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What are the uses of Bloglines? What does it do?

Bloglines has many different purposes. It can be used to get the lasted news feeds from around the world. You can also blog about topics which you find interesting. You can also access podcasts and other forms of audio files on Bloglines. Bloglines can also to write software which can read feeds. Bloglines has a huge online data base giving the user access to tons of material. It just realeased bloglines beta which is available for the public to use. There is also a new iphone application where you can check and search bloglines right on your iphone. It has won awards such as Time Magazine's Top 50 websites for 2004.

Bloglines is a FREE online service for searching, subscribing, creating and sharing news feeds, blogs and rich web content. With Bloglines, there is no software to download or install -- simply register as a new user and you can instantly begin accessing your account any time, from any computer or mobile device.

Bloglines is a window to a whole new world of dynamic content that is being created and distributed over the new "live" web. You can make your own personalized news page tailored to your unique interests from our index of tens of millions of live internet content feeds, including articles, blogs, images and audio.

Bloglines shields you from the confusion of news feed standards -- RSS, Atom, and others. Bloglines allows you to search for, read and share any updates from your favorite news feed or blog regardless of its authoring technology.

Last, but not least, Bloglines provides you with the tools you need to begin creating your own clip blogs and blogrolls. Become a publisher, share your thoughts and opinions! And it's FREE! 1

Who uses Bloglines?









Bloglines serves tens of thousands of people all around the world. We are the most popular service of our kind in terms of traffic, and we log millions of page hits each day. And we're growing virally, so we're seeing a great increase in user adoption every single week. Check out what our members have been saying at  Bloglines Sightings. 2

Table of Contents


I.1 Development
I.2 How Bloglines works?
I.3 Getting more out of the application


How Bloglines relates to other applications?
II.1 Comparison to Competitors


Real World Application
III.1 Educational Lesson Plans
i. Elementary
ii. Secondary
iii. Post Secondary
III.2 Business/Industry


Demonstration of Educational Value


How Bloglines is used Internationally



I. History

    I.1 Development

Bloglines was founded in 2003 by Mark Fletcher, the former CEO of ONElist (acquired by Yahoo! in 2000 and now operating as Yahoo! Groups). The company is a property of IAC Search & Media, a wholly-owned business of IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ: IACI). and is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find out more about IAC Search & Media at and IAC at You can read Mark Fletcher's personal blog at Or contact user support.  1

    I.2 How Bloglines works?

Bloglines is a "news aggregator." Many online information sources, including web sites, weblogs and news services, now broadcast their content to the web in so-called "syndicated feeds" or "news feeds" with new technologies like Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and ATOM. News aggregator software and services collect those syndicated feeds and present them to end users in a variety of ways.

Bloglines is a server-based aggregation system. This means that we run and manage all of the software and technologies necessary to collect the syndicated feeds from tens of millions of online information sources on our own computer servers and databases, and deliver that amazing content to you as a free, easy-to use online service.

After you join Bloglines you simply search for the content you are interested in and identify the feeds you want to track. Once you "subscribe" to those feeds (a single-click maneuver in most cases), Bloglines will constantly check those feeds for changes or additions and direct new information onto your Bloglines personal page. 2

    I.3 Getting more out of the application

New features of Blogline:

  • You can access Bloglines on your mobile phone, which means you can get updated news on your mobile phone.
  • If you have an iPhone you are able to download a Blogline Application straight to you phone.
  • Drop and Drag lets you list your favorite feeds in the order you want them.
  • You can customize your Bloglines page to how you want for the best navigation for you.
Table of Contents

II. How Bloglines relates to other applications?

    II.1 Comparison to Competitors

Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by our users. You won’t find editors at Digg — we’re here to provide a place where people can collectively determine the value of content and we’re changing the way people consume information online. 3

Reddit is a source for what's new and popular online. Vote on links that you like or dislike and help decide what is popular, or submit your own! 4

Table of Contents

III. Real World Application

What people think about Bloglines:

"Bloglines continues to be an important tool for me to keep up to date with what is happening in the e-learning world. It is open on my desk all day so I can see the news as it happens!" Jane Hart

"This allows me to follow many educational blogs and learn about WYSIWYG applications that might be useful for my own learning or for my teaching. My Bloglines account is under the name, "SemioticExplorer" and my blogroll is on this blog of mine" - Joan Vinall-Cox

"My first RSS aggregator was Bloglines and I still use it today. I like how I can create folders for all of the ed tech blogs I read. Here are my folders: personal, ed tech bloggers, under consideration and last chance. When I stumble across a blog I might be interested in I add the feed in the under consideration folder. When I find that I enjoy the blog and read it often it moved up in rank to the ed tech bloggers folder while some of those are demoted to last chance before I decide to do away with the feed." Colette Cassinelli

