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Group Members: Ashley Klindera, Jeanee Coy, Elizabeth Whitney, Lauren Coleman, Micheal Buuck, Nicholas Reed, Rachel Burke, Madeline Tople

International Partners: Su-jin Kim, Hun-hee Ha, Minkyung Woo, Hyunkyung Jo

Edited By: Amanda Martin, Hillary Bradtmiller, Kalyn Rose, Carly Marshall, Timothy Fronek, Perry Langley, Heather Kristofzski

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| Section | Table of Contents |




Development and Background






Getting Started


Unique Uses


Relationship to other applications


Educational Value
A. Educational Technology
B. Convenient, Inexpensive and Accessible


International Use


Lesson Plans
A. Elementary Education
B. Secondary Education
C. Post-Secondary Education







I.Purpose">I. Purpose

6rounds is a live social meeting place. It can be used for work and fun. It’s a co-browsing experience because users can conduct a video conference in which they interact on a 3 way screen. It has you, your friend, and a white board between to play videos, games, or whatever you want on it. It is an interactive online environment, offering users a variety of experiences that they can enjoy together. Using a combination of webcams, real-time games, social activities and media engagements, they present a wide range of opportunities. Users can watch videos together, play real-time games, check out each others social networking sites, shop together and ever browse YouTube all while video chatting on the 3 way screen.

By Beth Whitney
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II.Development and Background">II. Development and Background

This is a nice way to meet new people and their friends in an easy, fast and convenient way. 6rounds is totally free to join and was created to give you a quality experience. 6rounds was created in Israel by Danny Fishel, CEO and Ilan Leibovich, COO. They wanted to create an application based on real-time video chat that also included additional features. They focused on the "sharing experience" as a whole.
6rounds can be used with a number of social networking sites, such as Facebook or Myspace. Users can connect 6rounds to their social network profile to allow it to access information such as hobbies, music taste, etc.
There are four ways that 6rounds plans on bringing in revenue:
1) users could purchase virtual and real gifts (think ringtones, MP3s, etc.) and send them to other users during the video experience.
2) users could personalize their video experience by purchasing customized skins and choosing different applications for private arenas (unique games, targeted extensions and special activities).
3) affiliate fees from e-commerce majors: from music, movies, TV shows and books through the personal profile slideshows to a dedicated co-shopping experience in a variety of online retail stores. 6rounds aims to earn revenue shares from these transactions and allow other developers to tap into this stream by means of the open API.
4) advertising, licensing and product placement: the company at a later stage intends to offer advertisers licensed versions of 6rounds as well the ability to insert video advertising units within the layers (think sponsored gifts, targeted activities, and promoted themes), led by Rhodium Investment Group and followed by private angel investors from the Israeli Startup Factorygroup, who previously invested $350K (November 2008). The founders had initially founded the startup with the help of family and friends on some $150K back in February 2008.            Source:

By Jeanee Coy

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III.History">III. History

The sites name came from the Beach Boys song “Get Around”.

6rounds was created in February of 2008 but it wasn’t launched until July 2, 2009. The founder of 6rounds is Dany Fishel. This application was created in Israel. The cofounder of 6rounds is Ilan Leibovich. 6rounds got started with only $150,000. The money came from friends and family. Now they get their funding from a company called Startup Factory. There are only 50 people in the Startup Factory.

The reason why they decided to start 6rounds was because they wanted a way for people to communicate while they wait for their speed dating session to start. 6rounds was a fun way for people to connect to one another. Also, they created 6rounds because there was no real place for people to communicate to one another online.
By Rachel Burke
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IV.Creators">IV. Creators

Dany Fishel, Ilan Leibovich, Dmitry Shestek, Gadi Srebnik, Yogev Shelly, Martin Luber, Elizabeth Ekshtat, Nitzan Tomer, Natasha Shine, and Steven Miles are currently the team members of . 



