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Edited By: Rachel, James, Monroe, William, Josh,  Jessica, James


What is Diigo? What does it do? ">What is Diigo? What does it do? 

Diigo is a free social bookmarking, research, and knowledge sharing tool created to mimic the ease of taking notes while providing a network for sharing and discovering information. Diigo allows you to take personal notes and highlight text information on web pages just as you would on a piece of paper. You can then bookmark and save this information for further review, while adding tags to keep everything organized. In bookmarking this information, you can also choose to share with colleagues and friends to allow them to access the web page, view your notes and highlights, and add their own annotations. All of this information is also saved online and can be accessed by any computer or browser, including cell phones with browsing capabilities. For a more illustrative explanation of of how Diigo works, view the video below from Diigo's website.

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Video from 


Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents


Table of Contents


I.1 Development
I.2 How Diigo Works
I.3 Getting More Out of the Application


How Diigo Relates to Other Applications
II.1 How to Join
II.2 Comparison to Competitors
II.3 Unique Uses


Real World Application
III.1 Educational Lesson Plans
i. Elementary
ii. Secondary
iii. Post Secondary
III.2 Business/Industry


Demonstration of Educational Value


How Diigo is Used Internationally





I. History">I. History

I. 1 Development">I. 1 Development


Diigo is pronounced "dee-go."  Diigo stands for "Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff" 1.  Diigo was developed by twelve people who are experienced in "software development, marketing, academia, and investment management" 1.  Diigo is a place for sharing research and knowledge while also doubling as a social network for friends and people with like interests.  Diigo is a place where people can "discover, process, manage, and share online information more productively and effectively" with friends or other people who are interested in a certain subject 1.  Diigo is a great way for people who share the same interest to socialize. Diigo is great for the audience of students and teachers because Diigo can help students learn and teachers teach.  

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 Image from

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

I.2 How Diigo Works">I.2 How Diigo Works

How does it Work? 
Diigo is a free website and it does not take too much personal information to create a profile. As a social bookmarking site, Diigo can "bookmark" or "tag" segments from a website or a whole website and organize them.  After you "bookmark" or "tag" a page you may share it with whoever you would like. 

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^ A screenshot of Diigo's search engine 3.

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

I.3 Getting More Out of The Application">I.3 Getting More Out of The Application



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Diigo allows you to connect too many different networks and work with many different applications. Diigo users are able to bookmark websites and share them with others, highlight sentences or paragraphs for easy access, leave virtual post-its on websites, track conversations, invite networks of people to conversations ( Group of Diigo users, Facebook, Blog Network, or Twitter). With Diigo the possibilities are endless.

To go to the Diigo website click here:
Table of Contents

II. How Diigo Relates to Other Applications?">II. How Diigo Relates to Other Applications?

II.1 How to Join">II.1 How to Join

To create a Diigo account click here: Additionally, the steps for the sign-up process are provided below with detailed pictures.

To begin, go to Click on one of the "Join Diigo" tabs at the top of the page. Either one will work.

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  Image from

After clicking on the "Join Diigo" tab, the following screen will appear.   

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Image from

 Fill out the information which they ask for. Make sure to use a viable e-mail, because you might have to confirm your account through your e-mail. When you are finished filling out the information, you will see the following page.

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Image from 

Now that your account has been activated, you can begin adding bookmarks, images and notes. As you can see, you have the option to import your bookmarks from Delicious. This is a very important page, and one which you will use often.

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

II.2 Comparison to Competitors">II.2 Comparison to Competitors

Diigo can be used with other applications such as Facebook and Google.  In Diigo you can leave blogs, comments, and sticky notes like a blogging website. A unique aspect about Diigo is that it is like a virtual chat room where you can add friends and talk to them online, similar to yahoo or aim.   Diigo allows you to bookmark web pages on the site, so you can revisit them as you please.  Diigo allows you to join different groups to further your research. You can talk to people who have similar thoughts and research interests.

