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Purdue University Students

  • Brockman, Adam                                                      
  • Long, Kristin                             
  • Proctor, Rachel
  • Schreyer, Nicholas

 Ewha Womans University Students

  •  Kang, Jihye
  • Kim, Eung-kyung
  • Kim, Hye-won
  • Park, Sanga


  • Long, Kristin
  • Proctor, Rachel


  • Brockman, Adam
  • Schreyer, Nicholas

Web Page Designers

Long, Kristin

Proctor, Rachel

Lesson Plan

Brockman, Adam

Visual Aid

Schreyer, Nicholas


Proctor, Rachel

Power Point Presentation

Schreyer, Nicholas

Banner Design

Proctor, Rachel



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  1. Unknown User (rjprocto)

    I know we talked about a lack of capability of this program for elemen school. In the reasearch Nick posted, however, there was a great suggestion about using Twitter collaboratively with another classroom across the globe to write a book and work with grammar. Perhaps we could include an elem lesson plan to something of that affect? Where the students are not accessing it but the teacher is simply typing what the kids are doing into the computer...and then peicing together a novel with a teacher across the globe who is doing likewise? Or perhaps we could just talk about the homework updates and the collaboration between parents when working with homework? That was a good idea too.

    It may be beneficial for us to have a lesson plan for elem, middle and highschool. That way we don't leave any teachers out of the mix when they visit our table when we do our showcase.

    Any thoughts on that guys? Any other ways that it could be used with the smaller kids?

  2. Unknown User (rjprocto)

    On second thought, maybe one short concise lesson plan would stretch for everyone... Our project doesn't need to be ginormous - there are only four of us at Purdue and four of us overseas

  3. Unknown User (rjprocto)

    Today in lecture, I thought that Newby's idea about adapting a lesson plan already in cyber space that is focused around twitter was a nice idea...