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 Created By: Ryan O'Dell, Kellie Coval, Kayla McCurdy, Sonia Ritchie, Steve Schreck, Eda Usta, Yasemin Demirtas, Leyla Kizilirmak

What is the Purpose of do.Oh?">What is the Purpose of do.Oh?

The site that this wiki describes is the task list creator Do.Oh. The website is This website was created by XOXCO which is a website creating team which has also created many other web2.0 products. For a list of these products you can click on the link on the top of the Do.Oh home page. Do.Oh is a simple task list creator.

Who uses do.Oh?">Who uses do.Oh?

This website was created for the user to be able to make an account which can be used to create to-do lists. These lists can be changed daily for what things are needed to be done each day. The lists can also include chores which will appear for the specified number of days and intervals. These lists are also added to a journal which shows any past activities completed.

Below is a snap shot of the home page to Do.Oh


Table of Contents


I.1 Development
I.2 How do.Oh works
I.3 Getting More Out of do.oh


How do.Oh relates to other applications
II.1 Comparison to Competitors
II.2 Unique Uses


Real World Application
III.1 Educational Lesson Plans
III.2 Business/Industry


How do.Oh is used internationally



I. History">I. History

I.1 Development">I.1 Development

From Ben Brown, The Creator of Do.Oh:"I built do.Oh because I was frustrated with all of the other todo list applications available - they have too many features which cause me to feel stressed out about organizing my todo lists. I have enough things to organize!  I just wanted a simple way to keep myself moving forward on a day to day basis.  I wanted to be able to snooze items so that I wouldn't have to be reminded of the things I wasn't going to get done today. My company, XOXCO, makes web apps. I have been making web apps since 1996, when I got my first static IP address in my dorm room at the University of Maryland.   I made a dating website a few years ago called which I then sold to CNET Networks (now owned by CBS)  I like to make fun, simple stuff - I am, at heart, a hacker, and I am still amazed that I can write a few lines of code and have people all over the world using my creation."
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I.2 How do.Oh Works">I.2 How do.Oh Works

How Does it Work?To start using this application you need to go to the webpage .   You will come to the main screen and on the right hand side you will see an email and password box.  Simply put in a valid email and create a password and click Create Your Account.  From there you will come to a home page.  To type a task click on the blue box that says “What do you need to do?”  from there you can type in a task.  Simply click “Do It” and it will go to your list of things to do below. 

Below are snap shots explaining how to use do.Oh:

The journal will keep track of what you have done.  If you complete an item it will go into the journal so you can view your completed activities. 

You can add a chore by clicking on the “chores” tab at the top of the screen.  You can choose to do the chore on a certain day or just once in a while.  Choose the day you want to complete the chore and type in the chore.  Click save and it is as easy as that. 

You can click on account at the top of the screen and add do.Oh to your Facebook or add a Twitter handle. 

You can also add this app to your smart phone.   You can go to to do this.   

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I.3 Getting More Out of do.Oh">I.3 Getting More Out of do.Oh

There are no previous uses of this site for any educational value yet. There is however other similar sites which have been used. In order to find these sites you can look at any other previous web 2.0 tool which is also located under the same category as this one.
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II. How do.Oh relates to other Applications">II. How do.Oh relates to other Applications

II.1 Comparisons to Competitors">II.1 Comparisons to Competitors

Do.oh is different than other applications out there. It is much more simpler and straight to the point than other "to-do" applications.  Its main focus is not all of the separate tools that other to-do lists have, they want to focus on the getting things done and that is what it's all about.  Do.Oh doesn't use calendars like others because its too complicated, do.Oh is all about simplicity and getting things done efficiently. It does, however, work in conjunction with other applications like Twitter and Facebook.