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

II.3 Unique Uses">II.3 Unique Uses

Diigo has bookmarking and saving, highlighting, note taking, searching, sharing, and collaborating features that make this cite extremely unique. With the bookmarking and saving feature Diigo allows the ability to add tags to help keep everything organized and provide easy access and retrieval. You can also choose to keep your bookmark private or let Diigo put your bookmark freely available to the public. If you are reading an article or web page and find particular information worth noting or pointing out, Diigo allows you to digitally highlight the data just as if you had your own yellow highlighter. This information is automatically saved so anytime you come back to that web page the information will always be highlighted. Note taking is easy when you use Diigo. It allows you to take notes on a web page similarly to the way in which you would add a sticky note to a paper document. Diigo provides powerful search features for retrieving and locating information throughout your bookmarks. You can search the web page titles, URLs, tags, comments, highlights, the full text of the bookmarked pages, or all of these. Diigo will also let you share your bookmarks, complete with annotations, to friends and colleagues. You can send the information to individuals even if they don’t use Diigo. Finally Diigo allows users to join or create groups for sharing information. 

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

III. Real World Application">III. Real World Application

III.1 Educational Lesson Plans">III.1 Educational Lesson Plans

i. Elementary">i. Elementary
(1) Communications">(1) Communications

Description: Students will use Diigo to discover the many different possiblities of the website while working in groups.

Objective: Students will work in groups to finish a project and present their findings about Diigo to their class.

Group Project (DOC)

Group Project (PDF)

(2) Time Segments">(2) Time Segments

Description: Fourth graders will use Diigo to post their solution to a time problem. They will then comment on the solutions of their classmates.

Objective: The students will learn how to calculate elapsed time, and will learn alternative methods from their peers.

Time Segments (DOC)

Time Segments (PDF)

(3) Nutrition ">(3) Nutrition 

Description: Students will search the internet to find healthy meals containing three out of the five food groups. The students will use Diigo to bookmark the healthy meals

which they find and will also comment on the meals which their peers have found. 

Objective: The  students will learn about the various food groups and will learn to find the most healthy and nutritious meals.

Nutrition (DOC)

Nutrition (PDF)

 [Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]"> Table of Contents
ii. Secondary">ii. Secondary
(1) Research">(1) Research

Description: Many times students in high school must do a research paper on some topic given to them.  With Diigo's abilities to bookmark many websites, as well as chat with other students it make for a open creative environment to do research.

Objective: Students will use Diigo to bookmark, tag, or chat with students when doing research on the topic or subject that they were given in their class.

Diigo Research (DOC)

(2) Geometry">(2) Geometry

Description: Students will work in groups and use Diigo to research a historical geometer and write a group paper detailing the life of their geometer.

Objective: Students will be able to compare and contrast the traditional way of researching with researching using Diigo.

Geometry (DOC)

Geometry (PDF)

Table of Contents

iii. Post Secondary">iii. Post Secondary
(1) Science (STEM)">(1) Science (STEM)

Description: When students come to college many of them participate in research for a science class at some point in time.  Diigo can be used for research groups to document website that they have found helpful in the project they are given.

Objective: Students will use Diigo to document the different website they found helpful, and communicate with other students that have done similar work through diigo as well.

Class Research (DOC)

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

III.2 Business/IndustryEmployeesorbusinesspeoplecanuseDiigoineveryaspectoftheirbusiness. Diigoisveryhelpfulinorganizingandrearranginginformationthatmaybevery">III.2 Business/Industry Employees or business people can use Diigo in every aspect of their business.  Diigo is very helpful in organizing and rearranging information that may be very helpful on a project or assignment that was given to an employee.  The possibilities with Diigo are endless.

