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Decing Research Page

Decing Group Member Introduction Page

Page Created By: Caleb Tipton, Riley Lerch, Kelsey Robertson, Adam Pittman, Lisa Beckwith, Bethany Webster, Mervi Erkheikki, and Sara Evertsson 

Decing is an online surveying tool, used primarily by small groups or businesses, to create a private and secret vote for users. This service is 100% cost and registration free for everyone to use. It is available by going to   

I. History

1. Development

Decing is an application that was developed by Sergi Adamchuk, Oleksiy Karaykoza, Sergei Ponomarenko and Alex Vasilchuk, four friends in Kyiv, Ukraine. They wanted to create a startup so they developed this application over a period of about three months for use by their small team. After the development of Decing, the creators realized that it could be helpful for others as well, so they decided to release it to the public-at-large. The application was released in December of 2009. The server part of the tool was created using Java: Google App Engine, and the client part was developed using JavaScript and JQuery framework. There have been no changes made to the tool since its release in late 2009.     

From left to right: Sergi Adamchuk, Alex Vasilchuk, Sergei Ponomarenko, Oleksiy Karaykoza.

2. How Decing Works

“Decing is a simple and 100% free online service for arranging a Secret and Private vote. The system is designed for small teams which should make a decision without disclosing individual participants' selections. Our service does not require registration. When creating a new vote you have to specify a subject the text that describes the purpose of voting, option names and the names of participants. Additionally you can set the weights for the participants, provide that options will be the participants - in this case participants cannot vote for themselves, in addition there is a possibility not just to choose one option but participants can distribute a fixed amount of Gems between options.”¹

Here's a brief tutorial on how it works:

If you did not find the tutorial particularly helpful or became confused at any point, here are simple step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Go to The first screen you see will look like this:


Step 2: Type in whatever you want the subject of your private vote to be.


Step 3: Once you've filled out that information, click on the Options tab right next to the General tab.


Step 4: Fill in the options for your private vote. If you would like to add more options, simply click the Add Option button.


Step 5: Once you've filled in the options for your vote, click on the Participants tab right next to the Options tab. Fill in the names of the participants of your vote. If you would like to add participants, simply click the add participant button.


Step 6: Once you've filled out the participants, click on the Advanced tab right next to the Participants tab. Here, you can choose to give the participants the option of having several votes, or "gems," and distributing them among their options. This screen will look like this:

Step 7: When you are done with the Advanced tab, click the Save button and your vote has been successfully created. The next page that comes up will have links for each of the participants. You can send these links via email to all of the participants, and they can vote for whichever option they choose without anyone knowing what they voted for.

3. Things to Keep in Mind

One factor that is very important to remember when using Decing is that in order to access your vote once you leave the site, you must keep the access code that is given to you when you complete your vote. If you do not keep this access code, you will not be able to view the results of your vote. In order to access your results after the vote is complete, you must click on the url you were given instead of returning to the original website.

Another thing to remember is that you must fill out all of the tabs before pushing the save button. If you try to save your vote before all of the information in all of the tabs is filled in, you will see an error message and you will have to fill in all of the information again.

A third aspect to keep in mind when creating your survey is that if you as the creator want a say in the vote as well, you must include your name in the participants tab. Decing does not automatically assume that you will be participating in the vote.¹

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II. How Decing Relates to Other Applications

1. Comparison to Competitors

Decing is a survey and polling web tool, which has many competitors online. Some of these competitors include FluidSurveys, Survey Monkey, JetForm, Survs, Icebrrg, etc. Although these sites have a few attributes that are similar to Decing, there are other areas that make Decing more user-friendly and more accessible to groups of people. The biggest difference between Decing, compared to other surveying applications, is that Decing does not require registering. Other web tools similar to Decing require that users sign up in order to use their application, even if it is a free account. Decing does not require registering, and it also keeps participants' votes secret and private from public view. Another feature that Decing offers that many others do not is that with creating a poll/survey with Decing, participants can provide weights on their votes. Also, anyone can create as many polls/surverys as they want to even though it is a free account. Other web tools like Decing only have unlimited forms if the user has paid for a specific plan. When looking at the many different forms of surveying web tools and all of the features that they provide, it is easy to see that Decing is the most simple to use and therefore, the most user-friendly surveying web tool online.




