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Who developed Picasa?

  • Picasa was originally created by the California based photography company Picasa.
  • Picasa was owned by Lars Perkins, who currently works as a general manager for Google.

Who owns Picasa now?

  • Picasa is currently owned by Google.
  • Before Google took over Picasa, it was sold for $29.
  • Google now offers Picasa for free.
  • Picasa can be downloaded from

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  1. Unknown User (krlichte)

    Here is some information on who developed it and where the name comes from....answers this question perfectly.

    "Picasa was originally developed by a California based digital photography company named Picasa. At that time they offered the software for a very reasonable price considering the quality of the product. If my memory serves me correct it was near $29. in 2004 Google purchased Picasa and began offering this very capable software for my favorite price, free."