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value">IV. Demonstration of Educational Value


In the elementary education setting, Diigo can be a great tool to for teachers to be able to communicate with the parents or vice versa about questions or comments about student's homework, test, behavior, etc.  Also teachers can upload assignments and lectures on Diigo for a student who had to miss school for any reason. The teachers can leave comments on the assignments to help the students understand what is going on, or highlight important aspects of the assignment or lectures. Secondary education students can use Diigo for communication with other peers in the different schools, states, or countries.  Diigo is a great way for online discussions with people who cannot communicate in person. Diigo is an excellent tool for obtaining perspectives, knowledge, and information from other peers who think differently. When working on class projects, students obtain information from students with different educational backgrounds, or schooling types to broaden their research.  For college level students, Diigo is a great way for students to share information. For example, a project team, a class, or a club can create a group on Diigo to pool relevant resources, findings and thoughts together 7. Diigo makes it easy to share information and ideas with people if you cannot talk to them in person. In the business industry an employee can use Diigo to find people with similar interest of jobs to discuss business and other corporation information.

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Diigo’s current educational value is a research and bookmarking website. Teachers are able to post information on Diigo and then have students look up more information and combine it all while using information already posted on Diigo for group projects6.  Students can combine their thoughts and research on a Diigo page to write a paper that includes credible information.  Students can share their opinions with peers across the country and get different insights from different perspectives. Diigo allows students to communicate with one another like they were face to face.

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

V. How is Diigo Used Internationally?">V. How is Diigo Used Internationally?

If Team Diigo had international partners we would explain to them what Diigo is about and then we would exchange e-mails on how to use Diigo.  We would also try to include them in everything we did to create a Diigo page.  We would add them to our friend's on Diigo.  We think that everyone would get along and we could work through the cultural differences.  Also Diigo would be great to use if we had international partners because we could easily communicate with them by leaving comments back and forth or even instant messaging.  Also it would be great to have an international prespective on how Diigo works and what kind of uses Diigo has in other countries.

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

VI. References">VI. References

1  "About." 11/1/2008. 
[2] "Diigo." 11/1/2008.
[3] "Diigo Screenshot." 11/5/2008.    
[4] "Diigo Picture." 11/8/2008.
[5] "Diigo Teaching Picture." 11/7/2008.
[6] "Diigo Tutorial." 11/4/2008.
[7] "Education." 11/1/2008.

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

 Pictures=too small

How to Register (pics for each step)

YouTube Videos

The Evolution of Diigo (picture)

VII. Search">VII. Search

Didn't find what you are looking for? Search confluence!
Didn't find what you are looking for? Search confluence!

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents


  1. Unknown User (taylorre)

    Hi Team!! I am looking forward to working with you all! I know this is going to be a great experience and we are all going to learn a lot of new and interesting things.  I want all of you to join our group and add comments/thoughts/concerns about this project.  I want everyone to feel comfortable working with each other so get to know one another and I will do the same! Anyone can add comments asking questions so go ahead and do so! Our team was given Diigo to work with and write a wiki space about.  I will let you know more about Diigo when I know more about it.  You all can contact me at I can't wait to get started! See you all in class tomorrow!

  2. Unknown User (taylorre)

    Click the "To Do List" or "Outline for Diigo Chapter" or "Research Page For Diigo" to get to the pages I wrote

  3. Unknown User (taylorre)

    *** If we get a 94% or higher (or a superior rating) on Project II we do not have to take the final... Hopefully this motivates us all to work hard at this project and to do an excellent job! (smile)

    *** We have a practice run the night before Thanksgiving Break (November 25, 2008) I do not know what time it is yet.  I know all of you will not be able to make it but I hope most of you can.  The run through will be beneficial for the final showcase.

     *** The final showcase will be held on December 4, 2008.  I do not know what time yet (I think it may be from 5:00 to 9:00 pm).  We will have to figure out what we will wear and how we are going to organize and set up everything a little bit later.  I will give you more information as the date comes closer.

  4. Unknown User (taylorre)


    Rachel:  Project Manager

    All: Researchers

    James: Project Evaluator

    Bryan and Rachel: Developer

    All: Presenters

  5. Unknown User (brooks1)

  6. Unknown User (cheng17)

    I'd like to thank everybody for your hard work on this project 2. I hope you can keep up the great work. Although I'll be out of the town this week, you can still email me and I'll try to get back to you on Sunday.

  7. Unknown User (taylorre)

    Only two people have updated the research page with the information they have found.

