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  • EDCI 270- Diigo Job Aid
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Name & Website:

Type of Web 2.0 Tool:

Diigo is an online bookmarking tool.

Purpose of the Application:

One can use this site to:

  1. Highlight parts of websites to be saved to their Diigo account.
  2. Create sticky notes on any website and also save those to their account.
  3. Bookmark a website to their account.
  4. Create group-based collaborative research.
  5. Use Diigo as a personal learning network.

Video on how to use Diigo:

Examples of how this Web 2.0 application can be used in a classroom:

  • Can be used to have students read/research texts and take notes on them.
  • Students can create blogs and communicate with their teachers and classmates about assignments or have their blogs be the assignment.
  • Teacher can have students post their notes and comments to their Diigo account and look them up to see that they are actually doing the work and putting in effort.
  • Group discussions.
  • Students can create documents and add pictures on Diigo.

Lesson Plan 1:

This first lesson plan is one I used for Workout 1 with Diigo incorporated into it. It’s over the short story “A Rose for Emily.” The students read the story, find it online, take notes and send them to Diigo, and use it to have online discussion.

Lesson Plan 2:

This second lesson plan is also used in Workout 1, but I added and changed the lesson plan to use Diigo. It’s over the short story “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.” The students read the story, create skits, and do peer evaluations on Diigo.

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