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Voo2Do could definitely be used in other countries.  There is not a place you can go in the world where organization is not important!

The Problem: Language Barrier

  • The problem with Voo2Do being used on an international scale is that there is a language barrier with the application.  Unless a video is created to show people how to use the program, they will not understand because the whole program is in English.

Possible Solutions

  • Instructional video using a screen capture could be used to show international partners how to use Voo2Do. #1 and #2

  • In an email to Brittany Robertson, Shimon Rura told her that he had been working on the language barrier to increase his following of international users. 

Shimon's email to Brittany #3

Once the language barrier is broken, users all over the world could access and integrate this program into their lives to help them get organized! They could create their own tasks and projects on Voo2Do in their native language.  

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1. Moss and Robertson. (2008, November 14) Voo2Do Tutorial Part One [Video file]. Video posted to  
2. Moss and Robertson. (2008, November 14) Voo2Do Tutorial Part Two [Video file]. Video posted to 
3. Shimon Rura (personal communication, November 16, 2008)

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  1. Unknown User (mroof)

    Personnaly,I had never heard of voo2do. I always knew that programs like it were avaiblable, but never found the need to use it. I am interested to know if internationally a program like voo2do would be helpful or just unnecessary. - megan

  2. I want to know add a page in  voo2do international . In other words, one page to another page, we can put in there?

    To be honest with you,
    many korean doesn't  use voo2do .

    but!!   There are some people in this program. They says it's the best program(thumbs up)

    1. Unknown User (brrobert)

      Ok, I went ahead and added a new page just to try to find out how.  At the top of this page, there is a tab called "Add".  Under "Add", there is another option called "Page".  If you click on that, you can create a new page within this page.  You can use the page that I created, or you can make your own.  If you have any questions, just ask me!(smile)

      By the way; did you make up this information, or did you find it somewhere else?

      I'm just wondering because if you got the information online, or somewhere else, you must give us the source information that you used. Thanks!(big grin)

  3. I had an interview with the professor. An interview with the results in Korea, not a lot of programs would not voo2do conclusion that you're talking about, and using web 2.0 program in Korea, the google and yahoo microsoft office outlook, and that you use a lot of you have your response.