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  • Applications in education and learning, unique ways of using Google Notebook, How it's related to other apps, and lesson plan are all revised
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  • Google Notebook can be very useful in an elementary setting.  The program assists the teacher in organizing lesson plans that involve multiple web components, and helps organize material based on week, semester, or subject.  Also, Google Notebook allows a teacher to select only the parts of a websites that he or she would like to use for their students.  They can also save favorite websites or instructions in one place and be able to reach them from any computer.  Finally, the teacher can share their notebook with their students possibly in a computer lab.  Secondary
  • In secondary education, Google Notebooks can help teachers and students.  For example, teachers can use notebook to create their lesson plans.  They can save sites and information easily using Google Notebooks.  Also, they can revisit the site very quickly if needed.  They can also collect information and publish it on a website so it is viewable to all of their students. This way the students can get simple instruction or examples from their teacher.  As for the students, Google Notebooks is a trouble-free way to access your information.  They can always get into their notebooks from any computer without the need of a flash drive.  Also, for students who like to take notes on a computer, Google Notebooks is perfect.  The section headings and labels make their notes easy to read and navigate through.  The notebooks also work well for group projects.  Students can share the notebooks they have created based on the project using Google Notebooks.  Post Secondary (College)
  • College is a time when most of your homework, notes, and lectures can be online.  Therefore, Google Notebooks is a way to organize most of your assignments.  You can take notes on Google Notebooks and simply be able to go back through them and organize them before a test or quiz.  You can also label them and quickly access them if needed on any computer connected to the internet.  Also, if you have a research project due, you can search the web and any important information you find you can just highlight the information you need and add it to your notebook.  In addition, if you are working in a group you can either publish or share your notebooks therefore they are visible to all of your group members.  Business/Industry
  • Google Notebooks can be a useful tool for any company.  For instance, if a company deals with research, those who are doing the research can place their information in notebooks and share within their department or supervisors without having to take information out of the notebooks.  Also, they can publish their work and distribute their research on the web if needed. The employees can also use Google Notebooks to take their work home.  They can access the information that they have worked from their home computer.  Unique Ways to Use Google Notebook
  • There are several different ways to use Google Notebook besides saving information from the internet into a notebook. You can publish all of your notes on to a website so that your notes and research can be seen by others. This is very useful for a teacher or students doing a group project because they can put up all their notes and give others access to it. You can also add email addresses from your Gmail account to your notebook, so that those contacts you added can view and edit your notebook. This is a great feature for those who need to collaborate together on a project because they can edit each other's work just by having internet access. This makes it much easier for students and colleagues to work together on projects. Another way to use Notebook differently is to be able to make a shopping list in a notebook, and then when you are at the store you can get it on your phone. Google Notebook has a search engine inside of it, so when you have done lots of research you can type in keywords and pull up your websites containing those words. How Google Notebook Is Related to Other Applications
  • Google Notebook can be used in conjunction with all other Google products such as Google Docs and Google Bookmarks. By being able to use all three of these with each other it makes it really easy to keep all of your files organized and in a place they can always be reached. For example, if you have to write a research paper. You can gather information from the internet and save that information to Google Notebook, and you can even add your own notes about that information underneath your research. Once you have some information you start writing your paper in Google Docs. Writing your paper in Google Docs allows you to export information straight from your Google Notebook to your Google Doc with just a click of the Export button. This allows you to take all of your information and notes and put them into a document where you can edit all of that information. Being able to use Google Notebook and Google Docs hand in hand makes researching a lot faster and easier. It also makes it so you always have access to all of your information from anywhere you have internet. 
  • This is an example of one of my Google Notebooks that I am going to export into Google Docs. To do this you just click the Export button, which is at the bottom of the page.
  • When you click on Export this is the screen that pops up, so then all you have to do is click Document.
  • By clicking Export, it will populate this screen and you are ready to start typing your paper into Google Docs.

Writing A Research Paper

Goals/objectives: I want the students to gain more knowledge of how to research and write a paper. We will be using Google Notebook as our main way of gathering research. There are three things that I want them to be able to do.

  • Be able to write a paper in APA format.
  • Be able to take your research and organize it in Google Notebook. This will help you to find your sources easily, and it will help with your bibliography.
  • Be able to present your research and show how you used Google Notebook in organizing your research.

Materials: Students will need to have some kind of access to a computer away from school, so they can easily work on their research outside of class.

Lesson Procedure: During this lesson, students will be learning how to research and write a good paper. Students will choose a topic, and then the teacher will show the class how to use Google Notebook. Students will then begin their research using only internet sources. They will have to organize their sources as well as show their teacher the sources using Google Notebook. This will help the students to gather their information easier and keep track of it. After the research is complete, the students can begin writing their paper. When it is all done, the students will turn everything in, including their final paper, rough draft, outline, and a copy of their Google Notebook research.

Assessment-Students turn in all their work to the teacher, and they will be graded on how well they organized their sources and information is after using Google notebook. Their papers will be graded using the APA format for papers, and they will be graded on their grammar.

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