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Jing is pretty legit.  I downloaded it and was thinking that we might make our own tutorials.  Just spitballing right now, we'll see what the final presentation will call for.

Ok, here are some ideas that I had for our showcase:

  • We could have a poster at our table that said something like "Want to encorporate Confluence into your classroom?" and then have example lesson plans for them to pick up.
  • Have a brochure (like the one in our workout). We'll need to have a draft of this by Friday so someone can make it in lab.
  • Instructional videos- we could either make our own (in this case, we would need to make "scripts" by Friday so we could tape them in class) or see if we can get permission to use Atlassian's.
  • Poster- We need a big poster for our area. A design for this needs to be completed by Friday. I'm not incredibly creative, but maybe we could make it look like a page on Confluence or something? I don't know, I'm sure you can come up with something better. A poster like this can be found in the attachment files.
  • Laptops for people to try Confluence out on the table. We could possibly make some sort of a self-tutor PowerPoint like Project 1 or something. Again, feel free to come up with something better!
  • The group will wear similar shirts such as collared polos. This will offer a professional and unified look for the group. We will have nametags will our profile pictures taken form a Confluence screenshot.
  • A poster called "The Basics" that gives information on what a wiki is, what confluence is (purpose, development, etc.). Just quick facts that people can read quickly while they pass by.
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  1. Unknown User (hmparker)

    I noticed that you guys separated the work between, good job. When you're done, post a download link to them on this page so that Wei will be able to evaluate it. Also, I would recommend bringing a printed copy.

  2. Unknown User (amkillio)

    I uploaded the stuff that is going to be on my Basics Confluence Poster. If you go to tools and see attachments it should be there. That is the only way I knew how to add it on here. I'll bring in a copy to class and have it in my email just incase it doesn't show up on here or if there is a different way you want it on here.

  3. Unknown User (cgross01)

    Since the brochure covers what Confluence is all about i figured the handouts can just be the sample lesson plans that we have which use Confluence.  It will give them an actual hard copy to use and take ideas off of and write notes on instead of just looking at it on the computer screen.  Let me know if anyone has any better ideas on what the handout should be...

    1. Unknown User (fitzgera)

      I like that idea! I added Confluence to my lesson plan and attached it to the lesson plans page. Do you think we should handout more than one type of lesson plan, or use one main lesson plan?

      1. Unknown User (cgross01)

        I was thinking we could have a couple different ones.  Different grade levels so teachers can pick the one that is closest to the grade they are teaching.

  4. Unknown User (fitzgera)

    The flyer looks great! I love it.
    I think that the outline for the poster looks really good as well. How big is the poster going to be?

  5. Unknown User (agale)

    Everything looks fantastic guys! I was originally going to help with the brochure, but now that its already done I'll just keep editing my pages. Let me know if there is anything else we need done for tomorrow. Also, people keep mentioning this profile shirt idea. I think it would work well if we all wore matching shirts, i.e. same color collared polos, and then we could have name tags with our profile pictures and names that look like it does on Confluence. Let me know what you think. I've just had some poor experiences in the past with trying to apply pictures onto shirts via iron printout.

    1. Unknown User (fitzgera)

      I like that idea! It's easy, cheap, and less stressful than trying (and in my experience, failing) to iron onto the shirt.

      1. Unknown User (amkillio)

        I like that idea too! Do we need to put that on our presentation page so Wei knows? And the poster is going to be on a regular size poster board.

        1. Unknown User (agale)

          I made a few sample nametags from our Confluence profiles. I'm going to try to attach the file right now.

  6. Unknown User (amkillio)

    Also, does anyone else think we need anything else?  Alyssa you asked if there was anything you could do, Hope suggested another poster that was supposed to be creative so you could come up with an idea..maybe make a poster that looks like Confluence like Hope said..Just a suggestion. I'm not sure what all we need, I just want to make sure that we make enough stuff that Wei likes.

    1. Unknown User (agale)

      Ok, sounds good. I made a poster of a print screen of Confluence. I tried to choose a view that highlighted both the normal screen and a post. We can always change it, but I went ahead and uploaded the file.

  7. Unknown User (amkillio)

    Everything looks great! I really like the brochure!

  8. Unknown User (kkhall)

    I'll draw up some ideas for very short speeches and start compiling answers to anticipated questions.  I want to be ready and organized, but not so much that it becomes rigid and we won't be able to improvise well.