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  • Contact Information and Weeks Assignments
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Contact Info:

 Team Leaders:

  • Tony Goldsmith   
  • Cameron Hofer    

 Team and research goals:             (i did not get everyone's last name and i apologize if i spelled your name wrong)

                                                                    PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY/ASSIGNMENT                   

  •  Jill                                     Presentation Board/References                                 
  • Tara                                      Presentation Board/References                                  
  • Mike                                  Editing/References                                   
  • Andy                                 Presentation Board/References                 
  • Joey                                  Formatting/References                             
  • Jessica                              Editing/References                                
  • Katelyn                              Subsection Writer/References                      
  • Emily                                 Subsection Writer/References                   
  • Kyle                                 Formatting/References                       

We would also like everyone to keep their mind open to unique ways to use this program

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