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Created by: Rhonda Ashford, Amy Foley, Courtney Lipply, Celia Ragan,Ben Spivey, Emily Strong, Emily Traficante, and Rachael Youtsey

Last updated 3/7/2012-Matt Mills, Kelsey Holley, Micah Wallace, David Lohss


Table of Contents">Table of Contents




-How Evernote Works 
-Getting More Out of the Application
-Sponsored Accounts


How Evernote Relates to Other Applications
-How to Join
-Comparison to Competitors
-Unique Uses


Real World Application
-Educational Lesson Plans


Demonstration of Educational Value


How Evernote Is Used Internationally






What are the uses of Evernote?">What are the uses of Evernote?


Evernote is an innovative, creative, and useful Web 2.0 application. Evernote was created in 2004 as a note taking application that can be used online and offline. If you are looking for a way to capture all of those important images you see everyday so you can recall them at a later time, Evernote is the way to go. Evernote allows everyone to save pictures, thoughts, lesson plans, nearly anything from computers, cell phones, iPods, and much more.  Evernote allows you to save these notes, organize them, and search through them to find them easily.

What does Evernote do?">What does Evernote do?


Evernote is a note taking website.  You can simply go to the website and start a new note, and begin typing.  Once you are finished with your note, you simply just add it to your account.  Evernote also has an extension with Firefox.  Using Firefox you can just highlight text, pictures, or videos and simply click a button and it will be added.  Evernote allows you to have a specific e-mail address that you can send notes to and they will automatically be added to  your account, and you can access it later.  Snapshots or pictures you add to your account can also be translated to text using an advanced text recognition device. 

Who uses Evernote? ">Who uses Evernote? 


You can search through everything you have saved to your Evernote account very easily by a simple search using a key word, or a filter.  Evernote even allows you to save every search, so it is easy to go back and search for something you have searched for in the past.  It even allows you to save complicated searches that contain complex works, tags, or other filters.  Evernote is able to search text within images.  It is able to scan any image and analyze it for any text contained in it, this includes snapshots, web pictures, screenshots, and pictures from cellular phones and other mobile devices.

I.1 History">I.1 History



Evernote is a web 2.0 application that allows you to take pictures of nearly anything you want to remember or recall, store and organize them in Evernote, and access them easily at anytime. Evernote is a program that can be used by anyone, from anywhere.

Evernote allows you to easily capture information using numerous devices; computer, phone, iPod, etc. Evernote makes the information that has been captured accessible at any time and from anywhere!

Evernote will also save the site that a person got the information from. Students can use this for references.

Don't know where to find the information that you need?  Below is some information on each of the links telling you what information each one holds. Just read through each section and you can learn all you need to know about each of the pages and what will be beneficial to you.

 Evernote Corporation
333 West Evelyn Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94041
contact Evernote at

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

How Evernote Works">How Evernote Works

Evernote is like an "external brain."  In other words, if there is something that you want to remember, you can simply highlight that piece of information and paste it in your personal Evernote clipboard for use at a later time.

When you paste some information in the Evernote program on the notebook, Evernote saves that information as long as you would like it to.  When you need to find that information there are a couple of ways that you can find what you are looking for.  One way is to sort through your notebook, or another way is to type one word that is located in the item that you are looking for in the find box.  The word that you type in should become highlighted in the item being searched which helps you to find what you are looking for very quickly.  As you can tell, it is very simple, easy and quick to save information needed by a click of a button.

Along with that, a computer is not the only way that Evernote can be accessible.  It can also be used from your cell phone, iPod, or other mobile device, that way you can carry your information with you where ever you go instead of having to take your computer with you everywhere you go.

If one is interested in using Evernote, they first need to visit the Evernote website.  There they can choose to download one of the many different versions of Evernote.  However, they need to make sure that they are downloading the one that will be compatable for their computer or cell phone.

The different versions of Evernote available are as follows according to the Evernote website, :

For your computer:

Web clipper

Mac OS X


For your mobile devices:

iPhone or iPod Touch


Android (below)


Palm Pre or Palm Pixi

Windows Mobile

Ways to Upload Media:

One of the main strengths of this application is that there are many ways to obtain and upload information!

1.) On your desktop:
-Search through all your notes and organize them
-Upload on MAC or PC
-Find text within images

2.) On the web:
-Create and share notes

3.) On your phone:
-Take Snap shots
-Make and read a to-do list
-Record Audio
-Make additions to your pages from anywhere

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

Getting More Out of the Application">Getting More Out of the Application


There are several different ways that Evernote can be used.  The following are some of the most common ways that this program can work for any individual.

