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I.1How Bla-bla List works

The title of the application is called Bla-bla List.  It has been developed with the RIFE web application framework by Geert Bevin.

Bla-bla lists are completely free and require no installation.  To use it, just use the following instructions:

1.  Start by going to

2.  If you do not have an account, click
     Sign-up for free!

3.  Enter your e-mail address,
first and last name,
and a username and password.

4.  Click Register again.

5.  Next you will need to name your list.


  *After creating your account and your list, you can easily share your list with anyone by simply inviting people through their e-mail accounts.

1. Click the Share button.

2. Select whether you want it private or public, and
    then enter an e-mail account to share your list with.

The Bla-bla website makes you re-authenticate after twenty minutes of inactivity for security purposes, but it can remember where you were and what you had written.  This is really convenient because it is safe and it allows you to use the application as if nothing had happened after you re-authenticate.  Lists can be shared both publicly and privately which allows secure collaboration or lists being published for the whole world.

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I.2 Purpose                         

The purpose of this application is to allow individuals to keep track of their personal to-do lists by writing them and keeping them online.  By doing this, people can access their lists from any computer anywhere in the world.  You are able to share these lists privately or publicly with the world and work with them on your own time securely.  You can also use this application with other applications as well.  If you're working on the same list with another person, you can share your password and work on it together without the whole world knowing.  With Bla-bla you are able to create all kinds of lists such as grocery lists, wish lists for the holidays, or even a list of things you need to get done around the house within the next month.  Using Bla-bla List when it comes to the holidays would make it easy to send your wish lists to family members via e-mail.  You can always rearrange your lists and check things off when you have completed them.  This application will also help you keep lists or share them with other people who need to see them if they need to.  You can also email the lists to yourself if you are at a computer away from home.  The information you give to Bla-bla will soley be used for these purposes and is not given out for any other reason. 

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I.3 Controversy

Bla-bla List is currently being sued by Channel Intelligence. Their lawyers informed Bla-bla that they infringed on their patent. Other similar websites have been sued for the same patent infringement. On, the creator explains that because the website is a free service, it may have to be taken down if there is expensive legal fees involved. Currently, Bla-bla is still running and functional. The letter from the attorney

Currently, this is a legal grey area, as Bla-bla List is run out of Belgium and the plantiff is located in Delaware. The United States does not have a patent treaty with the European Union yet, so the legality of both the infringement and the lawsuit is uncertain.

Under U.S. law, software can be copyrighted and patented, but databases can not. Most of the European Union deals with the issue similarly. It is unclear from the lawsuit whether Channel Intelligence is suing due to software or database being infringed. For more information, see European Patent Officeand U.S. Patent Officewebsites.

Also worth noting is the fact that only small, startup websites are being sued. Channel Intelligence claims that the use of a "wish list" style database is infringing upon their patent. However, they have ignored the larger companies, like Amazon and eBay, which use similar systems.

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II.1 Examples in the Media

Various websites across the internet highlight Bla-blaList's potential value. shows how a user can grab all of his or her lists and consolidate them into one separate domain. discusses how the technology is being developed for mobile phones and PDA's. shows how Bla-Bla's flash interface makes it easier to use than competitors. shows how Bla-Bla is open source and useful for many apps. 

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II.2 Unique Uses

The main use of Bla-bla List was to allow people to create checklists for their friends and family. This seems to follow a similar theme to the idea of Wikis in Plain English" by Commoncraft (Commoncraft video citation).

Teachers could use this for lesson plans and assignments that could be checked off by the students. A syllabus could easily be put on the site.  Of course, the most unique thing about it is the fact that it is open source rather than proprietary ( This means that an adept programmer could alter the source code to better fit their own needs. This use sets it apart from Ta-da List, which is copyrighted.

The creators of Bla-bla List are already creating versions that can run on cell phones and PDAs, as well as integration into desktop environments and development tools. This makes the creating and use of to-do lists even easier and more comfortable for people.

Anyone can manage a to-do list together with you as long as they have an email address. If you friend doesn't have an account yet, they will be then given the chance to register. The invitation they receive will have an address that will be valid only once. Once the list is added to your friend's account, no one else will be able to use this address. This allows convenience while being secure.  Bla-bla List contains a REST-API or Representational State Transfer which allows for easy integration into other applications or the development of other clients.

