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Here is the page to compile research on BubbleShare.

Remember you need to have three SEPARATE posts by Tuesday, March 31 at midnight. This part of the project is worth six points.

It is very important that you cite where you got your information. Be sure to use quotation marks when appropriate.

Each posting needs to be from a different source, so we should have at least 24 different references.

Be sure to put your name and the date and time that you submitted at the bottom of your post.



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  1. Unknown User (cblackwo)

    What's it all about? BubbleShare allows you to upload photos in a fast and easy way. It's free, and it requires no downloads. You can make photo albums, add comments, descriptions, and all kinds of edits to them, and then share them with anyone in the world. (Information taken from:

    Posted by Charity Blackwood on March 27, 2009 at 10:42 a.m.

  2. Unknown User (cblackwo)

    How do you sign up? To sign up for BubbleShare, simply go to In the right-hand corner, there are buttons that say "Sign up Now" and "Log in". To register for an account, click the "Sign up Now" button and follow the steps. You will then get a confirmation email, which will give you a link to follow. Once you click the link, your account will be activated and you can start sharing photos! (Information taken from

    Posted by Charity Blackwood on March 27, 2009 at 10:44 a.m.

  3. Unknown User (cblackwo)

    How do you upload and share photos? Once you have registered for BubbleShare, you can start uploading photos and designing your own unique photo albums. Go to and log in with your email address and password. Click on "Create a New Album", and decide on a name for your album. You can then start browsing for photos from your own documents. You can also choose your privacy settings - either allowing only the people you share with to view the photos or allowing anyone in the world to see them. If you choose to let the Public view your album, you can also put the album under a certain category. After choosing an album theme, click the "Next" button to continue uploading. You now have the option to add different comments, descriptions, and even clip art to your photos. When you are finished adding to your photos, click "View Album" to see how it will look to others. You can then choose to share you album with others through email, your blog, myspace, or facebook. (Information taken from

    Check out my newest album for an idea of how all of this works! 

    Posted by Charity Blackwood on March 27, 2009 at 10:46 a.m.

  4. Unknown User (jmhart)

    Guys, this is interesting, I would've never thought you could use BubbleShare for this! One way is to create digital stories. Digital sotry telling is just how it sounds, a sotry that is told digitally. You can create a sotry about the topic you're wanting to teach. There are already stories on BubbleShare...some of my favorites are teaching youth soccer about foul play and the other is going through the cycle of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. It's pretty interesting how the teachers put it together.

    posted by Jennifer Hart, on 3/27/09 at 10:47am


  5. Unknown User (jkreditp)

    Bubbleshare is a simlar product to that of Flickr and Photobucket.On the creators emphazie how easy and fun it is to use. Also it is a free website. They understand how hard it can be to share photos with relatives and friends thoughout the country.

    "Toronto-based online photo sharing BubbleShare is just wonderful, and ridiculously easy to use." This satement cam from Michael Arrington's Tech Crunch reveiw. He raves how easy it is to use and how they creators should be awarded for their website. He also talks about one feature that is pretty uncommon for photo sharing sites, which is the multple uploader. This allows you to upload many photos at once.

  6. Unknown User (jmhart)

    Another way to to teach kids different colors and apply that to pictures. Like the 'color and number' pictures. Where you had a certain color per number, one of the examples I've seen shows each color and different pictures that kids see everyday so they can relate the color to the number. Then on that same album, they creater incoperated basic math problems, and taught those to the class. It's crazy what you can do with just a few pictures and putting them together on a slideshow!

    posted by Jennifer Hart, on 03/27/09 at 11:05am


  7. Unknown User (jplesac)

    One unique thing you can do on bubbleshare is add video captions to your photos. You are able to narrarate your photo or slide and if you want add some flavor to the story. All you have to do is click the video gizmo on your gizmo bar at the top of the page as well as make sure your camera is pluged in or on. You can talk up to 30 seconds each slide to give the audience a better understanding about what the picture is about. You can position the video caption icon on the picture so it is easy for the person looking at your slides to watch the video.


    posted by jacob plesac at 11:10 a.m on March 27th 2009

  8. Unknown User (jplesac)

    Something that can be fun to play with is the 20 different themes you can use for your pictures. It can add something unique to your pictures. To be able to add different scenes to you pictures it can add fun and some sort of silliness in your pictures. The themes can also go with your picture to create an even better appearance. It is something to play around with can be influential to choosing bubbleshare knowing you can have fun creating things like this. An important factor in choosing a photo sharing site might be the possible unique options you can do with your picture.


    posted by jacob plesac at 12:20 a.m on March 29th 2009

  9. Unknown User (jplesac)

    A new exciting feature called Bubblezoom has gotten a lot of reviewers attention. This feature can work on any photo in your albums. "All you do is simply click on the BubbleZoom button and have a 3x zoom view on any area of the photo." This can be convenient if you are standing in front of something memorable or far away that you would like to emphasize in your picture. It can also point out funny moment caught on film in the background. It is something you can play with and be creative with. CEO Albert Lai says that it's inspired by Apple's Aperture Zooming capabilities. By looking over the user reviews I found that almost every user of the new feature enjoyed it and was impressed with the application. 