For office use:  At the end of each day, it is typical for desks to be covered in sticky notes, scrap paper notes, and print-outs that need to be preserved. To keep your office space tidy, one could take pictures of the sticky notes, scrap papers, or print-outs and insert these pictures into an Evernote notebook. 
For meetings: To keep your colleagues' inboxes less cluttered, you could show meeting attendees your Evernote file for the meeting and let them choose which information you share. Notes could also be taken using Evernote during the meeting. This method is more efficient than taking notes by hand and then transferring to the computer.   

As a financial organizer: Instead of saving all your receipts, invoices, and bills in paper form, one can capture these documents and organize them on Evernote. Just as Evernote makes organizing and tracking notes and emails easier, it also makes it simple to organize your financial expenditures.

For projects: A new notebook could be created to store all the information for various projects. Using the tags features, you can easily sort the different tasks and research topics needed for the project.  Now, everything you need or want to recall, will be kept in one spot.

For students: With Evernote students can take more efficient notes in class. All they have to do is type the notes into their Evernote file and then the notes will be conveniently and easily accessible to them anytime they want to review them. They can also take a picture of important items up on the screen or board and place those into their Evernote file as well. Students also can use Evernote when studying their textbooks. They can take pictures of important definitions, headings, graphics, charts, or tables that they come across in their reading and can then put them into their Evernote folder, from where they can quickly and easily retrieve them later. This way they won't have to carry their textbook around all the time to study or answer questions in class.

Whether it be for use in an office, meeting, ministry, daycare, or classroom, Evernote allows you to keep all of your information in one location.  With Evernote, you can easily print, email, delete, or edit any of your notes. 

"Evernote's desktop client makes it easy to organize text, notes, pictures, and clippings from other applications into "notebooks," which basically act similarly to folders or albums in most other applications. As a very welcome touch, notes can be viewed in either a list form (such as Mail, Journler, etc.) or as thumbnails. This can make notes a bit easier to browse through and recognize at a glance, especially if you're organizing a lot of images. A decent set of rich text editing tools are available for text notes (font selection, bold/italic/underline, text justification, etc.), and to-do checkboxes can be created for basic task management. Tasks can be seen online once notebooks are synced, but they cannot be checked off from a browser." From the picture above, you can see at the top left corner in the blue side column, the notebooks (folders) that this individual has created.  Clicking on one of them will lead you to all of the information stored in that notebook.  From there, you can easily view any notebook you have created (Chartier, 2008)."

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

Sponsored Accounts ">Sponsored Accounts 


Another feature that makes Evernote easier to use in the classroom is the sponsored accounts option.  With the sponsored accounts option, an entire organization of people, whether it's a business, school, or project group, can get the premium version of Evernote.  There is a monthly charged involved with it but it is much easier to pay than for individual accounts.  The sponsored accounts get administrative access and also the top priority support from the people at Evernote.  Another option that may apply is a 50% educational discount for educational institutions that apply.  

II. How Evernote Relates to Other Applications">II. How Evernote Relates to Other Applications

How to Join">How to Join

Click on the link below for the Getting Started Page from Evernote.  This page teaches you how to install Evernote, create an account with Evernote, create notes using Evernote, add images to Evernote, save web contents to Evernote, and much more.

Getting Started With Evernote

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

Comparison to Competitors">Comparison to Competitors

Evernote is compatible with Windows or Mac computers, and cell phones. Each application is shown below in the pictures. Click on the following links to help you become more familiar with using Evernote from one or all three of these applications.

Some say that Evernote is similar to the website Twitter.  Twitter is primarily a communication tool while Evernote allows you to save and organize notes and allows you to exceed 140 characters.  Evernote also allows you to connect via Twitter to save notes.