    Also I need references of the informtion you guys gave me... All the websites.

    You guys need to read what I write to stay on track.

  8. Unknown User (taylorre)

    Schedule for Wednesday:

    ~Review rough draft of wiki space

    ~Post all information on research page

    ~Cite the informatin posted

    ~Start the rough draft and plan ideas for showcase

    ~Assign who will be developing lesson plans for elementary, secondary, post secondary, and business/industry

    Schedule for Friday:

    ~Final draft of wiki space completed

    ~Start making final plans and roles for showcase


    *** We have to have all of this done by friday to be on track... Please be reading what I am writing.

    ***Remember if we get an A we get out of the final so try hard.

  9. Unknown User (taylorre)

    Hi guys I know we are working on a lot of stuff right now but do not forget at the end of the project each person is responsible for his or her own narratives.  What the narrative is suppose to include  is on the Project II Assessment Guide which can be found on Black Board.

  10. Unknown User (taylorre)

    There is a series of tutorials on how to use Diigo:


  11. Unknown User (cheng17)


    I find a computer at the conference hotel lobby, so I can get on line and see your guys work today. I'm glad to see you are making progress in this week. I know it is a challenging project, but I think we can do it successfully. Thank you very much for everybody's contribution to the project. Rachel, I appreciate your hard work. I also want to remind you that everyone need to fulfill their responsiblity of the project. If you have any questions, you can ask the TA Shih-Ping on Wednesday and Friday in the lab.

    Have a great day.


  12. Unknown User (cheng17)

    I think you should finish the draft of the chapter by next Monday. Then I will read it and discuss with you about the improvement next Wedesday. In this week's lab, you can decide the responsibility of writing the chapter, maybe everyone write a section of the chapter? Rachel, could you please compile everyone's work together on the wiki after they submit their work? Does that sound good?

    You can also chek other group's work, I think the twitter group did a good job.


    1. Unknown User (taylorre)


      We already have the final draft done of our wiki chapter... If you would like to look over it, it is in the child called "Final wiki Chapter"  also wednesday in class we are making our brochure... Also I will have our speech done by wednesday and by monday our power point for the presentation will be done...


  13. Unknown User (taylorre)


    Josh: Have the final power point done Monday and just e-mail it to me.

    Lesson Plan People: Dont forget to post it on here under the Child called "Lesson Plans."

    By Wendesday I will have the speech done, and we will be working on the brochure.

  14. Unknown User (taylorre)


    I bought all the Wal-Mart supplies for our presentation board and it looks like $3.00 is the perfect amount.  I bought markers, glue, background paper, and a gigantic nice tri-fold poster board.  If you guys have any other ideas please let me know! (smile) Also I will be taking the picture Wednesday in class! So look "good" if you want to! Have a great weekend! (smile)

  15. Unknown User (taylorre)

    Here is Clif Mims wiki about web 2.0 applications;

  16. Unknown User (taylorre)

    Lesson Plan for week of November 10:


    *Work on brochure (josh print it off)
    *Hand out speech (put on index cards)                                                                                                                                                                               *Take group picture

    *James: Updates on Wiki Space Page (during class time)                


    *Make information to put on posterboard (josh print it off)

           *** Make it pretty! (smile)

  17. Unknown User (taylorre)

    Here is the wikipedia page for Web 2.0:

  18. Unknown User (cheng17)

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    Rachel, James, Monroe, William, Josh, and Jessica,

    I'm impressed by what you have accomplished. You are doing a great job.

    Thank you all very much for your hard work.


  19. Unknown User (apalioka)

    Thanks Rachel!

    Make sure to edit this in the Wiki Markup page 

    | # [INSITE:Lesson Plans]
    # [INSITE:exact name of child]
    # [+Getting Started Video+|URL OF SITE]
    # [+Sign up for a free account+|URL OF SITE] |

     Just repeat with every one of the names of the child pages you want, and if you want to name your link a different name than your child do this

    [Different name|INSITE:home] 

    Different name

    I hope this helps!


    Team Plurk