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This page contains information about the usefulness of Bloglines outside the United States.

-How is Bloglines being used outside of the United States?

Bloglines needs RSS based on XML. If we wants to use bloglines, we have to know about RSS that we wants to link. But in Korea, many blog services don't provide RSS(Only one blog service site provides RSS. There's no more site providing RSS even news sites.) So many Korean people don't use bloglines. Only professional computer users use it. But if more sites provide RSS and more people know about the usefulness of bloglines, more people use bloglines in Korea.

What's RSS?

RSS(RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is a format based on XML and is made for contents that frequently being updated. If site A(or user A) gets site B's RSS, then A can updates his site with B's RSS. And A can get information about B without connecting site B. RSS is similar to Bookmarks, but it's better than Bookmarks because it doesn't need connecting. But if someone wants to use RSS with RSS reader(like bloglines), he needs a site that provides RSS.

-Are there any advantages that can be seen internationally that may not be present in the U.S.?

-Are there any disadvantages that may occur internationally that are not present in the U.S.? provides only in English. Not in U.S.(non English user) there application of bloglines is low level. If bloglines provides service in more language(Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc), more people in world can make the best use of bloglines.

-Are there any unique international features for Bloglines?

Many RSS reader needs its own program or something. But bloglines is needs only web browser(I.E, firefox, safari, etc). That makes more people to get closer to bloglines.

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