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Table of Contents
Background ">Background 
How It Works">How It Works
Relation to Other Applications">Relation to Other Applications
Unique Ways to Use">Unique Ways to Use
Educational Values">Educational Values
Lesson Plans">Lesson Plans
A.Elementary">A. Elementary
B.Secondary">B. Secondary
C.Post Secondary ">C. Post Secondary 
Uses in Industry  ">Uses in Industry  
International Use">International Use


I.Background ">I. Background 

Empressr is a web-based application similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.  This application is free and allows its users to create and upload slideshows online.  Empressr allows users to incorporate media (e.g. video, images, and audio) into their presentations.  One special feature of Empressr is the use of Flash to stream videos to make slideshows more dynamic by expanding its media limitations.  Developed by the Fusebox teams of New York and San Francisco, Empressr has been on the cutting edge of online media presentations since its launch on May 1, 2006. 1  2

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II. Purpose">II. Purpose

Empressr can be used to "create, manage and share rich media presentations online."  One purpose of Empressr is so that businesses and individuals can create media presentations.  Businesses can use the presentation for many things, and Empressr has charting tools and table tools that you can incorporate into your presentation.  The users do not need to know a lot about technology to use it.  You can upload videos, images, and audio to use in the slideshow presentation.  With Empressr, you can also post links to your own website, blog, twitter, etc.  The makers of Empressr wanted to "revolutionize" the creation of presentations online.  The makers created this because of the lack of other applications to do so. 1 3

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III. How It Works">III. How It Works

1. To start using Empressr, you first must create an account. 
2. After that, go to "create new" where you can upload photographs, import a PowerPoint presentation, or start from scratch.
3. Empressr works very similarly to PowerPoint. You can add any type of media and information to your presentation.
4. After adding things to your Empressr, you can add sound effects. You can rearrange your presentation as well.
5. After creating different Empressrs, you can look at all of them. All you have to do is go to the homepage and click on "My Empressrs" to view them.
6. If you want to share your presentation with others, simply send an email with a link to your Empressr, to those you want to share it with .  Viewers only need a web browser to see it.
As with all technology, Empressr has pros and cons.  A few things that still need to be improved upon include the ability to regonize all types of PowerPoint (currently, it has to be saved from the older version), and the fact that when uploading a PowerPoint presentation to Empressr, hyperlinks in the slideshow do not work and some pictures or graphics do not load correctly.  Empressr supports the following formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, MOV, SWF, and FLV.   Also, when trying to print the slideshow, it only allows one to print the slide currently on the screen.  Finally, the editing tools are limited and fairly simple, which may not be a problem for some, but for those who like fancy presentations, it will be a problem.  However, there are also advantages to using Empressr.  The biggest one is that it is easy to access, share, and comment on presentations.  It is also easy to embed video and audio, including those that you record yourself.  Another very important advantage is that Empressr is free.  So, for those who do not want to spend money on other programs, Empressr is an excellent alternative.Empressr creators can be contacted via e-mail.  The "Contact Us" tab can be used for suggestions, comments, and troubleshooting. 3 5 6 7

Empressr Tutorial:

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IV. Relation to Other Applications">IV. Relation to Other Applications

Empressr is most closely related to Microsoft PowerPoint. It allows users to create a slideshow presentation and include many different media types. Many of the features of Empressr are similar to PowerPoint such as how the slides go in order (as opposed to programs such as Powerpoint Flex in which you can present in any order allowing for flexibility).  However, the Empressr team has made some improvements. This application uses Flash to expand its features and allow for video streaming. Additionally, Empressr works in conjunction with online photo editing websites such as Flickr, Google, Yahoo, and Photobucket. This allows for users to incorporate photos from these sites seamlessly and easily.  For those who are not tech savvy, Empressr may be easier to use than other applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint.Other sites similar to Empressr have also been launched. These competing website include Zoho show, Thumbstacks, and Google Spreadsheets. All of these programs share similar features and can be used as an online media creation and sharing source. "RotoBlog" (an online blog that tests and assesses new software) rates the web-hosted Empressr software fourth place out of a possible five for the best, web-hosted alternative to the Microsoft born "PowerPoint." 1 3 8

