Elsewhere-Effect treatment Schulte, Jan-Frederik 
  • Finish documentation and produce final draft of the AN for review in the group Folgueras, Santiago Schulte, Jan-Frederik  

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