    Reference: {+}

    posted by jacob plesac at 12:48 a.m on March 29th 2009

  10. How could the application be used within an educational/learning situation?

    It really seems like BubbleShare could be used in the classroom. Because it is free and easy to use, teachers and students at all levels can take advantage of what BubbleShare has to offer. Communication between teachers and parents is vital to student success. BubbleShare provides a place for teachers to upload photos of classroom activities to showcase student work. I think younger students especially would get excited about seeing themselves and their work online. This also seems like it would encourage students and their parents to communicate about what is going on at school.


    Posted by David Joest at 5:19 p.m. on March 29, 2009.

  11. How could the application be used within an educational/learning situation?

    I found a Romanian website that encourages teachers to take advantage of BubbleShare and Flikr "to create educational resources." I think it's pretty cool that teachers all over the world have access to the same technology to use in the classroom. This opens up a possibility to quickly and easily compare classrooms all over the world. It would be interesting for students to see what their school days would look like if they lived thousands of miles across the world. Students could have a photo "pen pal" thousands of miles away that he or she could communicate using BubbleShare. Companies with multiple branches could also use this technology to visually compare sites in seconds.


    Posted by David Joest at 5:31 p.m. on March 29, 2009.

  12. How could the application be used within an educational/learning situation?

    This document discusses BubbleShare's ability to tell stories digitally. It gives a really good step-by-step guide to using BubbleShare for teachers and students. 
    "Digital Storytelling combines the art of telling stores with available multimedia tools, including graphics, audio, video animation, and Web publishing. Students can use digital stories to give voice to their viewpoints, perspectives and experiences. They also provide a way for students to demonstrate the learning in a curriculum area. This is one way that we can help students move beyond the "bird reports" and move into creating original work that allows them to synthesize their learning."


    Posted by David Joest at 5:52 p.m. on March 29, 2009.

  13. Unknown User (rlowery)

    What is the purpose of Bubbleshare?

    In the "about us" section of Bubbleshare's website, the creators say,

    "We built BubbleShare to make it simple for you to share your photos and tell your stories."

    Everyone has a story to tell. Bubbleshare is the modern version of the picture-filled wallet.

     Posted by Rachel Lowery at 10:55 a.m on March 30, 2009.


  14. Unknown User (rlowery)

    What is the purpose of Bubbleshare?

    No account is needed to post an album on bubbleshare, only an email for each album. Also, html code is provided so that the pictures can be integrated into a blog.


    Posted by Rachel Lowery at 10:58 a.m. on March 30, 2009.

  15. Unknown User (rlowery)

    Apparently you can also add audio to your pictures. Unlike some other websites, Bubbleshare offers lots of information about how to apply this kind of thing. Also, the "tool bar" is called a Gizmo Bar, which is just fun. =)


  16. Unknown User (jkreditp)

    Also bubbleshare has a rare feature called BubbleShare Live. This allows you to upload your photos then have multiple people on veiwing them simultaniously and they can control the slide show themselves.Some other rare features are the Audiocaption; which allows you to narrate throughout a slide show, and another is BubbleCaptions; which is a funny but cool feature that allow you to insert comic like voice boxes into the picture.

  17. Unknown User (jkreditp)

    Bubbleshare looks like a rip off of Flickr at first sight. But bubbleshare offers a few more features. One feature is the lack of a sign up process. You can share photos by simply supplying and e-mail address. Also bubbleshare allows you to add voice, create slideshows, and add funky text/speech bubbles.

  18. Unknown User (jmhart)

    Another thing that BubbleShare lets you do is put up pics and create a slide show that allows teachers to use as a lesson plan. For example, one of the videos I watched was that a teacher had put together pictures of different websites that had to do with science and go through the entire lesson plan using Bubbleshare. It was actually quite interesting how she arranged the pics to flow perfectly, and make since.

  19. Unknown User (smusall)

    Facts About BubbleShare:

    • BubbleShare is completely free and you don't even need to set up an account. You are able to upload your photos and make albums without remembering all the passwords that go along with making any type of account.
    • Your photos and albums will be saved for a year. After the year is up, you may renew your album for another free year. This will also not cost you anything to renew the albums.


  20. Unknown User (smusall)

    Who invented BubbleShare?

    • Albert Lai was the founder of BubbleShare, IdleAgent, and BuyBuddy. He was the founder/CEO of BubbleShare but sold it to Kaboose (KAB) in 2007. He privately owned this Computer Software industry from 2003-2006.


  21. Unknown User (smusall)

    Are you able to incorporate a PowerPoint Presentation with BubbleShare?

    • Yes! With BubbleShare, it allows you to use a PowerPoint. Ewan McIntosh was surprised that he hadn't used a PowerPoint presentation with BubbleShare before. "It's basically a way of sharing pictures and text in a web slideshow type of way. Could be great for allowing students to get an overview of their work. It's a bit like an online version of Microsoft's Photo Story 3." Many of the comments made about PowerPoint within BubbleShare seem to be very positive and act like it is easy to use.


  22. Unknown User (cooper16)

    Way's BubbleShare can be used by teachers?

    Teachers and students can us it to show pictures and school events, and also for digital storytelling projects, and illustrations.


  23. Unknown User (cooper16)

    How many pictures can you upload using BubbleShare?

    You can upload as many digital images that you desire without any restrictions, you can create as many phots albums as you want to.


  24. Unknown User (cooper16)

    Is BubbleShare compatible with other operating systems?

    Yes it is campatible with all operating systems and with all the major browsers such as FireFox, Sufari, Netscape, Mozilla, and Opera.  For the MAC users Bubbleshare also provides a iPhoto plugin.