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Animoto (Click link to return to main WIKI page)

*This page provides a general outline to assist in the organization of research topics related to your assigned Web 2.0 Application.

Web 2.0 Formatting Examples:

1) Plurk

2) Facebook Chat

I. History

-Questions to consider: How was the application developed? How does the application work? Are there any ways to use this application alongside others?


Animoto was created by a group of film/tv producers who love technology. They come from a variety of respected areas in the entertainment industry and have produced shows for MTV, ABC, and Comedy Central. "Using the latest in entertainment post-production technologies, they seek to bridge the gap between the high production value inherent film & television, and the more "amateur" feeling of most user-created Internet videos and multimedia pieces."  Overall, Animoto took it's inspiration from the "digital camera revolution"-- Animoto captures the entire experience, not an individual experience. ( (Kaitlynn French)

This application, Animoto, works by the user choosing images, video clips, and a song. After all that is chosen, Animoto then creates a one of a kind video. They never duplicate a video--even if the same images, video clips, and song are chosen. To create the video Animoto uses Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology. This new technology basically has the abilities to think like a director and editor. ( (Kaitlynn French)

Animoto can be used along with a few other applications.  It can be used with the iPhone and with FaceBook.  Users can select pictures from their iPhone, pick a song from Animoto's preapproved song list, and then create a professional video all on their iPhone.  Animoto also has a page on FaceBook for advertising reasons.  Facebook users  can become a fan of Animoto on FaceBook. Once they are a fan, they can talk to other Animoto users, find information on Animoto, and find reviews of Animoto.  ( Jennie Davis       

II. How "Animoto" Relates to other Applications

 Animoto has a lot of unique features that other slideshow applications do not. One of their unique features is it has it's own extensive music library with over 40 genres that you can use to incorporate into your slideshow. Animoto also allows you to upload pictures straight fomr another application on your computer. You can get pictures from facebook, photobucket, or Flickr. Animoto also has a Cinematic Artificial Intelligence that organizes your pictures and music to be in a synchronizing order. All of these functions are unique to Animoto. (Kay Nanninga)

Animoto is different from other applications because it doesn't use templates. Most applications take your videos/images/audio and put it into a template to produce a final product, which would be the same every time. Animoto is unique because it doesn't do this. It will come up with something different and one of a kind every time you use it. (Chloe Howerton)

"Animoto makes it easy to share your videos. Spread your video message via e-mail, on a blog/website, exported to YouTube, shared on an iPhone, or downloaded to a computer. Animoto is compatible with all MLS Video Standards and can be exported to Youtube and Facebook with a single click" (Adam Gable)

-Questions to consider: How does this application compare to the competitors? What are some unique uses of this specific application?

III. Real World Application

 "While we never originally thought Animoto would be something that would be used in the classroom, we've been both surprised and inspired by hearing how effective animoto has been" - Jason Hsiao Co-Founder and President, Animoto (Adam Gable)

-This section will include 3 Lesson Plans for each Elementary, Secondary, and Post Secondary levels. One out of the three needs to be STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) related. 


For Elementary School, Animoto can be very effective on teaching children how to write cursive letters/words.  At first the teacher can present images of what a capital cursive letter looks like, and then a lower case letter.  After that, the teacher can incorporate a short video into Animoto showing the proper way to write cursive letters with the motions.  Once the presentation is over, the teacher could answer questions, and replay the video so the students see again how to write the letters.  After that the students can write the letters on their own sheets of paper to get practice in! (Matt Trabaris)

Animoto is a good way of making lessons more exciting for elementary children. Instead of a boring Power Point, it is easy to integrate pictures and music together from your lesson and put it into an animoto. Students would find this more interesting to watch and learn more from. An example would be a lesson over learning about the culture of another country. Using Animoto a teacher could include music from that country that would play as the students viewed different pictures and learned from reading text put into the Animoto as well. (Chloe Howerton) 

Animoto can be a good way to teach children in special education classes about basic life skills such as counting money, brushing their teeth, properly washing their hands, how to use cross walks, or any other basic life skill. A teacher can get together a clip that  demonstrates the action, pictures of all the objects involved in the action, and other things related to the topic and make them into an Animoto video. Students in special education often have a very hard time concentrating, so the Animoto video will definitely keep their attention. It is also important that they learn basic life skills, so showing them stimulating demonstrations would be a good way to teach them the skills they need to learn. Also, here's a website that talks a littlw bit more about integrating Animoto into all classroom types: (Kay Nanninga)


