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Dropvine (Click link to return to main WIKI page)

*This page provides a general outline to assist in the organization of research topics related to your assigned Web 2.0 Application.

Web 2.0 Formatting Examples:

1) Plurk

2) Facebook Chat

I. History

[Mark Schmitt]

Dropvine is an online web 2.0 technology that allows it's users to share links they have come across on the internet.  Dropvine was made
using the PHP web programming language, and was launched on Sunday, April 12, 2009. [] [RP1]

Dropvine is a way to share cool web links to friends in a matter of seconds.  Users can comment on the shared links, as well as view them even without a dropvine account. [][RP2]

Dropvine's server is located in Atlanta, Georgia  and as of today, March 28, 2010, is estimated to be worth 1554.90 USD (United States Dollars).[][RP3]

[Jacob Bright]

Dropvine was first launched on April 12,2009.  []  [RP3]

II. How "Dropvine" Relates to other Applications

[Whitney Wheeler]

Dropvine is similar to other applications such as Facebook. Facebook is used for networking, keeping in touch with friends, and now several other applications that have been added. With dropvine you are able to share links between friends. On facebook they allow web link sharing and posting on other people’s facebooks. Both applications share information and links between friends. [] [RP1]

Link Market is another application similar to Dropvine. It has been around since 2003. Link Market grew from a small link exchange website to a giant link exchange market place. Webmasters from around the world found and made partnerships with other webmasters through link exchange.[] [RP2]

StumbleUpon allows people to add friends to their site and share links, like Dropvine. “The basic idea of each social link community is that people share their discovered links with others via the Internet. Actually it’s only allowed to send those links to your social community friends. Having a lot of friends with the same interest like yourself is something very valuable to generate a lot of traffic to your website or weblog.” [] [RP3]

III. Real World Application

[Nick Spegal]

Ability to use as a bookmarklet, allowing quick and easy sending of the current page being viewed. [] [RP 1]

Can still be sent to those who don't have an account. They will still receive a notification email the first time. [] [RP 2]

Those who aren't signed up and wish to no longer receive links from Dropvine can permanently unsubscribe from being emailed. [Dropvine Accounts. "Fwd: Link received from" Forwarded notification email. 24 March 2010. E-mail.] [RP 3]

 [Shelby Lesko]

You are able to share links on the web with your friends and they don't even need to be signed up. The inbox will be created automatically when you send them a link. They will also get an email notification.



  • Share cool web links you come across in few seconds.
  • No toolbar installation required, just bookmarklet
  • Your friends don’t need to sign up first to get the links.
  • Commenting on the shared links is allowed.


Dropvine was created to speed up the process of sending a link to one or multiple people. This only takes about five seconds.


IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

 [Lizette Sandoval]

Dropvine is a helpful tool that can send links directly to friends. When a person may discover content that a friend will be interested in they can send the link right through dropvine. [] [RP 1]

The educatiojnal value here is that, if for example, a person needs specific information on a certain topic, friends can help and send them important links for their research through dropvine. 

 [Lizette Sandoval]

Dropvine can be of great use and valuable to some people because the program is basically a great tool for sharing information with friends. Also dropvine will give people a great web experience. [] [RP 2]   

[Lizette Sandoval]

Dropvine allows for commenting on links, and therefore friends can either thank you for the great information you have passed along, or they can also let you know  the link you have sent is not of good use for them.] [RP3]

[Lizette Sandoval]

Simple tools that can help extend the surf and search capabilities of Firefox and Explorer web browsers are bookmarklets. The Dropvine bookmarklets allows quick sending of a current page you are viewing. For example: Youtube [] [RP4]

[Jacob Bright]

When you send a link to someone through Dropvine, it shows up in their Dropvine inbox and their email inbox, so they don't have to be logged on to Dropvine to view it.  []  [RP1]

If your friends don't have a Dropvine account, they will still recieve the links you send them.  Their Dropvine inbox gets created automatically for them.  []  [RP2]

V. How "Dropvine" is used Internationally

-Provide examples and/or information about how this application can be used in countries outside of the United States.

 VI. References

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