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Do It, Do It, Done

Researchers: ALL OF US! we all are going to be contributing to this part so that we have as much useful information as possible.

Writers: It will be primarily Sam Steinhaus, while we are researching and later on in the project phase more will be assigned.

Marketing/ Presenting: Jose Carrillo,

Connectors: Brooke Wilson, Josh Thomack

Evaluators: We should all be proofreading our work and make sure it meets the requirements, but Kieran McMullen will be in charge of that part.

Instructional Designer: Laura Compton, and anyone else that can help out instructional designs.

* This list is not final and we will all be assigned to multiple jobs as the project progresses.

Though assigned to a specific job, everyone should be helping out as much as possible throughout the different stages of the project.

Josh- 1) Marketing 2) Connector

Laura- 1) Instructional Designers 2) Writer

Sam- 1) Writer 2) Help Out with Instructional Design

Kieran- 1) Evaluator 2) Lesson Plans 3) Writer

Jose- 1) Presentor 2) Lesson PLans

Brooke- 1) Connector 2) Marketing

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