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Created By: Michael Arihood, John Anderson, Graham Corfield, Samanta De Kemper, Vicky Denner, Brynn Durkes, Cody Mullen, Michelle Rexing, Karly Tepe, Jessica Waggoner

What are the Uses of Brightkite? What does it do?

What purpose does it serve?

The purpose of Brightkite is to serve as a social networking site. It was created to make it easier to locate new and interesting people around the world. 

What does Brightkite do?

Brightkite provides an easy way for members to share the things they do with the people in their lives. It brings people together in this social networking site and allows them to easily keep in touch with friends, while making new ones along the way.

What can Members do?

Brightkite members can:

  • Use this site in conjunction with Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites
  • Share images, videos, and other media
  • Post updates on their profile from their mobile phone or by logging in from a computer
  • Comment on other friends posts
  • Create a profile page
  • Search for new people to meet
  • Choose your friends and security settings

Who uses Brightkite?

Anyone that wants to share their lives, find new friends, or stay in touch with current friends and family

I. History

I.I Development

Brightkite was developed by Martin May. Before May was creator of Brightkite, he worked at a mobile and geospatial services and technology research center. He was a lead research engineer at Local Matters. He also worked at Sun Mircrosystems and various European telcos. Martin received a Computer Science degree from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. He now lives and works at his Brightkite company in Denver, Colorado. [3]

University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Computer Science major
Hockey, social networking, and Brightkite
Currently located in Denver, Colorado

We don't intend to replace your existing social networks, because they do a fine job of keeping you connected with your friends already. Most of them also do a fine job of meeting new people based on interests. However, they don't make it easy to find interesting people around you who you don't know yet, in real-time. That's where Brightkite comes in." - Martin May, Founder and CTO. [1]

#Table of Contents

1.2 How Brightkite works* *

     Brightkite helps you maintain and develop friendships by informing them on what you are doing and where you are.It makes it easy to send a message directly from your phone to their phone, through the use of the internet. It allows you to develop relationships with businesses that are searching for a social networking company. Your mobile phone acts as your means of communication for Brightkite. It allows you to take pictures of your location and text message them to your Brightkite profile. Your profile can be set on a private or public mode. In the private mode, your "friends" are the only ones that can see your photos and location. [4]

How To Get Started

  • First you need to create an account. Go to  Sign up with a new account or use a Facebook account to log in.
  • The application can work from the computer, or from a mobile phone  ** To set up the mobile phone application go to "Account Settings" on your home page. !account.jpg!* *Then click on the mobile tab.
    • Enter your mobile number in the box provided and click continue.
    • A confirmation will then be sent to your phone.
    • Enter the confirmation code into the box.
    • Now you are ready to go!
  • On the computer you can instantly update your position, status and add new pictures at any time you wish.
  • You can also use your phone by texting in your location or pictures.
  • The number and e-mail address to text your updates to can be found at the bottom of the mobile tab on your "Account Settings".
  • The commands for texting to Brightkite can also be found under the mobile tab. 
  • Here is a video that shows how the iphone is used with Brightkite.

II.How Brightkite Relates to Other Applications

II.I Comparison to Competitors

Brightkite can be used in conjunction with Facebook applications and your mobile phone. Brightkite creator, Martin May,states, "Location may be the next holy grail for social networking, and plenty of start ups are already chasing it. Brightkite a location-based social network focused on meeting friends and making new ones, and has just introduced a new way to show off what everyone is doing in a particular location."

Brightkite can be compared to Facebook and myspace, and updates are able to be transfered from Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr to Brightkite by using flash.
BrightKite's ability to take pictures from your telephone is a quick and simple way to share a vacation with your friends and family. All you have to do is simply send a picture message with whatever saying you want to go with it as the subject of the message, and you send it to BrightKite's picture service.

II.II Unique Uses

  • Brightkite recently is trying to include the use of google maps.    ** When checking in at a location one can also look at the location on google maps.** Here is a video that shows what it will look like in the future...

III.Real World Application

Elementary Education

[#Table of Contents]

Secondary Education

Lesson Number



Lesson Plan 1

Download as a .doc

Download as a .pdf

Lesson Plan 2

Download as a .doc

Download as a .pdf

Lesson Plan 3

Download as a .doc

Download as a .pdf

Post Secondary Education


      Brightkite can be used for many different things and helpful in many different situations. One situation it can be used is in the business/industrial community.

