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?Who Developed Seesmic and When?
Seesmic was developed by French serial entrepreneur Loïc Le Meur in early 2008.

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?What were his goals in developing this program?
Le Meur wanted to make video uploading easier for those with webcams. He also plans on having more interaction between professional and user-created material. He originally wanted to have this be almost like a video Twitter. As the program grows, users will hopefully be able to record skype conversations and connect to RSS feeds like facebook.¹

?What is the current status of the application?

On the upside, Seesmic just announced that it had bought Twhirl in late 2008, and has 20,000 users to date. Yet it has been announced that one-third of employees were let go in early October 2008. Yet, it needs to be noted that it was only 7 employees. Le Meur forecasts a weak fund-raising future for the company.¹


created by: Laura Tease and Aubrey Eubank
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    Hey guys looked up seesmic of google and found that a French entrepreneur named Loic Le Meur is the guy who started Seesmic.  I got it from Wikipedia, so it may not be the best source, of information, but it has a broad overview of what Seesmic is.  Here is the link to the wikipedia page: "> ~ Kelsey <--- you can visit this site to read a bio about Loic Le Meur - Aubrey

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