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The Purpose of Voo2do

             Voo2do is a program designated to keep one organized and helps to use time more efficiently. With this program, not only can one make to-do lists for themselves, but also they can write notes, view projects, and keep track of important deadlines. Voo2do can be thought of as the next generation of personal planning. The Voo2do program was made for those who may have many projects to work on at once, those who constantly jot down ideas so they can later work on them, for those who need to prioritize, and finally for those who need to knew where projects stand in completion aspects. #1

            Voo2do can be convenient for those of all ages. For parents, Voo2do can be used to keep their child's schedule in line. With keeping track of rides to school, sports, grades, parent-teacher meetings, etc., it can be easy to become flustered and forget a simple PTO meeting to attend. Not only will Voo2do assist in keeping plans organized, but also remembering deadlines. Remembering deadlines can also be helpful to a worker in a business setting. Falling behind in work for a major corporate job can be detrimental to one's profession. Voo2do allows in helping one avoid simple mistakes. Voo2do is not only available to older citizens, but to younger ones as well. A student can use Voo2do in a helpful manner when learning to manage and keep track of their own schedule. Each can use Voo2do in an original way. For example, a football player may use Voo2do to keep track of important practices and games, while the valedictorian of the school may use Voo2do to remember important tests, papers, and meetings that must be completed.

The graph below shows the usage of voo2do in the past 6 months.

Options Provided by Voo2do

There are many options when working with the program of Voo2do.

View and Edit Tasks

You can click on view and edit tasks. This allows the user to track each task with project, description, due date, priority, and time estimates. Just click and type to edit.


Keep Notes on Each Task

Voo2do also allows one to keep notes on each task. You can here log time-stamped notes with any tasks to track your progress.


View Next Actions at a Glance

Voo2do allows the user to see the next actions at a glance. The dashboard shows the highest-priority tasks and their due dates, highlighting overdue tasks in red.

Organize Tasks

The program lets users organize tasks into projects and contexts. Contexts, previously called views, let one see a group of projects together. It's like having a separate voo2do account for home, work, or any other context.

Review Deadlines and History

Also, Voo2do can review deadlines and history. The deadlines tab shows you what needs to get done this week. The history tab shows you what you've done, making status reports, invoices, or reviews easier than ever.


Assign and Publish Tasks

Finally, Voo2do allows the user to assign and publish tasks. With this, one can make an area for active collaboration. Tasks can be assigned and the publishing of a project can be viewed. In the following picture a collaborative group has been formed.


Incorporating Voo2do in Project 2

In order to become more aware of the purpose of Voo2do, our group has agreed to become better organized in the development of our project, by utilizing the program of Voo2do. Because this program allows so many options for keeping on task, we have decided to use Voo2do to plan our Web 2.0 project. By using and interacting with this program, our group has learned the true purpose of Voo2do; that is to aid in the organization and efficiency of project planning.

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  1. Unknown User (mroof)

    I agree in the that using voo2do will make the planning of this project much easier.

    the purpose of voo2do is mainly to offer a way of organization that can be helpful in time management.
    Not only can you make to-do lists, but it can provide notes, projects, and can inform the user of important deadlines!

  2. Unknown User (brrobert)

    I don't know if you are finished or not, but if you are finished, I would consider just adding headings to each paragraph!  Thanks for adding information so quickly!!

  3. Unknown User (skuo)

    Hi Megan,

    It's nice to see your writing. Great! 

    Yes, "Add in the title" makes the page more complete. If you cite words from other authors, make sure you give a citation for it.

    Take a look at how wikipedia does the citation. We are supposed to do that.

    <<Web 2.0 chapter from Wikipedia>>

    Thank you!

  4. Unknown User (brrobert)

    Megan- can you list the sources that you used for this, at the bottom of this page?  then i can help you internally cite them like wikipedia does

  5. Unknown User (brrobert)

    This looks great, Megan!  Just make sure you list all of your sources

  6. Unknown User (brrobert)

    Hey megan, where is your internal citation for reference 3?  I only see 1 & 2... i'm not sure which part you used from that website, so you might want to fix that, thanks!