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99Chats (Click link to return to main WIKI page)

*This page provides a general outline to assist in the organization of research topics related to your assigned Web 2.0 Application.

Web 2.0 Formatting Examples:

1) Plurk

2) Facebook Chat 

Table of Contents


I.1 Development
I.2 Features 
I.3 Registering 
I.4 99Widgets Network
I.5 Getting more out of the application***** 


How To Use 99Chats
II.1 Create Chatroom
II.2 Customize Chatroom
II.3 How to Embed Chatroom


How 99Chats relates to other applications? 
III.1 Uses and Characteristics for 99Chats 
III.2 Comparing 99Chats and Disadvantages 
III.3 Unique Uses***** 


Real World Application 
IV.1 Educational Lesson Plans 
i. Elementary 
ii. Secondary 
iii. Post Secondary 
iv. Business/Industry*****


Demonstration of Educational Value
V.1 Pros
V.2 Cons


How 99Chats is Used Internationally



I. History of 99Chats


99Chats is a free 65KB web applications which focuses on social interaction via chat rooms. 99Chats was created in December of 2008 by the 99Widgets Group Widget Network and is hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, by NationalNet Inc Network.


  • 99Chats is a completely free chat room application
  • It allows users to create chat rooms or participate in over 42,000 other active chat rooms.
  • Users can then embed chat rooms to any website, blog, eBay page, or other social network profile.
  • 99Chats is also fully customizable for its users
  • 99Chats offers flood detection, user block, and prevention mechanism.
  • The application is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Japanese.
  • Provides users with a command manual for code to use while in chat rooms.


Any visitor to 99Chats may participate in chat rooms without creating an account, yet there are benefits for signing up for a 99Chats account. Users must register with 99Chats in order to create their own chat rooms, but signing up is free. 99Chats asks users not to modify code or remove text ads. 99Chats prides itself in being a free service and this is done so through advertisement links which come attached with the embedding of chat rooms.

99Widgets Network

99Widgets Group, the founder of 99Chats, additionally offers other free services, such as 99Counters (creating of flash web counter), 99Polls (allows users to create and embed web polls), and 99Stats (allowing users to receive analysis of web traffic to their web pages).

II. How To Use 99Chats

Create Chatroom

In order to create a chatroom, you must first sign up for 99Chats. However, sign-up is free. 
Once you sign up, you will then come to a page

Customize Chatroom

How to Embed Chatroom

III. How "Application Title" Relates to other Applications

-Questions to consider: How does this application compare to the competitors? What are some unique uses of this specific application?

Uses and Characteristics for 99Chats

                          There are various uses for 99 Chats for each person. For example, 99 Chats can be used for whatever one desires: interaction among blog readers, posts from friends on one’s profile, and much more. Also 99Chats is customizable for everyone, with different backgrounds, colors, fonts and styles that can all be changed to reflect the personality of each user.  There are also other widgets like 99Stats, 99Polls, and 99Counter that a user can enjoy.

                  As far as unique uses are concerned, this is the first chat room that I have seen that supports tabbed private messaging with other members while in a public chat room. It also allows you to create embeddable chat boxes and easily manage them all from one online account. According to Erik Smith (one of the 99Chats widget founders), “99Chats lets people start their own chat room, and allows them to add it to their eBay page, social networking site, or anywhere else on the Internet.”

Comparing 99Chats and Disadvantages

                  When comparing 99Chats to other forms of chat that are common, like facebook chat and yahoo instant messenger, it seems to be a little more complex and vague.  I feel that knowing who I am chatting with makes the person more credible. I also looked up a few other chat rooms and this one seems to have so much going on and I never see many people online.

                  Something else I do not like about this site is when you are in a private chat there is nothing to show you if the other person is typing and responding to your message. Like on facebook when the icon turns into a talking bubble so you know the other person is responding. There is nothing like that on this site.  

IV. Real World Application

-This section will include 3 Lesson Plans for each Elementary, Secondary, and Post Secondary levels. One out of the three needs to be STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) related. 