Below is a table with other Web 2.0 Tools being compared to do.oh's application:



Ta-da List














Repeating Tasks




Email Reminders




iPhone Support




Twitter Support




Adapts to a 
Calendar System




Simple and Easy 
to use




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II.2 Unique Uses">II.2 Unique Uses

There are a variety of ways of using this application that makes do.Oh very unique and easy to use. One unique use of this application is that once you store an item to do for the day on the to do list, you can have it show up every time on that day instead of trying to store it repeatedly every time on those days. Like if it were a chore to do on Thursday and you want it listed on your to do list every Thursday, you can store it so it will show up every Thursday so that you don't forget. Another unique use for do.Oh is that it can ask you random questions throughout the day that takes polls on whether you prefer something else over another. Do.Oh is not a very complicated application to use. It is nothing like those other applications that make you have to add friends or tag people in order to interact with others. This application is very unique because it is very simple and easy to use unlike other applications out there. This application lets you actually check off things to do as you go rather than spending more time out of your day trying to organize what you have to do for that day. It also allows you to use a calendar system that you have on another website if you wish to have your to do list in an orderly manner.    
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III. Real World Applications">III. Real World Applications

III.1 Educational Lesson Plans">III.1 Educational Lesson Plans

Do.Oh can be used within an educational/learning situation in many different ways.  Since it is a to-do list based application, it can be used for the students while also helping the teacher.  The teacher can create a class username to give students an overall to-do list for a project.  They can also create group usernames that can be used with group projects.  This will let the teacher know how the students are progressing, while letting the students finish tasks at their own pace.  The teacher could also use do.Oh as a to-do list for his/herself.  They can create a to-do list of things to accomplish for the day or for the week or even the whole month!
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Lesson Plans

Elementary Lesson Plans
Lesson 1 - Learning Geometric Shapes
Lesson 2 - Geography using the Internet
Lesson 3 - Art and Design

Secondary Lesson Plans
Lesson 1 - Health Components of Fitness
Lesson 2 - Creating a Mystery (English and Literature)
Lesson 3 - Geometry Scavenger Hunt

Post-Secondary Lesson Plans
Lesson 1 - Decade Magazine; US History
Lesson 2 - Journal Writing in a Teaching Field Experience Class
Lesson 3 - Add a Question Do a Question

Elementary Lesson Plans:\\">
Elementary Lesson Plans:

Elementary Lesson
Plan 1

Learning Geometric Shapes




Teacher will create Do. Oh lists for students in order to learn shapes. The teacher will create a
task list for each shape in order for the students to best understand and recognize the shapes.
For example, the list would include, watch a basketball game, look at the sun, etc… What did
you notice about these things you observed? What shape appeared?

Elementary lesson plan-1.docx

Elementary lesson plan-1.pdf

Elementary Lesson
Plan 2

Geography using the Internet




Students will be able to identify what IP is by using Do.Oh. Students will be able to explain that
every internet address has a specific address. Students will be able to state that
there is a rule for addressing internet sites. Students will be able to categorize
internet addresses in terms of their addressing rules.

Geography using the Internet.docx

Geography using the Internet.pdf

Elementary Lesson
Plan 3

Art and Design




Students will be able to apply different design template to the page by using Design toolbar in
Publisher Program. Students will be able to use appropriate format and color for text with the
page layout by using Edit Menu in Publisher Program. Students will be able to apply background
to the page by using Background selection from the Insert Menu in Publisher Program. This
all takes place on a MS Publisher version of the Do.Oh website.

Art and Design.docx

Art and Design.pdf

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Secondary Lesson Plans:">Secondary Lesson Plans:

Secondary Lesson
Plan 1

Health Components of Fitness




Because Students struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of schools, this to-do list will
 help with keeping a structured schedule for the students. Class will be held in computer lab as
 students create an account. Teacher will assign Muscular Strength/Endurance,Cardiovascular
Endurance workouts and have students write down a “goal” for the week. This will give the
 teacher a class period to explain workouts in a better class setting than a gym but also give
a chance for students to create a different and “fun” way to complete an assignment. Lesson
will act more or like an assignment notebook to keep the students accountable for workouts.

