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Welcome to 72Photos!!

72Photos is a safe social photo editing, hosting, and sharing website that allows the user to upload their own images as well as create image formats never seen before! As a member of this site, you have access to use over 72 different photo editing features along with receiving comments and feedback from other users on the quality of your photos. Users can organize their photos into different types of galleries while these features are not limited to users only. Members can share the photo galleries with friends and family through forums, websites, and other sharing options such as following them on their Facebook page,, and Twitter,!/72photos|!/72photos  .

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72Photos, a photo hosting and editing service, was originally known as XMGimages.  The site was originally launched as a public beta, also known as a preliminary stage for a software product, on February 8th, 2007. One day after its release, the site was featured in an online article which stated the site had “some neat features--like the ability to see both the before and after effects of editing.” This idea of photo editing had been done on other sites before, but due to the web technology of Ajax (a newer and more efficient system to pop-up messages); this was a site people were told to keep their eyes on. 1
The beta known as XMGimages was set to end in January of 2008. As of December 10th, 2007, the new site was officially named 72Photos and all accounts from XMGimages were transferred over to the new site. All links at that time were also transferred over to After the transition to the new site, users were able to upgrade their accounts for a fee to pro accounts. These accounts allowed the users ability to use programs and software not available to the public. 2 
The development of the 72Photos website is something that has been ongoing since its origin in 2007. The different applications on the site make users keep coming back and using the site for their photo editing needs. The site has been quoted as having a “very sleek and interactive interface with black backgrounds that make the images pop out at you.” Some of the different uses of the site allow users to first edit and crop photos, and upon completion, tag them into different galleries for everyone to look at and enjoy. Some of the other applications that were developed for the site include plug-in and applications for other networking sites that allow users to post their photos. This development allowed users that never had seen the 72Photos site the ability to see their friend’s photos and hopefully begin using the site themselves. The pictures could also be published to blogs and forums. 3
The site has also recently been cracking down on and controlling the SPAM that is in the site. They are currently in the process of banning users who share SPAM and clearing the site of all of it. This development is helping 72photos by allowing for faster search engines due to the lack of store SPAM images and data on the site. The amount of time it now takes to navigate through the site is much faster compared to before they began this improvement.


How to Use

Using the 72Photos site is as easy as it probably could possibly be. Anyone can sign up for an account as long as they are over the age of 13. The registration is free and after users create a username and password, they can begin to use the site and all of its many features. One of the great things about the site is its user interface. All members have a dashboard where they can view their photos as well as their friends. They can also look and see their own personal profile views for the day as well as comments and messages to and from friends. This makes it easy for members to stay in touch and give their opinions to others. 4
One major benefit for Pro users is the unlimited number of uploads of photos. The main difference between the free membership and the Pro membership ($14.95/year) is that there is an overall size limit per account and a bandwidth limit for the free users. Free accounts only have 200 MB of storage space and a 10 GB/month bandwidth cap. However, Pro users have unlimited bandwidth and 5 GB of storage. Not to mention the more advanced editing features that go along with it. Another added benefit to getting a Pro membership is that they are all ad-free. Get registered for FREE now with just the click of a button, start uploading photos and get connected to the 72Photos community! 5


How 72Photos Relates to Other Sites

Comparison to Competitors

Photo Editing Site

Max Upload Size



Best Features


No limit



This site is great with layers. It also offers
advance features like curve tweaks and
intelligent lassoing.


16 MB

Free (Premium also
available $24.95/year)


Picnik has good integration with sites like
Flickr. Many other creative tools also


10 MB



Pixenate offers many fun effects like snow
and oil painting, as well as a teeth
whitening feature.


6.25 MB



There is an even easier version available
called Splashup Light that they offer, with
simpler features.

Photoshop Online




This site runs on Adobe's Flash technology,
which allows for quick and efficient photo


No limit

Free (Premium also
available $14.95/year)


72Photos offers cool tools like the Camera
Profiler. It also has a search tool that works
with fire fox.