Job as part of the team

Dany Fishel

CEO of 6rounds

Ilan Leibovich

COO of 6rounds

Dmitry Shestek

Dmitry is experience is software programming and architecture planning. “He is responsible for the development of components for the gaming platform” ( )

Gadi Srebnik

The Flash Architect of 6rounds. He is highly educated in Flash Action Script. Gadi Srebnik is currently the VP product at GixOO, VP R&D at Rounds, and Chief Architect at Gixoo and has been working at these jobs for about 4 years. In the past he was a flash consultant and developer at SDP-IP. He also worked as the senior flash developer at KIddonet. He graduated from Bar-Ilan University in 2003 with a bachelor of sciences degree in computers, and again at Ha’Universita Ha’Petuha in 2008. In 2006, he went to Tel Aviv University and obtained a degree in project management. Gadi is also an Adobe Certified Expert and is a professional in Flash CS3. (8)

Yogev Shelly

The multimedia Director of 6rounds.
 He is the motion graphic producer and the flash developer.

Martin Luber

The creative manager. He makes sure that the website appealing to the audience. Martin Luber is the creative manage at Rounds and has been working there for three years. Before Rounds, he was part of the motion and interactive studio at 27 Division, a company that focuses on visual interactions, such as interactive floors that project moving images when you walk on them. He was also the designer at NetGo Interactive for a year. Martin studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. He is very efficient and familiar with graphic design, motion graphics, flash animation, game art, web design, Photoshop, and brand design. (8)

Elizabeth Ekshtat

The system engineer. Elizabeth Ekshtat is currently the software developer at Rounds. Previously, she was the software engineer at MiXTV and developed online game engines for two and a half years. She graduated from The Academic College of Tel-Aviv with a bachelors degree in computer science in 2004. She has a wide range of fields, but she mainly focuses on TV and online gaming softwares. She is fluent in English, Russian, and Hebrew. She is most familiar with Linux systems management and tools as well as the coding languages C, C++, Java, and Assembler. (8)

Nitzan Tomer

The client developer.

Natasha Shine

The marketing and community manager of 6rounds. She is the one that welcomes you to 6rounds once you sign up. Natasha Shine is currently the Marketing Director at Rounds and has been since July 2009. Before that she was the compliance coordinator at Safecharge, which involved the networking of banks and payment methods, for 11 months. Before Safecharge, she was the assistant coordinator at Zell Entrepreneurship Program for a year and a half. Before Zell, she was an internship in marketing at IDC Herzliya, which is a study abroad opportunity in Israel. From 2002 to 2005 she studied at Irvine Valley College and graduated with a degree in business administration with an emphasis in business management. Then, from 2005 to 2008, she studied at the Interdisciplinary Center and graduated with a major in marketing and a minor in finance. (8)

Steven Miles

The social coordinator.( ).

Ilan Leibovich lives in Israel. Ilan Leibovich went to school from 1979 to 2009. He currently has his masters. He has a BA in Economics and Communication. He was previously a co-founder of KwaKwa. Also he was the social manager at the PlaytheDay from May 2007 to September 2007. Along with those two jobs he also was the marketing manager at PLYmedia from December 2006 to April 2007. Ilan Leibovich has lots of specialties when it comes to the computer and the internet. Some of his specialties are internet marketing, social media, adverting, and blogosphere. He also was the campaign manager of the aniBOOM from September 2006 to November 2006. From May 2005 to July 2006 he affiliates retention manager of Random Logic.

Dany Fishel also has a great expertise in the area of the internent. He is a CEO and co-founder of GixOO, which is a live social video meeting platform, the first product was 6rounds which started in August 2007 to the present. He is also a co-founder of which is an Internet company focused on providing online strategies, revenue models, a wide range of marketing specialities, concept and user experience optimization. He worked with this from September 2006 to March 2008. From May 2007 to September 2007 he was a social marketing mangage to launch the PlaytheDay venture. He then also joined PLYmedia's team to launch from December 2006 to April 2007. Also from September 2006 to November 2006 he worked as a media buying manager for

By Rachel Burke

Edited by Hillary Bradtmiller
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V.Getting Started">V. Getting Started

The following pictures guide you through the 6Rounds application. Follow the pink writing and arrows for a step by step guide.