    III.1 Educational Lesson Plans

        i. Elementary

Learning More About Pork With Bloglines.doc

Learning More About Pork With Bloglines.pdf

In many other groups they have found uses for their topic in the field of education. From our own personal research people are using Bloglines in education at the Collegiate Level. We feel that Bloglines would not be used fesibly at the Elementary and Secondary Levels due to a couple of issues.

        ii. Secondary

Weather Tracking & Natural Connections with Bloglines.docWeather Tracking & Natural Connections with Bloglines.pdf

One of the issues we found with bloglines is the Image Wall application. This application allows the users to see pictures that other Bloglines users have posted on the website. If you are registered for Bloglines you can post any image that you want to. We found that the problem would be that the student user would be able to access pornographic images on the website. Due to this issue most school corporations would block this website and flag it as an unacceptable website.

        iii. Post Secondary

Movie Themes with Bloglines.doc

Movie Themes with Bloglines.pdf

An example of how this can be used before or at the collegiate level would be for a Journalism class or TV Broadcasting class . Students can sign up to get updates on the latest news sent to them immediately, so they may begin writing on the subject or thinking about it right away.  Also, this can be helpful so they may share their ideas with their classmates not only about the recent news, but critiques of others’ works.

    III.2 Business/Industry

Other Uses for Bloglines

  • All-in-one Blog and news feed search, online subscriptions, news reader, blog publishing and social sharing tools
  • Available in 10 languages
  • Mobile version optimized for handheld computers and cell phones
  • Email subscriptions help manage your e-newsletter traffic
  • Package Tracking (UPS, USPS & FedEx)
  • Custom weather forecasts
  • Quick Pick Subscriptions get new users started quickly and easily
  • Personalized recommendations to find new subscriptions
  • Bookmarklet for single-click subscriptions to any source
  • Notifiers for all browser types to remind you when new articles have arrived
  • Bloglines Saved Searches deliver future articles matching your key words and phrases
  • Most Popular lists show the days hot topics and which blogs are getting the most noticed
  • Handy add-on tools for bloggers such as automated blogrolls, subscription buttons
Table of Contents

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

We found that Bloglines would not make a credible source of information for students. This is like wikipedia in that any user can post information on to Bloglines. This would be difficult when writing a scientific paper because what the students sources in their paper needs to be the correct information. If anyone can post information to Bloglines it would be hard to tell which information is credible and which information is not. Thus Bloglines in the classroom would need to be used with students who can determine the difference between credible information and false information. We suggest that Bloglines be used at the Collegiate level.

Table of Contents

V. How Bloglines is used Internationally

Bloglines is available in many different languages!

We have found out from our Korean International Partners that Bloglines is written in RSS based on XML. If Korean users wants to use bloglines, they have to know about the RSS that needs to be linked. But in Korea, many blog services don't provide RSS(Only one blog service site provides RSS. There's no other site providing RSS in Korea even news sites do not offer this service.) So many Koreans don't use bloglines. Only professional computer users use it. But if more sites provide RSS and more people know about the usefulness of bloglines, more people will use bloglines in Korea.

What's RSS?

RSS(RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is a format based on XML and is made for contents that is frequently being updated. If site A(or user A) gets site B's RSS, then A can updates his site with B's RSS. And A can get information about B without connecting site B. RSS is similar to Bookmarks, but it's better than Bookmarks because it doesn't need connecting. But if someone wants to use RSS with RSS reader(like bloglines), he needs a site that provides RSS.

Table of Contents

VI. References



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    Several questions for you to get started:  Do you know bloglines? How does Bloglines work in Korea? Is it accessible? Do people use it?

    Your answers are highly appreciated! 


    By the way, Ewha University is very famous. One of our professors named Minchi Kim is from Ewha University. She is my favorite teacher~

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    Thank you for asking, and I am sorry, that is my fault for not communicating with you. 

    So, this week we are working on researching information on Bloglines.

    Because you guys have a different aspect on international portion of our project, I would like for you to primarily work on that for this week. I just recently created a Bloglines International Application page that you can access and post all of your research on there.

    Thank you, and like Sensen said, "Your answers are highly appreciated!"

    Let me or Sensen know if you have any questions.

  12. 1. Do you know bloglines?Actually I've never heard of it. So I researched it on the internet. 2. How does Bloglines work in Korea?
    This link, I think it may help understanding Bloglines. !`! I found that some people in Korea use bloglines like this.
    And also found more people use bloglines than goole reader in Korea.
    3. How to create my own bloglines?

    I hope it will work.(smile)

  13. I didn't heard about bloglines. Korean is in general out of use it. (I think ^^(wink)

    I researhed it on the internet.

    Bloglines take everything we love on the wed,choose the kind of content we like to read.

    (examle News, blogs, weather.)

    And we deliver those favorite websites in one simple page.

    I don't know well......

    Mobile Bloglines come out. Is it not latest news???? ^^;;;

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