The Brightkite website can be used in business settings for workers and others in businesses to be able to find out where friends and others co-workers are. With Brightkite, you can "check in" at a certain location. If someone else is in this location, depending on your privacy settings, they can be notified that a fellow Brightkite user is near. This feature can be useful to know who is around you, and where some of your co-workers may be. You can also post comments and statuses to the website via your cell phone, making this useful even on the go. For example you are having lunch at a restaurant, you can post that to BrightKite and if another user is in the area, he or she can see that. Without the use of Brightkite, you may never make contact with this person.

     Brightkite can also be used for meeting new people. In the business world, this can be an important thing. It could lead to new potential clients, further business relations, boost your companies rating, and many other positive benefits. People can search for other Brightkite users nearby them. After finding new people, you can have the option of adding them as a friend. After this, you can keep up with what others are doing. If you make a business page, people could see what is going on in this business. Also, users could post photos to show in more detail different business relations.

Lesson Number



Lesson Plan 1

Download as a .doc

Download as a .pdf

Lesson Plan 2

Download as a .doc

Download as a .pdf

IV.International Uses

  Brightkite allows students to find people who are in their country or near by city. It is possible to find friends and have a pen pal relationship with someone from another country. Brightkite enables you to learn more about other people's cultures, interests, and hobbies. Brightkite has a flexible delivery and allows people to converse from many locations. It extends educations from outside the locality of the city and schools. International students are now able to access training online. Brightkite can be used for interactivity, dialogue, and discussion. It also allows students to find others in their discipline who are at nearby locations. Lesson plans, creativity, knowledge, and tips can be shared with others to help enhance the cultural diversity of the classroom.


Here is a link to a .pdf of our informational brochure used at the 2009 TLT Spring Showcase at Purdue University on April 21st, 2009.

PDF of Handout


1 Cohen, David. Look Mummy, There's a Brightkite Up in the Sky. Colorado Startups. Retrieved 1 April 2009. <>.

2 May, Martin. Martin May Personal Brightkite Page. Retrieved 31 March 2009. <>.

3 Martin May:Brightkight Where 2.0 Conference. Retrieved 1 April 2009. <>.

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[#Table of Contents


  1. Unknown User (cjmullen)

    Hi Everyone, I'm Cody Mullen, I'll be the project manager for this team and really look forward to working with everyone, here and overseas.  I hope everyone will be willing to create a brief introduction here so we can all get to each other.  A little bit about myself.  I'm in my 2nd year at Purdue majoring in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, I'm also pursuing getting my teaching licensee in Chemistry.  I'm a native of West Lafayette and lived here all my life.  When I'm not busy with school, I work in several theaters around town as a technician and manage a business my dad and I started a year ago.  I'm also very active with anything that is outside.  I love to camp, hike, and do yard work.  Can't wait to see what the reaming of this project hold for us.

  2. Unknown User (mrexing)

    Hey everyone!! I am looking forward to working with each of you.  just to let everyone know I am not the best with computers, but I am willing to learn.  A little bit about my self: I am Michelle Rexing, a freshman at Purdue.  I am studying Consumer and Family Sciences Education (Home Ec).  I am from Haubstadt, a small town in southern Indiana.  Here I live and work on my family's grain and livestock farm.  When I'm not at school or working I love being with my family and friends, being outside, sewing, and cooking.  I can't wait to get to know everyone better(smile)

  3. Unknown User (sdekempe)

    Hey Bright Kite family!! I am super excited about this project, I believe we have a great group and I can't wait to learn more about everyone! I am a freshman at Purdue University majoring in Elementary Education. I eventually want to become an administrator. I love leadership roles. I am from Jasper, Indiana, it is a small town located about three and a half hours south of Purdue. I am a very outgoing person that loves putting a smile on someone's face! I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and my animals, including my sheep and llamas. I enjoy being outside and working out. I am excited to meet with all of you(big grin)

  4. Unknown User (ktepe)

    Hey guys!  Im super super pumped for our project actually. I think we actually have a fun one and with everyone messing around in class I am sure we will all have a great time! Well a little about myself I am Karly Tepe. Im a freshman at Purdue majoring in Elementary Education.  I am from South Bend, Indiana  as well as Dowagiac, Michigan.  Both around 3 hours away. I currently do not have a job, however looking forward to this summer I am either going to be a nanny or work at day care back home.  I am really excited to work with everyone and get a EXCELLENT on this! (smile)

