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Speech For Showcase
            Hi there! Would you like to learn a little about Diigo? Diigo is pronounced "dee-go."  Diigo is a place where people can share research and knowledge while also doubling as a social network for people who have the same interest.  Diigo can also be used for "IM" or Instant Messaging like AIM or Yahoo.  Diigo stands for "Digest of Internet Information, Groups, and Other stuff."  Diigo was created by twelve people experienced in "software development, marketing, academia, and investment management."  Anybody can use Diigo and it is free and simple to create an account!  To create an account all one has to do is go to type in a username and password and then you have your own Diigo account! Diigo can be a great tool for the educational setting because it lets parents and teachers communicate with one another about the students, the student's homework, or upcoming test.  Also teachers can post lectures and power points on Diigo incase a student missed school.  Students can also create a Diigo account to find information from other people on Diigo who are interested in similar things.  Diigo can be used with other applications such as Facebook and Google.  Also Diigo is a great tool for online discussion for people who live out of the state or even the country to get their point of view or perspectives on certain information.  Online discussions are important tool in the education field because students can read an article and then discuss it with other students online to get their point of view.  This is a great way for students to have different opinions on things.  Also it is a great way to get an international point of view and to learn about another student's culture or home.  The student can understand the reading from all different angles and therefore will broaden the horizon on how the student thinks.  Do you have any questions about Diigo?  Would you like to take a brochure to learn more?  Thanks for listening and have a great evening!

*You can greet the people however you would like.  Also please put this speech on notecards so you look proffesional when presenting the speech.  If you have any suggestions please let me know.

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