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Do It, Do It, Done

The main point of our website is to make a to-do list on the computer. It allows the user to cross off completed things and can always be modified.

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  1. Unknown User (sbarret)

    Hey group this is the page where we are going to start putting some of the research needed for the project. We need 3 each by the end of the week, but the more research and information we can find the easier the project will be down the road. So start your researching!

  2. Unknown User (sbarret)

    One way in which our Web 2.0 tool could be used in education is helping with the organizational process. Younger children, or even teenagers in high school, have the hardest time staying organized and they enjoy using any type of technology. So solve the probelm with a solution they will enjoy, by having an online checklist the students might have an easier time with school.

  3. Unknown User (sbarret)

    According to our website, bluejava, which "...specializes in the planning, creation, and management of business-focused web applications". Though this checklist website has a focus on business world needs, any age can enjoy the site and what it has to offer. Such as different backgrounds, the cross out tool when the task is completed, or a mini screen option.

    1. Unknown User (kmcmull)

      This website might be helpful to people in the business world who travel.  They could have their to do list wherever the went, without having to worry about keeping track of a post-it.

      1. yes, we never need to carry a scheduler to see what we have to do. But i have one question. On the move,
        if i don't have any notebook, can't i use this tool any more?...of course i know it is really natural, but i wonder if i can connect "doitdoitdone" with cellphone like this kind of things.

        1. Unknown User (ssteinha)

          Most cell phones these days are internet capable, therefore, this site can be accessed via cell phone if needed. There is no application for phones with no internet access, however.

          1. and i think cellphone has the todolist function already, so do not need to connect this tool with cellphone.., isn't it?
            i change my mind right now, anyway i really thank your reply (smile)

  4. Unknown User (wilso130)

    Another way this site could be useful for elementry students could be that a teacher could have set aside time to have each student make a To Do list on this site of their homework for the night. This way a parent or guardian could see the list from the internet, that can be accessed from anywhere, and not have to worry about their child forgetting their planner and not knowing what homework to do. Also they can make sure they help their child complete all their work.

    1. Unknown User (kmcmull)

      This idea can also work for high school kids who don't want to carry around a planner.  They can quickly jot down their assignments online, then check it out again when they get home.

  5. Unknown User (wilso130)

    This site could also help students with learning disabilities to keep them more organized. Students who maybe have trouble writing clearly or need large print could type out lists for each class and then print them in large print and then they do not have to worry about writing in a small box of a planner.

    1. Unknown User (ssteinha)

      Going along with this, parents might find it helpful to create and print a reader friendly list of things to do for students who prefer to see things typed out. For students with disabilities it may be easier to read and understand with typed letters and larger font. This website is a great way for their parents to let them know what is expected of them coming up.

  6. Unknown User (wilso130)

    This would also be a good tool for teachers to type up the things the students need to complete within a class period and then project it onto the screen and it is clear for the entire class to read.

  7. Unknown User (lcompto)

    This website works by allowing users to make a personal to do list.  This could be for personal use or lists that many people need to follow.  This certain website allows you to access your list at anytime with the click of a button, as long as  you have the internet.  Do it Do it Done allows you to share it with people by sending them a link to see your list.

  8. Unknown User (lcompto)

    Do it Do it Done is a perfect for educational use.  Teachers can share information and jobs with other faculty.  This is nice for teachers to communicate on what needs to be done in their department, and this helps show them what has been done and what sitll needs to be done.  This website is also good for parental use.  Parents can keep track of what their kids need to do for assignments and to keep up in class.  This can be used just for a teachers reference, they can use it to prepare lesson plans.  They can have a list of what needs to be on a day to day basis for what will be happening in their classroom.

  9. Unknown User (lcompto)

    Do it Do it done is also nice to have at home.  Many people make "to do" lists on paper and loose them and end up having to make several lists.  With using this website people only have to make one, and it wont be lost.  It can be used at work , too.  If you make a list at home but need to access it at work  you can on the internet.

  10. Unknown User (kmcmull)

    Do it, Do it, Done can also work for college kids. It would be helpful on prolonged projects such as the one we're working on now.  You can organized the steps of the project into weekly or daily tasks.

  11. Unknown User (jcarrill)

    Imagine a world where teachers could easily remeber what he or she was suppose to bring into class the next day, imagine a world where  teachers and students alike could have a portable list with any internet friendly phone. Oh yeah thats the world I want to live in. With Do it Do it Done, the world can rest at ease because students and teachers will have the ability to have a list for whatever he or she needs any time any place.

  12. Unknown User (jcarrill)

    Imagine a world where teachers could easily remeber what he or she was suppose to bring into class the next day, imagine a world where  teachers and students alike could have a portable list with any internet friendly phone. Oh yeah thats the world I want to live in. With Do it Do it Done, the world can rest at ease because students and teachers will have the ability to have a list for whatever he or she needs any time any place.

