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Lesson Plan 1

Objective – Students will read a story in class over a few weeks such as Charlotte’s Web or the    Wizard of Oz. After completion of the story, students will then go onto to presently for homework and will have an online discussion about certain main themes from the story and what they think certain things represent. The teacher will provide the question for discussion and then have them make an initial response to the question given and then also make comments on other people’s responses. Once a certain topic feels like it has been exhausted, the teacher will put the next question online for discussion.

Learning – The students will learn all about the main themes of the story and characters and certain things such as plot and anything else the teacher wants them to learn about by having to respond to posed questions and then see what others responded to the same question and make comments on them.

Students – The students for this example will be 4thgraders.

Materials – Computer, story book, account, internet access.

Standards –

Procedures – 1) Read the story with the students in class over the period of a few weeks

2) Have the students take what they have learned and apply it to answering     questions about the story

3) Give a test over the same content that was on the discussion online and see how much they have learned


Evaluation – This deals with the test at the end to see that they have learned the material and that they have learned what was expected of them, and that they correctly used to express their ideas and comment on others ideas.

This can be a great way to get students to use technology to connect ideas learned from literature into web applications. If done correctly students can use this over and over with other stories and other subjects throughout the year, and it is a fun way for students to learn the material and truly master it through experience.

Weekly Webinary

Elementary Education Lesson Plan 2

Objective – Students will be able to discuss a series of topics weekly by conducting a weekly webinar session where students can provide information they have research to their classmates while the teacher provides a topic that applies to their learning.

Learning – This can all be determined by what topic the teacher decides to have the students present in their webinar, this assignment can be made like a presentation in class but will help students who get nervous in front of class do well because they can give all of their information online through this web seminar.

Students – In this case they will be 3rd grade students

Materials – Computer with internet access, account

Standards -

Procedures – 1) Present a topic a few days before the chosen day for the one hour webinar

 2) Have students present different parts of the presentation and have them do                               research to find websites and internet video clips that they wish to use in the presentation

3) On the day of your choosing when all students are free one evening, have the class present their one hour online webinar communicating ideas and giving their presentations

Evaluation – Students can be graded on this assignment by their ability to find and research information to discuss and cover in the presentation, and how they present it to their classmates, as well as the comments that the students make on each others presentations in a peer evaluation part of the lesson.

Topics are announced in advance, enabling participants to be prepared with ideas and tools or links that they would like to share. The format utilizes a mix of video, desktop sharing, chat, and other tools to create a dynamic, interactive experience. This is an extremely effective way to evaluate students on their knowledge with no pressure of a classroom presentation, and the ability to see what they are typing on the computer rather than losing ideas in their head when communicating in class.

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