^Health Components of Fitness.docx

^Health Components of Fitness.pdf

Secondary Lesson
Plan 2

Creating a Mystery (English and Literature)




The students will work in groups to create a mystery movie or novel.  They will develop a plot,
story line, and follow guidelines given to them by the teacher.  The students will use do.Oh
as their to-do list to keep the students on track and keep them progressing. A general to-do
list will be given to the class and they will add personal group chores to their do.Oh list.
The teacher will keep track of their progress by logging into their  group account as well. The
filming will be done outside of class time. Research and writing will be done in class.

^Creating a Mystery.docx

^Creating a Mystery.pdf

Secondary Lesson
Plan 3

Geometry Scavenger Hunt




In this activity, students will team up and use the do.Oh application on an iPhone to complete
tasks in a scavenger hunt style. The students will find a task to complete on do.Oh and will
complete this task in order to receive the next task. The students will use the task list as a
database for tasks. The activities can be exchanged yearly for a different experience. This
lesson plan uses geometry but any course could be substituted.

Geometry Scavenger Hunt.docx

Geometry Scavenger Hunt.pdf

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Post SecondaryLesson Plans:">Post Secondary Lesson Plans:


Post-Secondary Lesson
Plan 1

Decade Magazine; US History


The focus is keeping the students on track for this semester long project. The student
groups will be creating a magazine on a specific decade. They will need to keep up
with assignments by using do.Oh to-do lists. The students will work in groups to find
photos, create articles, and make charts. They will need to research, write, and create
a decade magazine.

Decade Magazine; US History.docx

Decade Magazine; US History.pdf

Post-Secondary Lesson
Plan 2

Journal Writing in a Teaching Field Experience Class


The students will be completing field experience in elementary age classrooms. They
will then journal about it each week in essay format. The students will be required to
use do.Oh as a to-do list to remember these journal assignments. The teacher will
create an account for each student. The students will then be able to track due dates
on their own.

Post Secondary Lesson Plan 2.docx

Post Secondary Lesson Plan 2.pdf

Post-Secondary Lesson
Plan 3

Add a Question Do a Question


In this activity, students will use do.Oh as a tool to practice how to do online and
off-line research, as well as practice making simple, difficult, and complex questions.

Add a question Do a question.docx

Add a question Do a question.pdf

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III.2 Business/Industry">III.2 Business/Industry

Do.Oh could be used as a great tool for business/industry training in many ways. It can be used to look for hardworking employees, create to-do lists for these trainings, and keep everyone in check.  A business could look for hardworking employees by having each person create a to-do list on do.Oh.  They could then check for thorough to-do lists and organization. Also, the business could create an over-all to-do list for the whole training session for everyone to complete.  By requiring every employee to create a do.Oh account and make to-do lists, the company will ensure that everyone is working hard and achieving goals to better the company in the future. Another example of how do.Oh could be used as a great tool for business/industry would be for Construction Workers. Workers who have assignments to do and may have a hard time remembering what to do or when to do it, will be able to type in their to do list the task that they have to complete. By doing this they will be able to know when they must complete the task or they can snooze the task so that they can complete it later. The Construction Workers will be able to process all of this on their iphones or by using twitter when they are out in the construction zone areas.

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IV. How do.Oh is used Internationally ">IV. How do.Oh is used Internationally 

Students who attend college in Turkey told us: do.Oh is an application that is not used in our country. The main reason it is not used is because of the language barrier. The application does not provide other languages for the peoples whose mother tongue is not English. However, that does not mean that this application cannot be used in other of countries. Since its usage is easy and not as complicated as similar sites, it is preferable for the foreign students and business people. Students and business people would prefer this site because they understand English more so than others. They can easily use the application at their school and businesses to organize their lives.

By participating in this project we see that even beginning English speakers would thrive from working with this site. It is simple and easy to use which is why it would be good for all learners. There is not a special application of do.Oh for other countries; therefore we believe they should create it incorporating other world languages to accommodate to more people.

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Picture above adapted from:

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V. References \\">V. References 

[1] "Do.Oh Now with fewer options!" 25 Mar. 2010. <>. 

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Do.Oh Research Page
Do.Oh Group Member Introduction Page


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