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                PROJECT 2 RESEARCH

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  1. Unknown User (riley0)

    This is an example of how to write a comment on your research. 

    1)  The website is designed to post photo albums as a slideshow, so you can access your pictures anywhere.

    2)  It also has a feature where you can link your phone to the website to upload pictures directly to the website albums.

    3)  It allows you to customize a website so if you want others to look at the pictures, you can send them the link directly by sending them a URL. 

  2. Unknown User (mmchugh)

    Molly McHugh

    1) Cellbolock makes it easy to post a slideshow presenting either a product or work on a personal website

    2) For artists it makes it ewasy to showcase work on a mass scale. I personally have had friends use this site to showcase their portfoilios because of its ease format and how easy it is to share

    3) It can also be used for personal use for storing mass amount of pictures in a slideshow format

  3. Unknown User (ekling)

    1) Cellblock is  immediately shared with others in real time.

    2) It's Free and simple to use for everyone :)

    3) You can create an email through cellblock ( \ (

    -this information was found at the cellblock website


  4. Unknown User (bskees)

    1.)  I like the fact that cellblock is a free service that anyone can use for either personal or professional uses.

    2.)  I think it's neat how you can link it to other applications such as facebook, myspace, and twitter.  So many people have accounts through those sites as well and it's really convinient and nice to be able to have those sites linked to your cellblock website.

    3.)  If you are a musician or artists of some sort and have work or songs you want to display in either a play list or slideshow, this website it a great way to do that and have those types of things on showcase for others to see and browse through.

  5. Unknown User (oneillj)

    Joe O'Neill

    1) A great thing about it is that you can upload 3 pictures to a slide show at one time. Instead of having to only upload one, so therefore you can upload all of you pictures in 1/3 of the time.

    2) It is nice to have all the pictures in a slide show format, this way you do not have to click through them all like in "Facebook". You can just watch them as the "slide" by.

    3) Another great quality in Cellblock is that you can change the speed that the pictures go by at. If you want to cruise through then you can go to the "bunny rabbit" setting, or to go slowly just move it towards the "turtle".

  6. Unknown User (ddagata)

    Dom D'Agata

    1) Cellblock in my opinion is an easier way to upload pictures and information.  The time is much faster than programs such as windows movie maker.

    2) This is my first experience with Cellblock and I find the controls and settings more user friendly.

    3) Finally, you are able to share this with people all over the world through Facebook, Myspace, and also Blogs.

  7. Unknown User (rybarra)

    1) B-What is the Purpose of this application?

    “The official answer is that Cellblock enables instant multimedia publishing across websites, desktops and mobile devices (i.e., your cell phone).” – The Cell Block Team,

    This means that everyone that wants to upload and share photos with their friends in a fast and easy way can do so.  According to the website ,, a person doesn’t even have to refresh the website after uploading for friends to see the new pictures added.


    2) C-How does it work? Briefly, what does one have to do to start using it?

    It works by allowing people to connect with their mobile device or desktop simultaneous with another person.  All one has to do to start using it is go to the website,, and sign up for their own account.  Then they just have to upload photos into the area and click save.  The website creates the slide show for you automatically.


    3) G-How could the application be used within a business/industry training


    This could be used for business and training situations by the boss uploading photos and directions for workers onto the site so that they all get the same information at the same time and can learn their job at a faster pace. 

  8. Unknown User (conradkm)

    1) You can not only design and edit cellblocks,but you can also upload information (pictures, videos, etc) and similar to a message board/blog, you can comment on and rate other cellblocks.

    2) You can provide your cell phone number and service provider to register your phone. Cellblock will send a text to the number you provide and if you respond, your number will be "verified". If you don't respond, your phone will appear "not verified" on your account page. This feature hinders other cellblock users from using your phone number for their account.

    3) After you register, you have access to many other features. These include keeping up a catalog of information you have uploaded, developing new cell blocks quickly via your cell phone, and having the information you upload  distinguished by your username.

    I found information for part 1 on the main cellblock page, where you can sign up.

    The information for parts 2 & 3 was explained in the myaccounts section.

  9. 1. The cellblock is useful social networking site with cellphone. So, If one has cellphone s/he can easily upload any information anytime, anywhere. So, we can make web contents (photo, text..etc.) quickly.

    2. Cellblock can be embeded with user's other site such as MySpace, MyspaceBlog. So, if there is a cellblock link, it helps that any netizen accesses cellblock contents quickly.

    3. You can make various folders with your own themes. So, you can show about yourself with many ways like photo gallery, journal and so on.

  10. 1. We can make the folder easily, and variously. If you want, it's allowed to make many folders. And when I upload my pictures, it shows the pictures as a type of video.

    2. If you can access the web on your mobile phone, you can simply  open shoot, publish and view your mobile photos, wherever you are.

    3. I think it is useful to save many things that is piled in your computer, such as pictures, videos, power point text, word document, etc.

    I know that l'm too late T_T  but l find research link now.. sorry!

    I promise l won't be late next time ^^