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  1. Unknown User (richarka)


    You have a great start on your lesson plans.  I would suggest you think more about your second lesson plan.  If students post their answers on Blogger, wouldn't students just copy other students' work.

  2. Unknown User (sapeck)

  3. Unknown User (sapeck)

    Subject: Social Studies Activities


    This lesson plan is an interactive social studies project.  For third graders learning about the United States. They will be assigned into teams of two and each group will have assigned two states and have to research information about each state.


    Internet for research
    Computer lab


    1. Teacher will assign each pair of partner's two states.
    2. They will start research of their assigned states.
    3. There will be checkpoints on how much information they need to have.
    4. The teacher should have already made categories of each state and when the students log on they are able to post their information in their state.
    5. At each checkpoint, they will go onto Blogger and post their research.
    6. Once the teams have posted all their information the teacher will grade it.
    7. Once each students information has been checked the teacher will take them to the computer lab and instruct them on how to make a power point.
    8. Each group will create 2-4 slides about their state.
    9. Once created the teacher will save it.
    10. The next day each group will present their information to the class.


  4. Unknown User (sapeck)

    Subject: Reading and Writing Activity


    After reading a short story, Fourth grade students will discuss the story through short written responses. They will also apply their computer skills and upload their responses on Blogger. They will engage in discussions with other students who have also read the short story. They will then have a better understanding of the material.


    The short story
    A computer with Blogger
    Paper and Pencils


    1. Teachers will distribute the short story and allow the student to read the story.
    2. Once they are done the teachers should instruct the students to take out paper and write a one page response on the story. It should include a short summary and they should describe the charters and the setting etc...
    3. One they are finished have them go to the schools computer lab and have them log in to Blogger.
    4. Once they are logged in instruct them on how to use Blogger and then have them post their responses.
    5. One they have posted their responses, they should look at the other posts from other students.
    6. They should make at least two comments on other students' posts.
    7. Once they are done with that they should print their responses and their comments on other student's responses as well.
    8. They may then log off. *This could take two days*