  5. Unknown User (bdurkes)

    Hey everyone! I'm Brynn Durkes! I'm super excited for our project! Our group is awesome. We have great chemistry and that will help us out along the way! A little about myself. I'm a freshman at Purdue. I'm trying to major in Math Education. I am from Rochester, IN a small town in northern Indiana. Right now I'm waitressing on the weekends back home. And that's about all I do outside of school. I'm really excited about this and can't wait till its over either! (big grin)

  6. Unknown User (marihood)

    Hey best group ever! I am really looking forward to working with and getting to know everyone in our group. My name is Michael Arihood and I am a freshman at Purdue majoring in Physical Educaiton. I am from Lafayette Indiana. I like to do a lot of fun things and have a good time. This last year i worked as an assitant coach for football and wrestling at Southwestrn Middle School. Thats just a little bit about me, and i am excited about having some fun on this project. (tongue)

  7. Unknown User (jmandres)

    I am actually really excited about doing this project and if you didnt know im already a total bright kite creep. I am really excited about working with all of our international partners and learning how to use this application in an educational setting.  I am a freshman at Purdue and I came here from Normal Illinois but have moved nine times in my life and am really excited about staying in the same place for 4 years.  Let's kick this project's butt 

  8. Hi everyone, you all sound fabulous and seem obviously techno savvy.  To be honest I am struggling to get on top of all of the logins and wiki's website, e-rooms etc but I will not give in and am sure I will have a lot to offer provided I can figure out how to do it!!

    I am 39years old and the Executive Director of a Leardership and Management company in Australia called Yellow Edge, I have been to America with the International Leadership Acadamy and a product line of ours Elluminate Live (a major competitor of Wimba).  I spent 15years as a Air Traffic Controller in the Royal Australian Airforce and played on the professional beach volleyball tour for a number of years.  I am really keen to get right into all the learning technology and innovations.  I will give this project everything I can.  Recently getting married I have attempted to change my name and have a new email address going forward - just in case this causes confusion, I am accessing under vicky campbell at the moment.

  9. Unknown User (jwaggone)

    So i am the only group member who hasnt wrote about myself.. sorry! but hey i am really pumped for this too. We have a really fun group and a great leader. I look forward to being able to wrok with the Australians too! Also that we get shirts! But anyway my name is Jessica Waggoner and I am from Fort Wayne, IN which is about two hours north-west of Lafayette. I am studying elementary education and I cant wait to become a teacher. Right now, I work at Target.  I love the Green Bay Packers (smile) and thats about it.. and wow this just felt like a personal ad for a newspaper.. i should have said i enjoy red wine and long walks on the beach...  btw the email that was sent with the contact list has my email address wrong it is actually not jwaggene. Well see ya tomorrow (smile)

  10. I have read the comment from Cody and Michael for Team 5.  Am I to research on the web for information on how BrightKite works for business/industrial clients?  Do I make personal comments on the site on how I feel it would work for business after discussions with my colleages here in Australia?  I am unsure how I can best contribute to the Wiki on this part of the project.  Perhaps we can clear it all up tonight on Elluminate?

  11. Hi Everyone,
    No Jessica, you're not the last to introduce yourself. I had the comments hidden, and couldn't find where the intros were (sad)
    Oh well, better late than never. I teach at a TAFE (Technical and Further Education) college in Ipswich, near Briasbane, Queensland. I am currently studying part time at the University of Southern Queensland, doing a Bachelors of Vocational Education.
    I am certainly finding it challenging trying to imagine ways of using Brightkite in education. Wish I could be at your team meetings to boumnce ideas off you guys. Thats one thing hard to do online...brainstorm.
    Looking forward to the rest of the project,

  12. Unknown User (sdekempe)

    Hey you guys, i was wondering if anyone had any good print screens of lesson plans to upload? Post them if you do!! THanks and Happy Easter!!

  13. Unknown User (marihood)

    hey guys

     so i think this looks really good, but i have one question.

    under each of the sections there is still the link to the website... shouldnt all of those be moved to the References section??

  14. Unknown User (bdurkes)

    Hey Sam!

    So on the other chapters they just give explainations of how it can be used for distance learning, business, and etc. So I think if we just type something out then that should be good.

    But I don't know what to say...other than what we've said in all the lesson plans and business plans. I guess they just repeated it... I don't know this is gay that we even have to do it! They were supposed to do it!!!! LOL

    Oh and are we supposed to delete all these comments from the chapter before its done?