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Aaron posted

Education Solutions

SlideRocket is effective for use in education because it allows students to work together from multiple computers on the same project at the same time.

SlideRocket allows one to have a free account which offers limited access to the site.

SlideRocket shows the progress that students have made in real-time.


Katrina posted

Sliderocket was founded in 2006 by Mitch Grasso and Mike Lingle, their goal was to make presentations better.

Sliderocket can be used for many different things, such as in the classroom or at work.

Sliderocket is really easy to navigate.


Kayla posted

Sliderocket is a great tool to use in classrooms today.  It is like Microsoft Powerpoint, but better. It has many things to offer and can make classroom learning easier.

Sliderocket is an application that costs money, however the fee for using it is only $15.  There is also a free fifteen day trial so you can see if you really want to use the product. is a great place to learn about the product.  There are demos and information about signing up for the product.


Matt posted

Students are allowed to be on any computer with internet to work on the project through Sliderocket.

Teachers can let the students lead themselves or can lead the students in this site.

Connecting documents for businesses are made easier through Sliderocket.


Tiffany Fisher posted

Slide Rocket is a cool internet version of power point.

The way the slides move is more entertaining to me.

The images are more clear a life like on slide rocket than on a regular power point.


Adam posted

 SlideRocket is fast..... like a rocket! no but seriously

1. SlideRocket can have support a small variety of media like images, flash, videos, powerpoint

    for example: JPEG PNG GIF // SWF   //  FLASH VIDEOS  //  PowerPoint

2. This also has a tool that shows you the effectiveness of your presentation through a picture chart

3. It says that is is really easy to share presentations with others. but i don't know if they need to have an account on sliderocket.


Brenton Posted

1. SlideRocket has a great consumer support program, it includes Forums, an online help desk,documentation, and user voice

2. They have  flexable phone hours for all consumers ranging from 8AM to 8PM with varied response times

3. The forum constists of four major areas to help users these are:




Official information from SlideRocket Mission Control




Technical FAQ


Documentation and guides to help you on your mission.




SlideRocket Help


Houston, we have a problem. Get help with SlideRocket.




Tips and Rocket Tricks


Share and find some new ideas

Nick Russell posted

1) offers a demo video on their main site (using Flashplayer 9) that will give you a good introduction on what all sliderocket is capable of.
2) Sliderocket has thier own twitter page! Even non-twitter users can view to learn updates and interesting ideas on what to do with sliderocket.
3) Those of you looking to really view all of sliderocket's capabilities, you can register to view a 45 minutes seminar (35 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for questions and answers). Registering is free.


Elyse Gnilka posted

1) It has 3 different pay plans; free, individual, and business.  Which one you pick is based off of why you need it. Also, there is a 30 day free trial.

2) It also comes with an offline player so you can access your information offline as well as online, which could be useful when you have a lousy internet connection.  So basically, you have all the security of having them online but the ability to use them offline as well.

3) You can choose to share your presentation (or not) with however many people you can also allow people access to the presentation only for a limited amount of time or maybe make them require a password in order to open it (along with many other features). 


Ben Gillis posted

Sliderocket's uses in the US also to apply to the Australian context, because of the similarities of both societies. Group presentations are becoming more popular throughout schools, allowing a program like Sliderocket to be useful. It's ability to let students connect to the same presentation from different computers will allow groups to create better presentations.


Joel Harper posted

The use of Sliderocket in Australia seems to have no differences in it's electronic application than the US. It is internationally friendly because presentations can be worked on from anywhere in the world.


Brenton and Nick Posted

Group 3 regarding letter D. in the email- How is Sliderocket related to other programs? Can it be used in conjunction with other programs?

Sliderocket is related to other applications such like PowerPoint. It's a slideshow with some advanced applications and effects. It's compatable with programs like Flash and most picture and video formats are supported and can be used in the program. You can even import PowerPoint presentations that you've already made to distribute and edit using Sliderocket. You can also use an embed function to put it on your own personal website (including myspace). Also Sliderocket has rid the need of emailing powerpoints, taking the risk of the file not transfering right or being to big. with sliderocket it can all be saved on the web! <---- some interesting info.

