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What are some unique ways of using this application?

Writer:  Kyle Ritchey

There are many different ways that can be used outside of Education.  One of the ways that can be used outside of education is using to brainstorm ideas for businesses. is a very easy website to use for businesses to just jot down their ideas when they think of something that they would like to use.  They can expand their ideas by using this application.  Once the session of brainstorming is done then you can either save it for future use, or you could print it out and save it as a jpeg or PNG.  You can also export it for use in a website or as an XML sheet.

Another use of is for building family trees.  Since has the ability to creat multiple 'parent' boxes and 'child' boxes, is a fantastic tool for creating family trees quickly and easily.  The only bad thing about for making family trees is that you don't have the choice of inserting images into either the child boxes or the parent boxes. 

Another useful way to use is creating flow charts. Flow charts are used in technical books and software manuals, are are great visual representations used to train employees to use software, follow business processes, or anywhere a yes/no situation could occur.  When polices are processes need changed it can easily be done by going back to the site and changing it. can be used to create different kind of lists. can be used to make Christmas lists, grocery lists, and other kind of lists that you can think of.  Instead of just creating a Christmas list on a piece of paper that just gets thrown away every year you could use to make a hard copy of the Christmas list.  After every year you could always just go in and change the list and show it to your parents instead of wasting more paper.  If you tend to buy the same thing when grocery shopping you could just keep a hard copy of your grocery list on and you would no longer have the problem of wasting paper each time you go shopping.  Another great use of is using it to keep track of Birthdays.  You can Create a bubble for each month with the person's name underneath the month that their birthday is.  This way you don't have to worry about switching the birthdays from the calendar from the year before to the next year. can also be used for everyday purposes.  You can keep this website up on your computer and whenever an idea pops up in your head you can jot the idea down on the website instead of trying to find a piece of paper and a pencil.  Sometimes it's easy to just forget what you're thinking about and since is so easy to use it makes forgetting ideas hard to do.  Whether you're thinking of new ways to save money or even how to make money is a great application to use.  Instead of thinking whether the idea is good or not when you're brainstorming you can jot down each idea without worrying about wasting paper or time.  You can easily just go back and get rid of the ideas you don't like or you don't want to have on the same graph as the other ideas that you thought up. 

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