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EasySite Research Page 



Easysite is an online application which allows people with little to no specific computer programming skills to create personal or professional websites that are free of ads, making Easysite a family-friendly alternative to Facebook and Myspace by allowing users a fun way to share pictures and connect with family and friends. Additionally, your personal Easysite page is private only to you and other followers to whom you grant permission, keeping it secure from search engines. You can choose a “free” package or you can upgrade your package to include more options on your website. These features, in combination with dozens of design templates, allow you to personalize your unique Easysite webpage with pictures, videos, blogs, and more, all of which is entirely yours; Easysite does not claim ownership of anything posted on your website. With Easysite Plus you can publish an unlimited number of pages, include as many voting topics as you want, and upload photo galleries! There is no software to download, no programing language to learn, and no hassle in creating your fun and safe Easysite page!

There are many reasons to use

  • Free to start
  • Easy to use
  • Free telephone support
  • Safe and secure
  • NO ads
  • NO spam
  • You can cancel anytime

This makes it perfect for creating class websites, or any type of website in general.


Steve Sivulka started programming at age 11 so that he could learn how to design video games. Today, Sivulka specializes in website development, software design, and web based training as the CEO, senior software engineer, and owner of the consulting firm Akluvis. Sivulka is also the founder of, which sold in 2005. Sivulka and his wife Dianne started their flagship site,, in 2005 after having difficulties updating their family website while on vacation in Italy. They realized that it was too much hassle to manually update the website, and created Easysite so that other families could easily create websites. “From day one we created Easysite as a family-friendly website builder with safety and security in mind.”


How to Use It:

The Easy Site web design tool works from anywhere that you have access to the Internet.

  1. To begin using the site you must create an account with EasySite. This option is available in the upper right hand corner of the main site (Sign Up Now>> button).
  2. After previewing the packages available, you must make a selection of what package most suits your needs.
  3. The site must then be activated through your email account.After it has been activated it can be changed and personalized from the administration page.
  4. The look, or template, of the site can be changed from the administration page as well as the title of the website and who is allowed to change/add or view the site.
  5. These multiple templates allow the user to mold their website to their personal taste.Picture albums can be created and edited on the page.
  6. They also provide example websites to give users ideas: Example Family Websites

EasySite also has tutorial videos online: Easysite Tutorial

There also is a support phone number: 877 8-EASYSITE (877 832-7974)

Some features included (dependent upon package):

  • Newspage: allows the user to post recent news
  • Phote editing/uploading: number of photos uploaded is dependent upon the package. But all packages allow some amount of picture posting to share with other users. After uploading photos, you can make your photo black and white, reduce red eye, and edit the images with a number of other options.
  • Audio/Video uploading: allows the user to share video and audio clips. (amount dependent on package)
  • Message board: allows the user to create discussion topics and allows other users to communicate with user under the topic
  • Calendar: allows the user to update others on upcoming events
  • Blog: the user is capable of creating journal entries to share with others
  • Chatroom: allows the user to chat with others live
  • Background music: user is able to incorporate music into the backdrop of their website
  • Domain name: some members, dependent on package, are capable of picking their own domain name
  • Survey page: the user is capable of polling others about various topics that they are interested in
  • Email form page: others will be able to contact the website owner through email via their easysite or to sign up for something
  • Email Blast: allows the user to send mass emails to all the users on their easysite
  • File sharing: allows the user to share data with others through their easysite
  • Online store/shopping cart: users with higher level packages can actually set up a store that allows them to sell products online
  • Print Order reports: shows the user how many orders have been placed via their easysite and how much they profited in the past month.

How does Relate to Other Applications?: 

Easysite is similar to applications like Webnode and Sauropol in the sense that it allows a user with little knowledge of programming to create a website. All websites offer various packages that have different levels of website capabilities. There is also a "free trial" option for each website which allows the user to experience the tool before deciding to make a purchase. They are very simple and quick to use. Easysite, however, offers a larger variety of packages with several options that the others don't include such as a online shopping option. All of these applications offer a news update feature, media uploading, and a blogging feature.


Business Websites  

Family Websites

Team Websites

Classroom Websites

EasySite could be used as a class website. A link could be provided for each student, and each student could be capable of creating their own page pertaining to the content the teacher would like them to post.Another example of a EasySite being used inside of a classroom could be for a field trip follow up page, where teachers can go in and make a picture slide show illustrating what the children experienced during their field trip so as to incorporate parents into their children’s activites.A teacher could make a course webpage that lists all the kids’ homework assignments, and upcoming events. This site would also be used by the student’s parents, and inform them on the homework their child needs to be doing.

Packages Available:

 There are different levels of features you can access (by price). The free template does not include things such as discussion boards, chat rooms, music, etc, and is limited in the amount of pictures, member numbers who can interact, and audio files you can utilize.

