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Assignment 1 - Three things about Mendeley

Mendeley is a web based site that allows you to organises electronic articles and citations
it also allows you to share your work with colleagues. It is very user friendly and has
many useful features that make research less time consuming by allowing easy search
facilities and referencing aids. Among others, Mendeley has three features that I found
partially interesting, these are;

Citation Generator. This allows you to format citations and bibliographies into over I,000
different styles.
Bibliography database. This enables the generation of bibliographies in more than 1,000
different citation styles, including American Psychological Association (APA), American
Medical Association (AMA) and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to name
but a few. Bibliographies can be taken from research papers and PDFs and generated
Manage Papers. A very useful feature that allows you to organize a collection of research
papers. With this feature you can store all data in an easy to find system that allows
retrieval by journal, authors, keywords or tags

Damien Keenan
NCI Dublin, Ireland

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