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Similar Applications

Voo2Do Brings Organization to Any Application!


  • An elementary teacher is creating a website for her students about U.S. Presidents using Adobe Dream Weaver.  The teacher is trying to find a time to create the website, but is having trouble because she also has her daughter's soccer game, a PTA meeting,  parent-teacher conferencing, and a field trip to plan- all in the same week!  Thankfully, she knows about Voo2Do and how easy it is to make a list and prioritize all of her busy activities.  
  • Our Confluence group used Voo2Do to set deadlines for our tasks on Confluence. 

Anytime there need to be tasks assigned or projects that need to be done, Voo2Do is the best way to get organized!!

Voo2Do is not the ONLY online task manager...

 ...but it's the BEST one!!  Why?

The features (on the tabs) available on Voo2Do such as dashboard, tasks, projects, collaboration, notes etc. allow for it be an effective organizational tool in relation to other applications. Other applications such as remember the milk, are harder to navigate or know how to manage your tasks. Voo2do is very easy to navigate which takes one more worry out of our hectic schedules.

Voo2Do has unique features that are specific to this application.  Those features include, but are not limited to:

(red star) Dashboard
(red star) History

(red star) Notes

(red star) Tasks

(red star) Projects

(red star) Collaboration

(red star) Assign Priority #6

Voo2Do allows you to be able to know for sure:

"- what to work on next,
- when you're at risk of missing a deadline,
- whether you can reliably commit to a new task." #7

One application that could be beneficial to Voo2do, due to the competition in the world of online organizers, is the function of mobile phone updates. When researching the other organizational tools I realized that this would be a very useful tool for many since their life may be "on the go". Mobile phone would help people use Voo2do who do not have a desk job and are always in different locations. #7

Voo2Do is the best online task manager for the simple fact that it has what other applications do not!

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