 6 7 8 9 10 11

Unique Uses

72Photos is full of unique uses due to over 72 different features available to the members of the site. When using 72photos, you can customize your photo or photos through work on the site and different editing aspects, and then place them into a customizable photo gallery on the 72photos site. The galleries that are available allow for different colors and fonts as well as different themes to make your gallery really stand out compared to others that you might encounter. With all of the community features that are offered on the site, it is easy to track your friend’s activity as well as them track yours. You can also even set blocks on your photos allowing only certain people to see them making the site safe. You can mark your contacts as “family” or “friends” which makes it possible for them to see your creations. 12

What would you do if you wanted your friend to see the photo but they don’t have a 72Photos account? While having a 72Photos account as well as a Facebook account, you can use the application Photo Stage. Photo Stage is an application for Facebook that allows users to take their creations off of the 72Photos website and place them onto their Facebook using the application. The great part about the application is it is free to all users and allows for users who do not use 72Photos to see your photos and then go onto the site and make their own. 

Plugins are also used by the 72Photos site that allows users of Firefox, Wordpress, and Mephisto to search for photos that come directly from the 72Photos sites and galleries. This allows for users to find the photos first hand while searching just that site instead of a Google search that what search an entire archive of pictures that are found on the web. You can download each of these Plugins directly from the 72Photos site which makes you feel safer knowing that it is not a virus just on the internet but endorsed by a specific website.

One of the newest aspects to the site is known as the camera profiler. This new tool allows you and other users to locate photos that are taken by the same camera make and model. This allows others to see what cameras take better pictures then others and how the photos could be enhanced through different settings on your own camera. This is basically a free advertisement for camera websites to allow their photos to be shown off by buyers of their product. The site also allows you to see accessories that you can purchase to enhance your camera and photos. 13  BACK TO TOP 

Real World Application

Lesson Plans

The following section contains examples of ways in which 72Photos can be used real-world applications. Namely examples of elementary, secondary, post-secondary, and special education lesson plans. 

Elementary Education

Coloring Within The Lines 
Overview: The purpose of this activity to help children enhance their fine motor skills by coloring in the lines, while also picking accurate colors to reflect real life situations. 
Objective: Given a black and white picture students will accurately color in the white space, their goal is to color within the lines and to use realistic colors to complete the work.  
Coloring Lesson Plan (DOC)
Coloring Lesson Plan (PDF)
Learning Shapes
Overview: The purpose of this activity is to introduce new shapes to students and to test and evaluate their understanding.
Objective: When shown pictures by the teacher students should be able to pick out the shapes within that picture and talk about how the shapes make up the picture. 
Shapes Lesson Plan (DOC)
Shapes Lesson Plan (PDF)
Computers and Technology (STEM) 
Overview: The purpose of this activity is to introduce the technology of digital photo editing to students.
Objective: Given a computer and access to students will be able to make simple alterations to digital photography. 
Technology Lesson Plan (DOC)
Technology Lesson Plan (PDF)
overview:  The purpose of this activity is to introduce different types of volcanic rocks to students.
Objectivie: Given a computer and access to students will be able to see what different types of volcanic rocks look like and label them with various facts about the type of volcanic rock.
Volcanic Rocks.pdf
Volcanic Rocks.docx


Secondary Education 

Art Class
Overview:The teacher will create a gallery on her 72photos account and post a number of various pieces of work.  The students will go to her page and will observe the different pieces and will have to not only state their impression of the artwork, but also discuss the techniques used within each piece.
Objective:Given a picture, the students will have to identify the numerous techniques used in different artworks with 80% accuracy.  
Art Class Lesson (DOC)
Art Class Lesson (PDF)
The Solar System (STEM) 
Overview:The purpose of this lesson is to help students recognize and distinguish between the different planets.
Objective:Given a slideshow and information, the stuednts will be able to accurately identify each planet and describe unique facts and characteristics of each. 
 ^lesson plan.docx
^lesson plan.pdf 
Visual Reading 
Overview:The purpose of this lesson is to build a photo gallery depicting scenes from a book of the student's choice. They will use 72photos to create a gallery for others to view.
Objective:Students will build a photo gallery that depicts the story of their choice, using They will then present the gallery to the class to help tell the story.
Reading Lesson Plan (DOC)
Reading Lesson Plan (PDF)

