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  • 12-03-08
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Canadian evaluation of Wiki Chapter:

-some repetition throughout chapter (Korie)

-buisness section-need a little more information, maybe something about how Business could talk to their suppliers about future inventory needs, or special order modifications etc. Not only Business to Business, but Consume to Consumer, as well.  (Alejandra)

-need typical users of Blogger (Amanda & Meghan)

-safety/warning section (Amanda & Meghan)

-"back to top" links (Korie)

Don't mess with colors-its fine!!

What else needs to be done/fixed?

Sarah & Jen: poster with blobs of info, business cards, slips of paper for drawing (with name, address, and email)

Korie: print out chapter, review chapter, drawing question, gift card

Alejandra & Korie: double check brochures, print out about 30

Meghan & Amanda: Add any pictures/links to chapter, place numbers near information that correlates with references at bottom

Presentation Info:

Come to STEW 310 by 5:00 pm Thurs.  We will set-up and practice everything.

Wear black pants and dress shirt/suit top.  Bring homework and money for dinner!  You are expected to stay until 9 pm.  That doesn't mean you will have to present or even be in the room the whole time.


5:00-6:00 set-up table and board, practice, practice, practice!

6-6:45 Presenters: Korie, Sarah extra: Alejandra

6:45-7:30 Presenters: Sarah, Jen extra: Korie

7:30-8:15 Presenters: Alejandra, Jen extra: Meghan

8:15-9 Presenters: Korie, Alejandra extra: Amanda

Thanks Guys!! You're the best!

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