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Hey guys!! As our final draft if slowly being created, this is the page where you will add any comments, suggestions, or changes you made to the chapter.  That way we can keep track of what improvements are being made.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

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  1. Unknown User (rwoerner)

    Ri-can you attach the lesson plans to the final draft? Once you do that I can hyperlink them to the final page and we should be done with that section. if you need help just ask me how to attach things.

  2. Unknown User (kmuesing)

    What I have done:

    1) Global usage section--rewrote and added links
    2) Edited impact on you directly section


    1) Descriptions of each lesson plan plus photos either in the lesson plan or on the wiki page
    2) REFERENCES!!!! they need to be in the correct format
    3) Tutorial videos--have all of them been made??
    4) Should we add any other features to Flickr?

  3. Unknown User (rwoerner)

    I've just uploaded all the lesson plans, you can thank me later.

  4. Unknown User (kmuesing)

    I have finished and updated the References section. That is done now.

  5. Unknown User (kmuesing)

    I finished the lesson plan section with descriptions and references. That is all done.