Post-Secondary Education 

Who's Who and What's What  
Overview:For this assignment teachers could build a gallery using 72photos. The gallery should contain pictures of historical places and historical figures. Once the gallery has been successfully built, the students should log onto the computer to view the uploaded photos. Each student should then leave comments on the picture telling who or what the picture is of, and what its historical significance is. This new approach will be more interesting for both the students and the teacher.
Objective:Using the 72photos website students will learn to recongnize both historical places and figures, while adding their own opinions and comments. 
History Lesson Plan (DOC)
History Lesson Plan (PDF)
Polyhedrals (STEM)
Overview:The teacher will present a picture of a polyhedra.  She will give them the diminsions and the students will have to answer a number of mathatical questions and equations based off of the shape.
Objective: Given a picture of a shape, students will be able to answer multiple geometry questions with 80% accurancy. 
Geometry Lesson Plan (DOC)
Geometry Lesson Plan (PDF) 
Fine Arts Photo Editing 
Overview:The purpose of this lesson is to introduce a free photo editing website,, to students. This teaches students how to make simple adjustments to digital photos.
Objective: Students will learn how to effectively adjust the color, crop photos, and create online photo galleries, with the website 
Photo Lesson Plan (DOC)
Photo Lesson Plan (PDF)


Special Education

Practicing Sign Language
Overview: The teacher will display multiple pictures on a big screen for the students to use their new sign language skills to describe what the picture is that is being displayed. The teacher will also have access to placing multiple pictures in different portfolios on the 72Photos website depending on the sign language lesson that week. 
Objective: Students will have the ability to view the images that the teacher displays on the projection screen clearly, big, and be able to follow along with the other students in the classroom and work together.
Practicing sign language lesson.docx
Practicing sign language lesson.pdf


Business and Industry 

Businesses and industries have begun using web applications as a way to further their company through means of advertisement and publicity. When you go onto a website, you usually quickly see four to five advertisements for different products or features that are not related to that current website at all. The reason that you are seeing these items is due to advertisement by that company. 72Photos sells out areas on their website for other companies to use for these advertisements as a way to help make money to maintain and further the site. One of the companies that sell this area is known as Currently on their website, you can purchase space on the 72Photos website on the homepage as well as global footer banner. Both of these areas are available for a term of thirty days and cost $25.00 and $40.00 respectively.  Another way 72Photos can be used in a business and industry sense is through training exercises and materials. Since this website is used for photo manipulation and creation, making and creating advertisements would be a simple task. This allows companies to see how their possible advertisement executives could perform. The site allows you to upload any pictures that you would like and turn it into something new and exciting. A group of ad executives could use the site to create a new company logo, a company catchphrase, or any picture they would like. 14


Educational Use

72Photos could be used as a tool for education is almost any shape or form. As seen in the lesson plans, you can upload any picture that you would like and share them with anyone. This allows for teachers to place pictures up on the site and do illustrations or even fact finding missions about the pictures. With the ease of navigation throughout the site as well as the ability to see your friend’s updates, pictures could be placed on the site and all students could view and analyze that picture. The site would be more beneficial in a computer class that dealt with photo editing and manipulation, but could also benefit students in almost every classroom. The fact that you can edit a photo in whatever way you would like makes this site more appealing to all age groups. Students with all different types of likes and dislikes can create a photo that they will enjoy or find something that they would like. 

International Use

For a little over three weeks, our group has been diving into this site and other sites looking at how 72Photos relates to the competition. We also asked this of our international partners. After all of this time together searching, we could find nothing on how this site is used internationally. The site is not available in any other language but English. The site does seem simple enough though that it could be used internationally and the language barrier would not be a problem. We hope to gather more information in coming weeks and add to this section.












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