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So here is what I have reserved for us so far:



We need EVERYTHING else (smile)

 I was thinking:

 ~Red and black table cloth

 ~Red and black balloons

 ~Laptops (at least 3) 

 ~Black Licorice/Twizzlers

          ~Container to put twizzlers in

          ~tongs to extract the candy

          ~metal tray to put "goodies" onto ie: pens


So I have Math with both Tiffany & Haley, and Haley being the genius she is, suggested black and red licorish (spelling not right) instead of cookies, what do you think?   (I have little tongs that are used for like cheese at parties that we could use for sanitary issues if we do twizzlers in a container)

I also have a red metal tray that if we get pens or merchandise we can put on the tray to make it look better (I used it for silverware at my graduation party last year)

Posters:  If we have to make them, I was thinking of a red background (or opposite of the table cloth) and then the racoon or the "mascot" of seesmic in the middle.

PAMPHLET: This is the final, I made some changes to colors and some text, but it looks good to me (smile)

---> Click here to download

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  1. Unknown User (ltease)

    If we do a poster, we need to get it color printed in the MATH Bldg, I find out more about how much space we have at the PM meeting next week, so bear with me (smile)

  2. Unknown User (flecka)

    I am also on environment and really like the ideas so far. I can not think of anything else to add at the moment, but will be back in touch if I do.

  3. Unknown User (tmcmanis)

    Those who are involved with the environment portion, would it be possible to have a meeting in lab on friday to get things planned out all the way! I think if we just meet and get all the ideas at once it would make things run a little more smoothly!