-An additional section under this heading will provide information about how this application can be used in a Business/Industry Setting.

i.  Elementary Lesson Plans

(1) Weekend Adventures

In this lesson plan, students will join the teacher's chat room and write a minimum of three sentences about their plans for the coming weekend.

The students will practice their grammar skills by learning how to write in complete sentences, using punctuation and capitalization, and spelling words correctly.

(2) Math Is Fun! (S.T.E.M.)

In this lesson plan, students will play a math-related computer game.

 After the game, the students will get on 99Chats to list their favorite part of the game, and what they learned about math during the game. 

(3) I'm Thankful For...

In this lesson plan, students will celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

Students will join the teacher's chat room and write a paragraph about what they are thankful for. They will practice their writing skills by writing in complete sentences, and will learn how to write in paragraph form.

ii.  Secondary Lesson Plans

(1) The Great Debate

In this lesson plan, students will join a chat room (facilitated by the teacher) and discuss all sides, positions, and ideas regarding an upcoming election.

This can be used for any type of election: presidential, primaries, or community elections.

(2) Science Fair Extravaganza (S.T.E.M.)

In this lesson plan, students are required to participate in the school science fair.

In the beginning stages of the project, students will join a chat room with their other peers to discuss possible ideas for projects and advice for certain topics.

(3) Our Future Teachers

In this lesson plan, students are enrolled in a cadet teaching program at their local high school.

After they go and observe elementary classrooms as a cadet teacher, they must log onto the chat room and discuss what they observed in their classroom, what they liked and disliked, and what they could use in their own future classrooms.

iii. Post-Secondary Lesson Plans

(1) Bright Ideas

In this lesson plan, students will read novels for their English class.

After each novel read, teacher will assign a discussion post for homework.  The teacher will facilitate the discussion by asking a question about certain topics, and students must make a certain amount of responses. 

(2) Homework Help (S.T.E.M.)

In this lesson plan, teachers will assign online homework each class.

The teacher will embed a 99Chats chat room into the homework so that students can ask their peers or the teacher for help on certain problems. 

(3) Written Essays

In this lesson plan, instead of assigning foreign language essays in class, the teacher will assign a time for the students to write essays on 99Chats.

The teacher will post a topic, and the students must respond in the language being studied.

(99Chats is offered in many different languages: Spanish, Italian, German, French)

V. Demonstration of Educational Value

99 Chats has a wide variety of uses and there is definite educational value. This application has a lot of potential in a classroom setting as it can be beneficial not only to students, but to teachers, parents, and administrators alike, but it may need to undergo some changes before educators will be willing to implement this application into their classrooms.


  1. Communication between students and teachers
    1. Provides a forum to ask and answer questions
  2. Can be used for on-line discussions
    1. Users are able to make posts and participate in private messaging
  3. Provides an alternative to e-mail/Facebook
  4. Allows for real-time text messaging
  5. Can be applied to distance learning situations
    1. Students and teachers are able to converse when outside the classroom
  6. Allows users to communicate internationally
    1. Fosters the exchange of ideas between international partners and can help to unite strangers for the greater good of the project!
  7. Contains a chat directory which organizes the chat rooms into topics for easy navigation     


  1. Difficult to monitor
    1. Teachers do not currently have the ability to control what type of content is added to their chat, nor can they differentiate who joins it (i.e. random people  could join and post anything they wanted)
    2. Students have free roam over 99chats and their activity cannot be watched by teachers
  2. Inappropriate/Non-Academic Content
    1. Students would have access to non-academic topics such as sports, movies, and games which would eliminate the educational value
    2. Also, there is a large amount of inappropriate content available to all users which may not be classroom or age appropriate

VI. How "Application Name" is used Internationally?

-Provide examples and/or information about how this application can be used in countries outside of the United States.

99Chats can be used by people internationally to communicate with people in other countries. It is very beneficial for research and information in other countries. 

99Chats can be used internationally, proven by this project. We have found out that students in Scotland can use 99Chats to communicate with others in Scotland and in other countries. 99Chats allows information to be shared all around the world about different topics. If pupils can talk to others, in a secure environment, then a teacher telling them what a certain country is like.  They will be able to talk to other students in different countries and see what similarities and differences there are.  

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