Step 1-">Step 1-

First go to the 6Rounds website and create an account. You must be 16 years or older to use the application.

Step 2-">Step 2-

After creating an accout and user name, your first two friends will be Natasha Shine, Marketing and Community Manager and Steven Miles, Social Coordinator. Now that you have access to 6Rounds, you can fill up your profile with information about yourself. With your profile, you can also join random rounds where you are able to chat with different people from around the world.

Step 3-">Step 3-

 On your profile, you are able to check trails or messages from other users. You can also compose messages and send them to your friends.

Step 4-">Step 4-

 6Rounds allows you to connect with your friends by searching profiles. You can also invite your friends who do not have a 6Rounds profile through "Bring Your Friends."

Step 5-">Step 5-

 When you are ready to start a round or chat, there are many options. You can do random rounds with other 6Rounds users that you are not friends with yet or with your own friends. Once you have started a round, you can play games and use the other unique features.  

Step 6-">Step 6-

 On your profile you can even expand your information about yourself through flickr, myspace, and facebook links to your personal pages.

Step 7-">Step 7-

 6Rounds respects individuals privacy and users can set their profiles to different strengths of security.

By Lauren Coleman
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VI.Unique Uses">VI. Unique Uses

A. Basic Terms-

  • CHAT-6rounds offers many different opportunities for social online interaction but one feature that stands out is the opportunity for real-time chat using its video chat through Facebook. Members can invite Facebook friends to rounds that allow one-on-one chatting.
  • VIDEO EFFECTS- Within the video chat application users can add new dimensions to their chats by applying video effect feature to their video stream. Video effects are filters on webcam stream that change the way you are represented in the video experience. 6rounds offers a variety of effects and each one has a different outcome.
  • SKINS- Another unique feature offered during video chat is the opportunity to change the wallpaper for your video experience. 6rounds offers a wide range of skins that can be used to personalize video experience. An example of this application is if during a video chat users are discussing their favorite memories of vacationing, users are able to change skin to a beach or winter theme to enhance chatting experience.
  • TIPS- Based on information given when creating personal profile, 6rounds offers a tip button that allows user to make use of personalized icebreakers and advice about chat partner. The more details filled out in profiles, the more tips 6rounds can offer. Tips are based on information such as music interests, favorite movies and special interests.

Following Information from

B. Platforms-, click on the platform you wish to research. We have provided basic explanations of the platforms below. Yinltokxyzkdtnh">These are different settings you can use 6rounds in. You can simultaneoulsy use the platform of your coosing and the 6rounds applications. Go to:, click on the platform you wish to research. We have provided basic explanations of the platforms below. You can choose from 4 different platforms in which you can use 6rounds and the type of platform you chose
  • Facebook- you can take snapshots of each other, play real-time games together, share pics, videos, and music. You can even video chat through Facebook kind of like Skype, all the while- you never have to leave your Facebook.
  • Social Community- you can become friends with people that are also 6rounds users and get to know random people. You can also use all the games and applications with them!
  • Chrome Extension- you'll never have to leave your browser and still be able to use all the tools and applications that the Chrome browser and 6 rounds offers.
  • Wave Gadget-  If you are unsure what a Wave Gadget is, have no fear! Google wave is basically Twitter, email and instant messaging all rolled up into one. Google launched the new program in May 2009 but is gradually coming to an end. Google says that the service will remain live but it will probably come to an end eventually. If you would like more information on what's going to happen to the Google Wave team or more visit . 

 C. Basic Functions

What you can do with 6rounds:

Explanation of the action:

1. Review the person's profile

Gives you 30 seconds to preview the random person’s profile that you have
chosen to chat with. Try to get to know them!

2. See if you have any common friends

Check out their friends and see if this is a good conversation piece. Maybe
you can meet someday!

3. Change the skin and set the mood

Your wallpaper skin reflects your personality and can affect the way others
view you. Have fun choosing one you like!