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V. Unique Ways to Use">V. Unique Ways to Use

Empressr is the first free storytelling tool or application. Businesses can use Empressr to insert charts, use tables, and insert images on slides to make a very professional presentation. Empressr can also import pictures from online sources like , , , and . If those online sources do not have the image you want, you can use the bulit in web-cam to capture the perfect image. Empresser allows you to shoot videos or make audio sounds such as your own voice to music to liven up the presentation.
Empressr is very easy to navigate through and acts as a portal page to look up information from other websites such as , , or . The searches are really quick. Also, by using Empressr you can put your own blog into the presentation and make a good source of a visual story.  Empressr allows the creator to track who and how many people have viewed your Empressr presentation. It even captures how long a viewer interacts with each slide. 3 9
Add Twitter to your Presentation! Users now have the ability to incorporate live feedback from your audience or the world during a presentation by using Twitter. The Tweets can be moderated using our custom dashboard or set to automatically push Tweets. This is completely hashtag enabled so userscan filter Tweets containing a certain tag. Twitter also allows users to send an Empressr via a Tweet

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VI. Educational Values">VI. Educational Values

Empressr has many educational advantages.  The biggest advantage is the the fact Empressr is free to use.  Empressr works on any computer with an Internet connection.  Empressr has more features than PowerPoint or Key Note such as direct importing of YouTube videos and customization of graphics that teachers are incorportating more and more into their students' projects.  The free nature and the extensive features allow for students to create more in-depth projects for their classrooms.  Also, by allowing students to post their work online, teachers and other students can more easily access a student's work.  While no educationally related presentations currently exist, this should change as word of Empressr spreads. 
From an educational perspective students could, for example, work on projects in pairs and produce a presentation that communicates their collaborative research.  Such presentations could hypothetically be embedded into a classroom blog.  Students may peer assess their cohort's work online. Also, if a teacher in a certain department wanted all classes in that department to see a presentation, they could simply log onto Empressr instead of emailing the presentation.The considerable issue to overcome with a presentation tool such as Empressr, is the notion of ‘the cloud’. Saving students’ hard work to ‘the cloud’ (a server far away which is beyond any school or institutional control) is a risky business. The issues for education are rudimentary, although fundamental. Firstly, if a user accidentally clicks ‘back’ in their browser or closes the window unintentionally, all hard work can very quickly be lost. Furthermore, if the increasingly crucial Internet connection is temporarily lost (still very common in the home environment), work also becomes irretrievable. One more potential problem is that schools are entrusting a third party organization to store their students’ data. Media tools such as Empressr frequently vanish completely together with thousands of user profiles, including those produced by students.  Students trust teachers to support them and protect them during their learning.  A possible solution may be to use software-based programmes such as Microsoft Powerpoint to create core content and use Empressr’s excellent ‘import Powerpoint’ feature to upload students’ presentations: thereby using the Empressr tool as a hosting service. 10 14

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VII. Lesson Plans">VII. Lesson Plans

A. Elementary Lesson Plans">A. Elementary Lesson Plans

This lesson is about the food pyramid and all the different food groups within each level. One of the activities the students have to do within the lesson plan is to make a Empressr presentation that gives examples of the food they eat in the students daily lives, what level of the pyramid each belongs, and how many servings they need of each level.

Food Pyramid Lesson Plan.pdf

Food Pyramid Lesson Plan.docx

STEM-Based Elementary Lesson Plan">STEM-Based Elementary Lesson Plan

This is a lesson plan based on "real life" story problems and using mathematics to solve them. One of the activities in the lesson plan is an Empressr presentation that gives example story problems and provides helpful techniques for solving them. The second set of lesson plans, also involved realy life problems in the division department of mathematics.

Math Lesson Plan.pdf

Math Lesson Plan.docx

Math Lesson Plan Division.pdf

Math Lesson Plan Division.docx

This is a Science lesson plan about the life cycle of a caterpillar.  It incorporates an Empressr slideshow that shows the five stages, beginning with the egg and ending with the butterfly.