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III.1 Lesson Plans

Elementary Level:  Elementary Lesson Plan



This lesson plan lays out the procedure to sign up for  The students will follow the steps to sign up and also learn how to use the application.  It explains how to create an account, create a list and email the list to people.  Its important for the students to know how to use Bla-bla before they can actually start using the application in beneficial ways.    



Introduction to Bla Bla


The students will sign up for in class so they will be able to use it at home
and I can send them information through it.


Students will be able to sign onto blabla after creating an account through a secure email address given to them by the school. 
Once they have signed up information can be exchanged by classmates and the teacher

Secondary Level:  6th Grade Lesson Plan


 ^Astronomy Lesson Plan Grades 6-7.doc

^Astronomy Lesson Plan Grades 6-7.pdf

This lesson plan will be more of a class plan for a year.  It will lay out the books that the students will be required to read and have deadlines for all of them.  Using BlaBla a list will be sent to the students comprised of the books they must read along with a book of their choice that must be approved by the teacher first.  During the reading of the books I will send more lists with questions over which book we are reading they will need to answer that will help them with the main points of the book.


Required Readings for 6th Grade English


Students will be assigned a list of books to be read over Bla Bla along with the dates they are due.  
Along with the list periodically they will receive a list of questions to be answered over the book being read.


The students should be able to answer some basic questions regarding the books they read
and discuss them within a small or large group discussion.



^to kill a mocking bird 9-12 grade level.docx

 ^to kill a mocking bird 9-12 grade level.pdf


Required Exercise Activities With Parents
Grade 3-5
Created by: Chadd Blasko


Students will be assigned various exercise and activities to be completed at home with a parent.
A question sheet will be provided to accompany the activities.


The students will be able to interact and create a healthy lifestyle bond with their parents. 
The students will be able to use bla-bla and keep track of their daily assigned out of school activities.

Required Exercise Activities With Parents.doc
Required Exercise Activities With Parents.pdf

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IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Bla-bla has many potential uses in the Educational Situation.  The uses range from ways that help the student to ways to help the teacher.  It has more benefits to a teacher than a student but there are some for both.  Teachers can create lesson plans for a days class using Bla-bla and check off the completed steps of the lesson as the class goes through and completes them.  This can be easier than typing up and printing out a lesson plan in some cases.  It can also replace writing on a chalk or white board.  Another use could be for teachers to notify students of work needed to be completed.  For instance an english teacher could send a list using Bla-bla of required books that have to be read throughout the class.  As the students read the books they can check them off.  They can also add additional books that they may be interested in reading on their own.  

Benefits for students might be fewer but are still available.  A student working on a big project may choose to create a list using Bla-bla of the things he or she needs to complete for the project along with the date they need to be completed by.  As the student works on the project they can check off the steps that are finished.  It would be helpful in keeping the student on task and working in a timely fashion.

Bla-bla could also be used as a way for teachers to communicate with their students.  They can send them lists composed of many things that could be beneficial to the students.  As mentioned above a teacher could send a list of required work to be completed such as a list of books to be read.  They could also send a list of things that a student could do to maybe prepare for a test better.  Or if a student is having trouble in a certain subject the teacher could send a list with things that could help along with some resources the student could look at.

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V. How Bla-bla List is used Internationally

Bla-bla List is quite new and isn't used widely in China now. According to the purpose of this application, in our opinion, it could be used in some of the following fields.

In daily life, it can be used as a notebook. Bla-bla List is more convenient because it is connected with the Internet. For example, you couldadd a couple of things that you've seen while you traveled.  This allows you to share your experience and feelings to other people,no matter who they are. You can share with your friends, your family, and even strangers.

In an educational situation, Bla-Bla List could be used as a interaction tool between teacher and students. Teachers could make instructions and some requirements about a project.  Students could then follow these steps and complete the task. Students could also use the list to post the information which could be shared and added to by everyone. It is necessary for everyoneto have computer access in the classroom. This could make it difficult though because not all classrooms have computers inChina.

Bla-bla List could be used internationally. One way it could be used in another country would be to link people together.  This feature allows a user to add friends who they either know or share common interests with. They can browse through lists to see interesting things or news outside of their country. This networking feature would help people learn more about the world and keep up with the rest of the world. This application could also be used within the business field. For example,  Businesses can tag their company's websites to sell their products. It is a good way to advertise their own company. They can also research their possible competitors overseas for products they may be interested in buying.

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VI. References 

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