4. Change your display mode

Maybe a different view or different proportions will make you feel more

5. Send your chat partner a gift

Gifts can be used as emotions as well. You can keep the conversations
going by sending gifts to your chat partner.

6. Take a snapshot

If you are having trouble coming up with creative things to do, just take a
snapshot of you and your chat partner. Tell them to smile and press the button.

7. Use the TIPS button

The tips button gives you interest based hints and icebreakers for you to ask
your chat partner. There are various random questions to ask them or tips about
shared interests.

8. Play a game together

Keeping you chat active is always good. As these games are interactive
and in real time you will be able to play around and have fun with the games.

9. Share an activity

Share your pictures, favorite videos and songs; show your chat partner
your family, friends, and experiences.

By Mike Buuck and Ashley Klindera

Edited by Amanda Martin, Heather Kristofzski
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VII.Relationship to other applications">VII. Relationship to other applications

How does it relate with other applications?">How does it relate with other applications?

This live meeting place allows you to interact with different applications as well.  You can use webcams and real time flashplayer to enjoy your social experience. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Youtube, and Rounds Blog allow you to extend your experience with others on these different applications. Through these networks people are able to meet and communicate with people of all locations and create a personalized profile that allows social interaction. 6 rounds provides the general uses of these applications with the exception that communication can be done in real-time. Instead of leaving messages for people to view later, it allows people the chance to interact and share their online experience together at the same time. Here are some examples of 6 rounds on other applications.

Facebook  -Go to:, click on the "Facebook Fan Page" link at the bottom of the screen.">Facebook  - Go to:, click on the "Facebook Fan Page" link at the bottom of the screen.

- share with all of your Facebook friends what you're doing on your 6rounds account! You can browse your Facebook with others on 6rounds while interacting at the same time. For all of the avid Facebook users, this relationship is ideal.



Twitter-  Goto:[],clickonthe"TwitterStream"linkatthebottomofthescreen.">Twitter-  Go to:, click on the "Twitter Stream" link at the bottom of the screen.

- you can share with all of your other friends and networks, what you just accomplished, played, or discussed during your 6rounds. It allows your sharing to be on a broader spectrum and seen at a faster rate.


Tube-Goto:[],clickonthe"YouTubeChannel"linkatthebottomofthescreen."> YouTube- Go to:, click on the "YouTube Channel" link at the bottom of the screen.

 - watch this comical video to see all the fun demos and sharing opportunities that YouTube provides.

Rounds Blog- Goto:[],clickonthe"RoundsBlog"linkatthebottomofthescreen.">Rounds Blog- Go to:, click on the "Rounds Blog" link at the bottom of the screen.

- blog about and share through:  Flickr, 24 Amazing Stop-Motion Shorts, Google Maps, People Who Resemble Their Dogs, 8 Extreme Manicures, Text Editor, Foosball, 7 Sweet Bar Tricks, Goofy Valentine’s Gifts, Facebook, The Year Of The Rabbit: 20 Funny Bunny Pictures, Random Rounds Press Release. These are several different applications, games, and sharing techniques that you can research at the "Rounds Blog" link.

By Ashley Klindera

Edited By Amanda Martin
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VIII.Educational Value">VIII. Educational Value

“In a study from the University of Minnesota, of the students observed, the study found that 94% use internet, 82% goes online at home and 77% had a profile on a social networking site. When asked what was learned from using networking site, students listed technology skills at the top, followed by creativity and being open to new and diverse views and communication skills.” 2

6rounds is an interactive online meeting place that offers a variety of activities that allows an individual to communicate, collaborate and discover new opportunities of experience and technological skills. This program offers individuals with the opportunity to use real-time web collaboration through video. 3 The use of this site is primarily focused towards older adolescents and adults but not limited to this age group. Understanding and being able to use digital Medias (webcams, real-time games, and social activities) within site is important to individual’s personal gain to participate and use activities effectively and productively. Understanding will also help individual shift prior knowledge to learning new technological skills that help generate new ideas and creative thinking. 7