Here is a link to a page that compares Sliderocket to Microsoft Powerpoint.  --->


Brenton Posted

g. What are some examples (e.g., web sites) of it being used to illustrate
its current educational value or potential value

You can also follow SlideRocket on the now popular social site called Twitter.

through twitter you can see new updates and talk to other people about the web app.


Brenton Posted

Pertaining to Letter g. What are some examples (e.g., web sites) of it being used to illustrate
its current educational value or potential value

Sliderocket also has a youtube page

It contains eight videos that help explain the program, as well as give short demos.

This would be a great way for some learners to get to know sliderocket without taking a straight dive or reading up on it.


We live in an age where students learn through interactivity and by going on the web. Sliderocket initially combines these two elements into one.

The educational value of slide rocket is obvious. Many college courses such as EDCI 270 stress on how powerpoint presentations can be a very usefull way to learn, and understand ideas. Sliderocket makes these presentations even easier to complete, enhance, and submit.

here are some quotes from the educational section of their webpage.

"SlideRocket for education includes intuitive authoring tools, real-time collaboration, effective curriculum management and robust reporting tools. Combined these give you an education platform that allows you to turn your ideas into inspiration and results for you and your students." ---->

"Engaging students wherever and whenever they are means they learn in their own way. SlideRocket gives you the power of instructor led or self guided learning modes all the while ensuring that knowledge transfer and retention are optimum for the learner." ---->

"Collaboration with learned colleagues or learned students means everyone learns together. SlideRocket provides a collaborative environment for you and other teachers, you and students or students and students to work as one. Share your work, solicit feedback, leave comments and contribute to big ideas that require more than one set of hands. SlideRocket means teamwork."---->

"With SlideRocket's robust reporting you gain insight to understanding. See what your students have covered and what they've shown they know. SlideRocket lets you measure their progress and find the best way to help fill the gaps." ---->

"SlideRocket will always have a free account option for everyone. Make a great presentation with professional tools or import an existing one, share it online, in an email or on your blog and spread the presentation love." ---->

This was a online post on a technology edcuational blog site called

Here is the exact link to this page, along with comments about this post---->

the what

The boys had been divided in groups of four or five and asked to choose any topic of interest to them and produce a presentation which they would deliver weekly taking turns. This group chose to talk about Sportsmen in a league of their own. Other topics so far have included Halo, the computer game (itself a collaborative exercise), and Places we remember, just to name a couple.

the how

Students were told to produce a visual presentation using whichever tool they felt most comfortable using, but I introduced Sliderocketas a possible collaborative tool and gave then a quick demonstration. Not all groups chose to use Sliderocket, some stuck to PowerPoint, but others did venture with Sliderocket and were very pleased not only with the funky slideshow, but also with how they were able to work together online.

Once you register an account with Sliderocket - basic account registration is free - students can share the log in details and add to and edit the same presentation from any computer with an internet connection. Some worked from school and some worked from home.

the why

I had used Sliderocket before as a teaching tool, but this time I was interested in encouraging small groups of students to collaborate online and proposed to them that they could use Sliderocket to work collaboratively on the same presentation remotely. 

the result

The result is a presentation which can be easily shared online - embeded into a blog or wiki, like I have done here, for example - and which did not necessarily need students to physically be in the same room. Planning and execution could all happen remotely using electronic means. The students used the interactive whiteboard in our classroom as a method of delivery.

How do I know that most of the work was done by one of my students, as often happens in "collaborative" efforts? Well, I don't, but I suspect that didn't happen because when they delivered the presentation earlier today they all participated.

They also answered questions to other interested students about how they found using Sliderocket as a collaborative tool for presentations and the response was very positive. Thumbs up to Sliderocket!

Have you used Sliderocket? What do you think?

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