  13. Unknown User (jcarrill)

    Sorry about the double message, another thing that is awesome about do it do it done is that the makers of the website read emails and are open for comments about the site, and maybe even ways to improve it.

  14. Unknown User (jthomack)

    I think that Do it, Do it, Done can be a great tool for everyone.  Kids from elementary up to adults that just have daily things to do, it can be a great tool to just allow them to make To Do lists and get everything done.

    1. but in my book, "doitdoitdone" is more proper to kids because the design of tool is really cute and this tool has very simple functions. I'm just telling you what I think.

  15. Unknown User (jcarrill)

    I have been using the website for my homework, and made a seperate list for my grocery list, and also made a list for my random things to get done around the house. It's AWESOME! Do it do it done is a great website for students and teachers alike. I am going to try to get some of my friends to use the website to get some "civilian" feedback for our project!

    1. Unknown User (jthomack)

       I have also used it for some homework and I think it is AWESOME as well.  It really helps with putting you things to do in a nice clean order.  It allows you to make sure you have everything done you had on the list.  It also prevents you from just cluttering to-do's on a random piece of paper that you could lose.

      1. Unknown User (ssteinha)

        I agree 100%... probably the best aspect of Do it Do it Done is the fact that you cannot lose this list!! If I had a dollar for every post-it note I left places when they were meant to be with me...

  16. Unknown User (lcompto)

    According to an article from, organizing your schedule by making to do lists keeps you more organized and stress free.  It gives you a way to keep things realistic and prioritize what needs to be done.  Do it Do it Done lets you do this by making to do lists, you could do a weekly one so you always are on schedule and are constantly organized.

  17. Unknown User (jthomack)

    Do it, Do it, Done makes it a quick and easy way of make a very simple to do list.  It helps you in being very organized and staying one step ahead.  Parents can have them to keep track on their kids and children can have them to keep track of all their homework.

  18. i've never used "doit doit done", so i don't know exactly what it is and how we can use this program more easily.
    but i read you guys comments, i feel it is really useful learning tool and makes students study more easy. in my country korea, we also have lots of education tools like this.
    after more studying and using this,i'll add comments more.

  19. I think the funcion - send this list's url- is really good idea. Kids can share their checklist between their friend, parents and teachers more easily. if they want to show thier teacher the todolist, they just click that button and send that list to teachers
    ' e-mail without printing and handing in that directly. it also save lots of papers, in my opinion, this tool is an eco-friendly program. !

  20. hi guys (smile)
    i have one question about using the doitdoitdone

    i was searching the site and i saw this function "blog your"
    so i clicked that button and poped up this..
    <script src=""> </script>

    how can i attach this into my blogs and use?
    when i copy and paste it, have to i change and add some words?
    please help me ! (big grin)

  21. Unknown User (lcompto)


    The purpose of Do it Do it Done is to give people an easy accesible to do list.  It is run and supported by the company bluejava.  Do it Do it Done lets you create as many lists as needed, so you can stay organized.  Do it Do it Done realizes that this is supposed to help simplfy stress in your life, so they made the start process stress free but having no registration information.  There isn't any sign up steps you have to go through, its free!  Overall this website is made to help bussinesses, familes, classrroms, and individuals who need a to do list.

    Information from

  22. Unknown User (lcompto)


    First go to (remember, no registration of log in needed!)

    This will take you to the main page, to make your own list click on the icon at the bottom of the page that says "make fresh new list."  Once you are here its time to make your list.  Pick a title and start typing it into the list.  Add in the jobs that need to be done, and you can also change the background of your list!  Once youre list is created make sure you save your work, then write down the URL so you can access it.  Now start getting your to do list done! Once you have a task finished cross it off!  Once you've completed your's time to start a new one.  Go through the same process and enjoy!

    information from

    1. oh my god, i really appreciate you
      your help is very good for me and i can understand how i use this function!
      thanks. (smile)

    2. ohoh thank you very much!!(tongue)

      now i can understand what is doitdoitdone and how to use it for your help.

  23. Unknown User (sbarret)

    Relation to Other Applications

    Bla- bla list, Remeber the Milk, Vodoo. All are to-do list websites just with different formats.

  24. Hi guys

    I have a question for you

    you said to me that our part of the project is seeing how this website can be incorporated in international situations,
    so we have checked this tools we talked to each other how we can this is incorporated or applied to in our, korea' situation. 
    so we're going to study this tools and find the good points of this and the points to be more improved.

    then in this process, it is okey to compare a America versions of 'do it do it done' with a korea version?

    Help us please !(red star)

  25. Hi ~

    I have a question!

    I found to do list program "Finish it" made by korean.

    It's not website but program that need to install on computer.

    can i use this program as example for this doitdoitdone project?

    1. Unknown User (sbarret)

      That should work just fine. Just make sure you can explain the program thourghly!!