Another kind of lesson plan that can be created by using Animoto can be used for Secondary mathematics.  The teacher can include their own audio track of themselves explaining what they're doing on the video, while they're doing it.  To start the Animoto presentation off, the teacher can incorporate the formula of whatever math they're doing right now as a screenshot.  From there, the teacher can follow that up with a walk through video example video utilizing the unique audio tracks that Animoto has to offer.  This can create a productive learning environment since it won't seem like too much math at once, and if they students have questions they can be answered since Animoto cut down on teaching time.  As a lesson for the day, the teacher can create an Animoto presentation about how to use the quadratic formula and it's uses.  Then when the presentation is finished, the teacher can answer questions and help explain things more clearly.  This will greatly cut down on the amount of time spent teaching one thing! (Matt Trabaris)

For secondary school students in a journalism class, a teacher can have the students watch the news and pick out an article that they find interesting. Then, the students can put together a short Animoto video to show and tell about the issue. They can use clips they saw on the news, quotes from websites, and their own personal insights as well. (Kay Nanninga)

For secondary students taking a history course, the students can get a bunch of pictures, clips, quotes, and facts together and make an Animoto video to represent an event that occurred during World War II or during any other big event in history that applies to the curriculum. (Kay Nanninga)


Animoto can be easily used as a lesson plan for teaching students that are in Post Secondary levels.  It can be used in many different classes, one in particular could be an Educational Technology class.  The teacher can use Animoto to upload a short video and screenshots to create a tutorial on how to use a tool of a program, like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, or even Animoto! So if the goal of the day is to create a website, the teacher can create an Animoto video of each tool necessary to create a website, thus answering most questions before they're answered. After that, the students can go on their own and try to create a website, utilizing Animoto to learn different tools if they need something.  (Matt Trabaris)

Another post secondary lesson plan could consist of a biology class with disecting something like frogs.  The teacher can show an image of where to cut the frog, and then the video doing it, and then another image of the frog with labeled parts.  A few Animoto videos about dissecting frogs and the lesson basically teaches itself! (Matt Trabaris)

Animoto can even be used in group projects in post secondary engineering. Each group can be instructed how to create an Animoto video about their project as a timeline.  For example, if the project is to build a robot, they can show images of their robot being created, and then a video of it working all in Animoto!

-An additional section under this heading will provide information about how this application can be used in a Business/Industry Setting.

Animoto can be used in businesses to enhance their websites, create interesting and visually pleasing PowerPoints for presentations, make their e-newsletters and blogs more attention grabbing their audience will want to read. Animoto can also be used to create videos for lots of various uses.   Businesses can use Animoto to make promotional videos for trade show and upload those videos on YouTube to share with the world.  These videos can also be used on televisions in the work place, supplying visiting clients an interesting and professional video to watch while they wait. Finally, Animoto DVDs can be sold to the businesses' clients so that they can share the product with their friends- this will allow more people to get interested in the business. (Jennie Davis)

Animoto is a great tool for photographers, professional and amature. It showcases their work in a professional looking way. Photographers can use animoto to make customized videos for their clients. It is easy and fast for photographers to use because all they have to focus on is taking great pictures and uploading them. Animoto does the rest for them. Clients will love the final product and keep coming back for more. (Chloe Howerton)

Animoto is also utilized in the Real Estate industry. Searching for properties begin online, and Animoto can present a stunning video presentation that will be sure to please your customers. Easily upload photos or video walkthroughs of the estates to create video open houses that will surely make your product stand out in the market. (Adam Gable)

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

This is a youtube video that shows an example of how to integrate Animoto into education. (Kaitlynn French)

This is also a youtube video that integrates education through the use of Animoto: (Kay Nanninga)

V. How "Application Name" is used Internationally?

-Provide examples and/or information about how this application can be used in countries outside of the United States.

Currently, Animoto is only available for English speaking countries.  The site has not been translated into any other language than English.  However, individuals can create a tutorial guide about using Animoto in another language and promote Animoto to non-English speaking people themselves.  That way individuals can help a group of people who don't know how to use Animoto yet learn. (Jennie Davis)

VI. Awards



I'll put more of the 11 awards up soon!!

VII. References

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