Caterpillar to Butterfly.pdf

Caterpillar to Butterfly.docx

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B. Secondary Lesson Plans">B. Secondary Lesson Plans

This lesson can incorporate Empressr by making short presentations about the different types of tools used in a Technology lab. It follows Project Lead-The-Way curriculum to develope Engineering/Technology Educators.

The Scroll Saw.pdf

The Scroll Saw.docx

This history lesson incorporates Empressr by using it to make presentations to deliver American and British points of view during the American Revolution.

History Lesson Plan.docx

History Lesson Plan.pdf

This lesson plan incorporates Empressr by showing students how to perform basic volleyball skills using instructional videos.

Volleyball Lesson Plan.pdf

Volleyball Lesson Plan.docx

This English lesson plan helps students better understand the play, Hamlet. Students use Empressr to upload videos on their presentations and share them with their classmates.

English Lesson Plan.pdf

English Lesson Plan.docx

STEM-Based Secondary Lesson Plan\\">STEM-Based Secondary Lesson Plan

The following attached lesson plan explores the nature of Fibonacci numbers in the natural and architectural world.  It allows students to use Empressr to present their findings.

STEM Lesson Plan.pdf

STEM Lesson Plan.docx

Science Lesson Plan.pdf

Science Lesson Plan.docx

The following lesson plan has students put toegher a time line of the universe and uses Empressr to finish the activity to keep students engaged.

Evolution of Our Solar System Lesson Plan.pdf

Evolution of Our Solar System.docx

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C. Post-Secondary Lesson Plans">C. Post-Secondary Lesson Plans

This health lesson features Empressr to create a presentation for students to recognize how to change a behavioral problem and create achievable goals.

Health Lesson Plan.pdf

Health Lesson Plan.docx

This Spanish lesson plan incorporates an Empressr slideshow to teach Ser and Estar.  After the lesson students will have a better understanding of when to use which verb.

Spanish Lesson Plan.pdf

Spanish Lesson Plan.docx

STEM-Based Post-Secondary Lesson Plan">STEM-Based Post-Secondary Lesson Plan

This science lesson plan allows students to create an Empressr presentation after completing their experiment.

Chemical Reactions Lesson Plan.pdf

Chemical Reactions Lesson Plan.docx

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IX. Uses in Industry">IX. Uses in Industry

Empressr incorporates great charting and table tools to take business presentations to the next level of interest. As mentioned earlier, Empressr allows you, the creator, to track who and how many have viewed your Empresser. It even captures how long a viewer interacts with each slide. Businesses could use this skill to notice what individuals are focusing on. In addition, one can create information on the Empressr website so individuals can comment, rate and re-share information on an embeded page of social networking.  If you want only certain individuals to be able to access your presentation webpage than you can send an email with a link to your Empressr, to those you want to share it with.  Or, you can choose the public setting so that anyone with internet capabilities can view your presentation. 3

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X. International Use ">X. International Use 

Empressr can be useful for less developed or developing countries that do not have other computer programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint, but do have an Internet connection. Empressr allows the users to communicate their own project over long distances and to a far greater audience at any one given moment. The entire Internet community can view a user's presentation simultaneously, regradless of the country or geographical location in which you live in. If Empressr gains in popularity traction, it will be as a business presentation tool.
Empressr can also be used in international education.  For schools with low ICT budgets, web 2.0 technologies can offer a solution toward meeting UK government targets relating to the integration of technology into teaching and learning, or even begin to transform, without massive investment for software licences.  In Britain, the technology has been formally recognized as an ‘educational technology’ in the guise of the BECTA reports concerning Web 2.0 technologies.

Graph of amount of people in the U.S. and the World visiting 14

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XI. Videos">XI. Videos

Empressr sneak peak of program composr: 15

Empressr being used in Times Square: 16


Empressr Brochure.docx  
This page was created by: Kyle Baird, Paige Caldwell, Natalie Einikis, Shawn Farrington, K'Driahn Footman, Jon Glaub, Beth Miller, and Amanda Rodibaugh. 

International Partners who helped with research are: Ben Evans, Maddy Nicholis, and Xin Tong.

XII. References">XII. References


















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