Survey Monkey




Free Application







Paid Plans







Number of Forms







Number of Entries







*= Only available through purchasing a premium plan.

2. Unique Uses

Decing is a 100% free service that can be used to create a private voting source. Unlike most surveying web tools, Decing does not require any registration in order to use the application.

 The site is designed for mainly small teams. Creators of the poll are able to choose who they want to have as participants in the survey. By not having the poll be completely open, small teams, such as businesses and classrooms, are able to make decisions that are based off of what the people in the team want rather than what anyone who happens to come across the site wants. In order to make sure that only those invited to the survey are the ones who participate, an access key is sent from the creator, to all of the participants.

This web tool can be found at Here, the creator can go in, create a poll, and then can have the selected participants come to the site and take the survey. However, in addition to being able to use the poll on the Decing website, it can also be used with the application Google Wave.²

"Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more." Basically, Google Wave is an internet communication application where groups of people can get together, collaborate on projects, brainstorm, chat, share photographs, and even organize events. When a person creates a wave, they are able to choose participants that they want to interact with in the wave, send them an invitation, and then share information with other members of the particular wave. Google Wave is also in real-time, which means that anyone is able to see edits and new information as they happen, which helps to keep all members of the wave informed and on the same track. Also with features such as playback, anyone is able to rewind or back up the wave in order to see what people said earlier in time.²

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III. Real World Application

1. Educational Lesson Plans

i. Elementary

Classroom Eye Color (STEM-Based)

Description: This lesson has the learners use Decing to record every person's eye color in the class. The learners will then create a graph to show the numbers of eye colors. 

Download: Word   PDF

Creating Classroom Rules

Description: In this lesson the learners will use Decing to vote on different classroom rules.

Download: Word   PDF

Classroom Politics3

Description: In this lesson the learners will learn about different types of elections and also participate in a classroom election using Decing.

Download: Word   PDF

The Organs of Our Body

Description: At the end of the lesson student will use Decing to vote on a short quiz I give them.

Download: Word    PDF

ii. Secondary

Research Paper 

Description: In this lesson the learners will be divided into groups and the groups will vote on a topic using Decing, then the groups will conduct a research paper on the chosen topic.

Download: Word   PDF

What Do You Mean My Vote Doesn't Count?

Description: In this lesson the learners will experience voting using Decing and then they will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of voting.

Download: Word   PDF

Plurality Voting (STEM-Based)

Description: In this lesson the learners will discuss Plurality voting and then they will participate in voting using Decing.

Download: Word  PDF

Golf Ball Launching Lab

Description: In this lesson the learners will build their own golf ball launchers and then use Decing to vote on the best and most creative designs. 

Download: Word   PDF

workout 6 lesson plan.pdfCollecting Data and Converting into a Graph and Chart Using Decing System

Description: In this lesson students will use the Decing program to create data and reproduce a graph with the results.

Download: Word    PDF

iii. Post Secondary

Excel Spreadsheet (STEM-Based)

Description: In this lesson the learners will create a poll using Decing and have at least 30 people vote, and then they will record their data using a spreadsheet.

Download: Word   PDF

English Lesson

Description: In this lesson the students will work with the theme they have chosen by using Decing as a voting tool.

Download: Word  PDF    

Food Guide Pyramid

Description: In this lesson the learners will take a pre-quiz on Decing about the daily serving sizes, then the class will discuss the correct daily serving sizes and the foods included in each category. Then they will take a follow-up quiz.

Download: Word   PDF

Scientific Method

Description: In this lesson the learners will design an experiment using the scientific method, they must also incorporate Decing into their experiment.

Download: Word   PDF

iv. Business Setting

Decing can be a practical learning tool in a small business atmosphere. In a small business setting, decisions often need to be made quickly; since most people can easily access the Internet, an online surveying tool is ideal. It allows those in the wave to see the options and make a quick vote anonymously. Members don't need to register for the tool when invited to make a vote; it is a simplistic process for the voters. Decing also allows the voters to select more than one option. This could be applied in many situations. If the voter is torn between two options, he/she can place weights on each vote.