Educational Technology  ">Educational Technology   

6rounds has great potential for educational purposes. Both students and teachers can benefit from using site within an educational instructional design. Learning is promoted when students are encouraged to integrate new knowledge or skill in everyday life. 6 This site provides a learning environment that allows direct and immediate social interaction that can be directed into one-on-one or group interaction. 3 Through planned educational activities, students can share ideas and point of views on topics and reflect, reconsider and participate in authentic problem solving. Given the opportunity to connect with other students and teachers on a personal level builds trust and opens the door for diverse and cultural views and communication skills. 4 Through these social interactions, students are provided with the skills and knowledge to help develop values and conventional and critical thinking. 7

Convenient, Inexpensive and Accessible ">Convenient, Inexpensive and Accessible 

6rounds is a great resource for overcoming problems of educational access when access may be limited or effectively isolated by distance or other barriers. 1 Through this site, distance education is possible and can provide students with educational opportunities. Educators are given the opportunity through this social video platform to create educational activities that both parties can engage and actively participate in together. Through planning and preparation for distance education, teachers can provide learners with easy to follow directions, guidelines for participation, grading criteria and specific time lines to promote easy learning and organization. 5
By Ashley Klindera
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IX.International Use">IX. International Use

This application is also very useful internationally. This application makes having a video chat conversation like a real life conversation which makes it easy to contact anyone from anywhere around the world. With the application you can chat with people you already know or even meet someone new. This will give you an opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. Four international partners interviewed six individuals through the application and gathered information. The attached PowerPoint shows their findings and conclusions about 6Rounds' usefulness for other users outside the United States.

The following video is of one of the team members teaching a man how to speak Korean through using 6Rounds. It provides a good example of one way that the 6rounds application can be incorporated into a international setting. It can be a means of communication with users around the globe without having to be in their presence.

International Partners: Su-jin Kim, Hun-hee Ha, Minkyung Woo, Hyunkyung Jo

X.Lesson Plans">X. Lesson Plans

Elementary Education ">Elementary Education 

Popping Poetry Balloons Lesson Plan.docx By Heather Kristofzski

To get the class excited about writing a poem and figuring out what kind of poem is in the balloon. Also teaches them different types of poems and the skills they will need to learn how to write a successful poem. Then we will connect to other classrooms around the country that are doing this same activity with 6Rounds video chat through Facebook and share each others poems

Pen PalsByRachelBurke">Pen Pals By Rachel Burke

The students will work together as a whole class (through the internet) to finish a group project by using 6rounds technology and the internet with another classroom across the country.
Download DOC PDF

Class CommunicationByBethWhitney">Class Communication By Beth Whitney

Students will use 6rounds as a means to learn how to use webcams, microphones, and interactive environments with another class in the school to work together on projects.
Download DOC PDF

Animal Research Group Project (STEM)ByBethWhitney">Animal Research Group Project (STEM) By Beth Whitney

For the children to complete a group project with 2 or more other people using the computer for a science project. They would use 6rounds as a base of communication with the rest of their group.
Download DOC PDF

Photo Essay Group ProjectBy Perry Langley">Photo Essay Group Project By Perry Langley

The children will be in pairs and research a specific topic relating to Health and Wellness. They will go on separate investigations and document them with pictures, sharing their findings on Flickr, and eventually, 6Rounds. They then will present their project to the class. Download DOC PDF

Classrooms Around the World by Carly Marshall

In this lesson, students will research a country and form questions about the culture and daily lives of students in that country. Then they will interact with students in a different country to ask their questions, talk about what they know, and learn more about a different culture. They will write a short narrative telling what they learned through the experience.

