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This page contains information on how TeacherTube can be utilized in an educational setting.

Questions to be addressed:

-What general ways can TeacherTube be utilized for learning?

TeacherTube is a forum for educational videos or videos regarding professional development for educators. These videos explore a multitude of different subjects, and members may "tag" their videos to appear in searches with specific key words. 

These videos may help users by:

     -Walking the user through a tutorial

     -Teaching the user a new skill/hobby

     -Offering new teaching ideas to educators of a specific topic

     -Performing demonstrations when teachers/users do not have the experience, materials, or the funds to perform them live

     -Highlighting ideas, materials, methods that other students have used to help accomplish different projects


-What features of TeacherTube help learning to occur?

The most valuable characteristic of TeacherTube is the fact that it is a free site that is open and accessible to the public. This allows anyone to access the site, search for a specific term, tag, subject, or topic and explore the videos that have been uploaded based on those search words.

In addition, TeacherTube includes a mechanism for users and members to "flag" inappropriate material. This is also a very important feature of TeacherTube because it helps ensure the educational validity of the videos posted and viewed on the site. Flagged videos are reviewed, and any inappropriate material is subsequently removed from the site. This allows students, teachers, and parents to access videos and refer others to videos without as much trepidation about accidentally encountering illicit or inappropriate material on the site.  

TeacherTube runs fairly smoothly on most computers and internet connections, and users do not need expensive or elaborate hardware or software to be able to access the information. Sometimes users may need to wait for a video to load, and that may take some time. However, once the video is loaded the user should experience less problems with the quality of the display.

Finally, TeacherTube offers a very nice, comprehensive "FAQ" section that covers many of the problems that may occur throughout the process of searching, commenting, creating, or uploading different videos. Additionally, if the "Help" section is not able to solve or locate the problem that the user is experiencing, TeacherTube offers contact information to which to refer additional comments or concerns regarding the site.


-What other materials would a person need to utilize TeacherTube for learning?

Users would need a computer, internet connection, and speakers in some cases. If a teacher wanted to assign a project for student to post to TeacherTube they would need materials to create that video in addition to a computer and internet connection. Videos may be created in a variety of different ways, however, and the diversity of TeacherTube is an excellent example!

Separate pages:
-How can TeacherTube be utilized in an elementary educational/learning situation?
-How can TeacherTube be utilized in a secondary educational/learning situation?
-How can TeacherTube be utilized in a post secondary educational/learning situation?
-How can TeacherTube be utilized in a business/industry educational/learning situation?

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  1. Unknown User (arobbins)

    Hi guys,

     I started a brainstorming section about how (in general) TeacherTube may help people learn. If you have any other ideas please add them to the bulleted list above!

  2. I was actually searching about the features of TeacherTube and as you know, the difference TeacherTube has from Youtube is that it has some protection to keep out the bad things by 'Flagging' bad things. I think this helps the learnig as Ashley added but at the same time, this could be a unique feature of TeacherTube, too. How do you think about this?(smile)

    1. Unknown User (arobbins)

      Hi Sangmi,

      That is an excellent idea. Right now, we do not have a specific page for JUST unique features of TeacherTube. There is a comment in the research page about the video contest that TeacherTube sponsors, and maybe we can put this information with it? What do you think Sangmi? Everyone else?

      1. I think that would be nice(smile)

  3. Unknown User (ccjones)

    I agree with Sangmi on highlighting some of features on TeacherTube. I think that being able to flag posted items that seem inappropriate or aren't creditable is a strong feature on TeacherTube. It maintains the credibility and reputation of the site.

    We as a group could highlight features on TeacherTube by comparing and contrasting a popular site's features such as YouTube to TeacherTube. I think Ashley listed great ways TeacherTube can be benefitial to teachers and students. One of the benefits that I find is most important is ,"Performing demonstrations when teachers/users do not have the experience, materials, or the funds to perform them live." Many schools do not have the funding to provide students with the most effective way of demonstration. TeacherTube provides students with information that they are not provided in the classroom. Sites such as TeacherTube provide an enriching educational resource for students who otherwise due to insufficient school districts would not experience in the classroom.

  4. Unknown User (ddummel)

    This information looks good! I am signing off on it!

  5. Unknown User (arobbins)

    I read through it again, too, and I am signing off for the editor portion of the initial draft.