This Web 2.0 tool can be used when businesses are training employees. If a small business conducted a series of training sessions, Decing could provide a way for each participant to provide feedback on the process. The survey topic could be “What was the most helpful part of the training session?” Decing allows the creator to add several choices and add numerous participants. If an employee found several portions of a training session helpful, he/she can place gems in more than one choice to add weight to the vote. This would provide anonymous feedback to the coordinator of the training session(s), and it would give the employees a chance to voice their opinion and know that they matter.

In the business world, one could use Decing in order to potentially get more clients. A company could create a poll. Then they could send that poll to other companies or people that they want to do business with. The poll could serve as a free source of advertising for the business that sends it out. Because Decing is a web tool, a business could reach many different people just through one simple survey.

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IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Although there are many people flaunting their Web 2.0 products, Decing is one of those great products that helps provide end-to-end solutions for casting a decision. Decing helps boost the quality and speed of decisions that, for example, small business team may need to make. It allows the voters to select more than one option and keeps everything anonymous. Along with numerous options if the voter is only limited to two they will not get torn between those two because he/she can place weights on each vote. The potential educational values that all persons gain from using Decing are limitless. It gives the educator abilities to organize, collect the information, get feedback quickly, and then continue to apply their knowledge.

For teachers, Decing can be an excellent tool. By creating a poll through Decing they could get both parents and students more involved in what is being planned in the classroom. For example, a teacher could create a poll on what materials the students want to use or the way in which they want to work on a certain lesson. By having the students’ input in how the lesson is conducted, students may be more likely to enjoy what they are learning and therefore more likely to pay attention to the lesson. Going along with this, teachers could create a poll asking if students would rather work in groups or individually on certain future assignments or lessons. If used by teachers, Decing can provide an opportunity to get students really involved with the class. It also provides the opportunity for students that are not normally heard to make a decision and put in their opinion.

Decing can also be used by students. If students were putting together a project that required the use of a survey/poll, they could create a survey, select its participants, and collect data through the use of Decing. All of this would be easy to use and free for the students. Also, since Decing makes it necessary for participants to be selected prior to creating the poll, it ensures the fact that the information will be accurate, organized, and most efficient for the students’ project.

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V. How Decing is Used Internationally

Every day, decisions are being made all over the world. Decing is a web tool that can be used anywhere around the world in order to create a poll that can be accessed by anyone involved at anytime. The internet has made the possibilities for global communication endless. One of the ways that it has done this is by creating web tools such as Decing. Every member of a poll is given their own access key so they can sign in and cast their anonymous vote. These votes can be from every corner of the world from business partners in different countries, or even used by former classmates to decide on a location for their next high school reunion. Decing makes it possible for people to receive information from anyone and anywhere on earth.

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VI. References




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  1. Decing is a great application because you can use to get information out of people. Whether you want to use just for a small group or for everyone. This application would work great in schools because a teacher could create a questionnaire to figure out groups or to make a quiz to see how well students know their material. Students could also use this application to create questions to pole the class of their opinions or something like that. It looks like a pretty simple application to use because you just enter your questions enter the people you want to sent it to with their information and you are done.  

  2. Unknown User (nschrens)

    The idea behind Decing is great! It's a simple surveying site that allows small groups or businesses to create and conduct anonymous surveys. One thing I really like about this site is that it's not very commercial. Many surveying and poll taking sites are full of adds and are often overwhelming. Decing is very simple and self explanatory. This would be great for businesses to conduct a private survey to collect information that may be private or controversial among a group when trying to make decisions. It would also be great in a classroom for the same reasons! Students are often afraid to share their answers because they fear what others may think but a surveying site like Decin allows each student to put in their own input. 

    I really like the concept behind Decing however there are a few things I would change on the site. The colors, banner, and laout are not very inviting or aesthetically appealing. Adding in some color or coordinating the colors between the images and the logo would be helpful and would bring the site together. Changing up the layout of the text would also be a good idea because the large block of print is a little intimidating/uninteresting. 

    Overall, Decing is a great idea that should be reflected in the appearance of the app. Just a few changes and the site could truly reach it's potential!