Download DOC PDF 

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Secondary Education ">Secondary Education 

Creating a ProfileByAshleyKlindera">Creating a Profile By Ashley Klindera

The purpose of this lesson plan is to allow 10th grade students develop and create user profile on 6rounds website while integrating new technological skills and creativity.
Download DOC PDF

Journalism Lesson PlanByLaurenColeman">Journalism Lesson Plan By Lauren Coleman

The purpose of this lesson plan is to help students gain confidence interviewing other people in order to create a better story.
Download DOC PDF

Social NetworkingByAshleyKlindera">Social Networking By Ashley Klindera

The purpose of this lesson plan is to encourage and allow students to share individual knowledge and point of views concerning the pros and cons of social networking.
Download DOC PDF
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Valley of the KingsBy Hillary Bradtmiller">Valley of the Kings By Hillary Bradtmiller

The purpose of this lesson plan is to encourage students to use 6rounds as a way to communicate and share information and ideas while researching for a written and oral report. It will show them that there is a way to communticate with their partners like you are talking with them in person without really having to be together.

Download DOC  PDF

Sliding Filament Theory By Tim Fronek

The purpose of this lesson plan is to promote the collaboration between students while watching a Youtube video in 6rounds about how mucles contract.It allows them to get immediate feed back as well as reflecting on the material and trying to understand it together.

Download DOC PDF


Post-Secondary Education ">Post-Secondary Education 

Study GroupByJeaneeCoy">Study Group By Jeanee Coy

After this lesson, students will be able to successfully use 6rounds as a study group application.
Download DOC PDF

Psychological StudyByJeaneeCoy">Psychological Study By Jeanee Coy

The objective of this lesson plan is to teach students how to use 6rounds to complete a psychological study on how well people listen to information, and retain information, when taught from somebody on a computer screen.
Download DOC PDF

International Power Point ProjectByJeaneeCoy">International Power Point Project By Jeanee Coy

After this lesson, each student will be able to use 6rounds as a way to successfully complete projects with international partners.
Download DOC PDF

Social Studies and The U.S. ConstitutionBy Amanda Martin">Social Studies and The U.S. Constitution By Amanda Martin

This lesson incorporates discussion afterwards so that the students can have fun and interact.

Download DOC [PDF|^Lesson Plan 6rounds.docx.pdf||||||||||||||||||||||||\||]

Horticulture Lesson PlanByKalynRose">Horticulture Lesson Plan By Kalyn Rose

The objective of this lesson plan is to incorporate social networking for an agriculture business. 

Download DOC PDF 

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XI.Business/Industry/Organizations Plans">XI. Business/Industry/Organizations Plans

This application is very help for business or for industry in a training situation. It applies to business, industry, and organization as mainly communication system. Since 6Rounds is a video chat, users can communicate with employers and fellow employees via video conference and give examples from YouTube and other internet sites. 6Rounds can be very help with other organization to keep in contact with other members that cannot meet physically. Here are two examples in the form of a lesson plans that can be applied to the 6Rounds application.

Church Pen Pals">Church Pen Pals

This lesson will show a church community how to stay in contact and be able to chat from across the world. After doing this they should know and understand how to stay in contact with their missionary people.
Download DOC PDF

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XII.References Plans">XII. References Plans

1.Shank, Patti. "New Social Interaction Tools for Online Instruction." Instructional Technology Forum. 28 DEC 2009. Instructional Technology Forum, Web. 07 Nov 2009. <>.
2.University of Minnesota. "Educational Benefits Of Social Networking Sites Uncovered." ScienceDaily 21 June 2008. 05 November 2009 <¬ /releases/2008/06/080620133907.htm>.
3."FAQ." 6rounds. 2009. GixOO Studios, Web. 02 Nov 2009. <>.
4.Mize, Sean R. "Social Network Benefits." Social Network Benefits. 22 Feb. 2007 07 Nov. 2009 <¬Network--Benefits&id=464645>.
5.Newby, T.J., D.A. Stepich, J.D. Lehman, and J.D. Russell. Educational Technology For Teaching and Learning. 3rd ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill/Prentice-Hall, 2006. 218-22. Print.
6.Newby, Tim. Learners, Objectives and the Learning Environment-ETTL, Chp. 4. Purdue University. Electrical Engineering Room 129, West Lafayette, IN. 14 September 2009. Lecture.
7."NETS for Students 2007." International Society for Technology in Education. 2009. International Society for Technology in Education, Web. 02 Nov 2009. <>.

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XIII.Resources">XIII. Resources

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