You can find these packages on their site: Features and Pricing
EasySite offers 4 packages:

  • There is the free package that is a sample site for people to try out EasySite. This package has a five picture limit, and two video limit, and two audio file limit. It also allows unlimited visitors, three members (who can post items), a new page, and a calendar with reminders.
  • EasySite also offers a Standard website package that has a free 30-day trial. After the 30-day free trial the package is $4.95 a month or $49.95 for a year. With the standard package you get 1,000 pictures, twenty five videos, twenty five audio files, unlimited visitors, twenty five members, a news page, a calendar with reminders, a message board, a Family & Friends page, a blog/online journal, a guestbook, a chatroom, links page, background music, and email blast.
  • The EasySite also offers a Premium website package which includes 3,000 pictures, 125 videos, 125 audio files, unlimited visitors, 500 members, a news page, a calendar with reminders, a message board, a Family & Friends page, a blog/online journal, a guestbook, a chatroom, links page, background music, email blast, the use of a domain name, customize your site look, a survey page, an email form page, a file sharing page, an online store with a shopping cart, a visitor counter, five additional “free” pages. The premium package also offers a 30day free trial, but after the trial it is $10.95 a month or $114.95 a year.
  • The Last package that EasySite offers is the Photography business website, which also offers a 30-day free trial. The package offers 5,000 pictures, 150 videos, 150 audio files, unlimited visitors, and 1,000 members. The package offer all of the previously mentioned features along with the ability to sell prints and merchandise and set own prices, assign access codes to albums, client photo rating, watermark pictures, print order reports, option to self-fulfill orders, and generate contact sheets with ratings. This package is $24.95 a month or $249.95 for a year, after the 30-day trial.

Video Tutorials:

The video below explains how easy and fun it is to make and use EasySite.  It also explains many of the features that are offered on EasySite.

  The video below has EasySite users explains how easy it is to use EasySite and what they like best about the site.

The video below explains how to get started once you set up your EasySite account.  It also explains how to use many of the features that come with having an EasySite.

Education Lesson Plans:

Elementary Lesson Plans:

Below are examples of educational lesson plans for that incorporate EasySite into education. These lesson plans are for use at the elementary school level.
 Animal Alphabet:
Download: word  pdf
Personal Webpage:
Download: word  pdf
Label Your Body:
Download: word  pdf

Story of the Solar System:

Download: word pdf

Secondary Lesson Plans:

Below are examples of educational lesson plans for that incorporate EasySite into education. These lesson plans are for use at the secondary school level.
Genetic Mutation:
Download: word  pdf
Download: word   pdf
Technology & Our Website:
Download: word  pdf


Download: word  pdf

Presidential Election of 1860:

Download: word  pdf

Pythagorean Theorem:

Download: word  pdf

Post-Secondary Lesson Plans: 

Below are examples of educational lesson plans for that incorporate EasySite into education. These lesson plans are for use at the secondary school level.
Population Growth:
Download: word  pdf 

Download: word  pdf 

Identification of Trees and Leaves:
Download: word  pdf


Millions and millions of people use the internet daily to find products and services. With the increasing popularity of internet advertising and marketing, EasySite wants to help make businesses take advantage of the opportunity to appeal to a global market. In the early days of the internet, having a website was an; having a professionally designed and optimized website has become the minimum standard. Whether it is a website for personal, business or corporate use, you will find many web programmers out there, but very few who will build a website that loads fast, is coded up to standards, is viewable across all popular browsers and operating system platforms, and creates an online presence that represents the heart of your business in a way that effectively reaches your target audience. Many companies are using the web to make sites for their own companies such as one of the examples on EasySite which is a construction site. Not only can you make a website for large companies but you can also make them for a small photography business. Or businesses can have new employees access the website for more information on the company or explore what their tasks will be. Either way EasySite is very beneficial for the business world and industry training.

Business Websites

  • Create your own custom "home" page
  • Create your own online store in seconds
  • Easy to use, safe, and affordable

Global Perspective:

There is no real difference between the ways in which you would use EasySite in a different country.  There are also no unique features of the application that may be more relevant to those outside the United States. However, EasySite could be used in an international aspect in two ways:

  1. For a more school-related aspect, EasySite could be used for foreign exchange students. It could be used to post information about what they have been learning through their time in the different country.  It would allow them to post projects through a link on the site so their teacher in their home country could easily access it and see what they have been up to.  Finally, it could be used to post pictures from trips they take to important historical sites with information that they researched below it that can be used to educate whoever visits the site.
  2. It could be used as a family controlled site so that the student that has gone overseas will be able to stay in touch with his or her family with what he or she has been up to.  It would allow them to post pictures about various events as well as writing certain information on it that can be read by whomever.  The username and password would need to be given to everyone in the family so they can also add information and photos about what they have been up to so the family circle can stay in touch better through this visual information about each other's lives.


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