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

Unique Uses">Unique Uses

This application is unique in many ways and unlike any other web application it is not linear. In other words, when using this application you are able to add text/information, pictures, videos and links just as you can with any other web application leaving plenty of room for creativity. However with the web 2.0 application Evernote, there are also many other things you can do. Evernote recognizes that we are given all kinds of information on a daily basis, and our brains cannot possibly store all of this information. For that reason, many things are lost and forgot. Therefore, Evernote has allowed us to begin to capture all of these ideas and experiences from our real lives from a digital standpoint, so the memories or ideas will not slip away. This helps us understand the slogan "REMEMBER EVERYTHING" and to specifically understand how awesome it really is!
Evernote is its own unique website for saving notes, research, or anything else you need to save and have quick access too. The relationship between Evernote and other applications is that you can "copy and paste" information from one application onto an Evernote page and have access to it later. For example, if you found a paragraph with alot of information in it, and you didn't want to write everything down with pen and paper, you would simply hightlight the text you need and save it to an Evernote page. Then, you can easily access it at a later time.
If you are a forgetful person, Evernote would be ideal for you to use.  Evernote allows you to capture and organize things now, so you can find them easily later. You can capture things using a computer (Windows or Mac) or a cell phone, simply highlighting the information, taking pictures, or by finding things on the internet and placing them into your Evernote account. When you add things to your account, it is synchronized across all of your devices, that way it makes it easy for you to access your things whether you are at home, or on the go.
Evernote allows you to search quickly through all of the things you saved in your account to find the information you want to look at.  You can do this through a simple search or a filter.
 Things you may want to capture:
To-do listNotesReasearchWebpagesBusiness cardsSnapshotsVideos 
Everyone needs a more organization in their lives, and where better to start then all those pictures, dates, events, notes, homework, to do lists, and more rattling around in your head. Evernote can provide anyone with an easy and accessible way of organizing thoughts, pictures, memories, and tasks needing to be remembered.  
Below are additional links to brief videos regarding other ways Evernote can be used outside of the educational and business world.RecipesPreparing SermonsWine ListsBooks
Busy working mothers can organize their work schedules along with their kids schedules conveniently on Evernote.  People interested in photography can easily store and organize pictures without having to take up storage space on their personal computers or buy expensive extra storage space for their computers.  People can save pictures of weekly to do lists so that they can easily stay organized and not forget obligations.  These are just a few examples of ways people use Evernote to make their lives a little less hectic and more organized.  The uses of Evernote are vast and are sure to provide everyone with more helpful means of organization. 

Evernote has a new component by Dail2Do where you can convert your audio recorded notes into searchable and taggable text. This process is as simple as calling the Voice2Note phone number, recording your note, and uploading it to Evernote.

Evernote has recently reached a partnership with IdeaPaint, which will be very cost efficient and unique to your business, classroom, or home. IdeaPaint is a specific and unique type of paint that turns any hard surface into a presentation "white board". Once these ideas are written using IdeaPaint, this is where Evernote creates a unique note taking experience. Once you are done using IdeaPaint, simply snap a photo of the presentation, and upload the image to Evernote. Once your image is uploaded to Evernote, each and every word captured with the IdeaPaint is now searchable and can be shared with teams, students, or colleagues.

Check out the video below of how Evernote and IdeaPaint work together:

Table of Contents

III. Real World Application">III. Real World Application

Educational Lesson Plans">Educational Lesson Plans

">i. Elementary




Description:  This lesson plan is designed to show students how to use a web application, such as Evernote, to take their notes.  It is used for a Geometry class.

Objective:  Students take their notes on Evernote and then must share them with 1 other classmate in any of the ways they want that Evernote allows.  

Geometry Lesson Plan-Word

Geometry Lesson Plan-PDF

[Animal Science Lesson Plan|^Beef_Cattle_Lesson_Plan1-_Evernote.docx]

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents
">ii. Secondary
(1) Researching and Note sharing with Evernote

Description: This lesson plan is designed to have student's research and review eachother's notes that they have recorded on specific World War II history battles.

Objective: Students will each be given a specific battle and be asked to research that battle using notes that the instructor has uploaded to Evernote. Once on Evernote student's will record their findings and upload their notes to Evernote, and student's will share their research on each battle.

WW11 evernote research sharing.pdf

WW11 evernote research sharing.docx

(2) Lecture Note Taking and Studying with Evernote

Description:  This lesson plan will give students Evernote to use when taking notes in class and will show how Evernote can be used to better organize their notes.

Objective:  Students will be given a test to evaluate their learning and note taking on Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt's affects on World War II.

Evernote in WW2 (pdf)

Evernote in WW2 (.docx)

(3) Math History Project

Description: This lesson plan allows students to research mathematicians who have influenced Algebra while using Evernote to organize their research.

Objective: Students will utilize Evernote to complete a research presentation.

Math History (pdf)

Math History (.docx)

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents
Business/Industry ">Business/Industry 


Businesses and industries can also greatly benefit from Evernote. They can take pictures of the many business cards they are given and organize them in Evernote. Later the business or industry can easily access and recall a certain business card. Below is an example of a business card saved into Evernote. Other ways businesses and industries can benefit from Evernote is by taking pictures of job sights, projects, proposals, and many other business related items and orgainizing them in Evernote.

Businesses can also benefit by using Evernote.  They can use it to organize business cards, clientele information, pictures, but most importantly, take notes on all of the above.  It's one thing to have an organized list of business cards, it's another to also have a description of how good or bad the service was or if they have been recommended by someone.  Also, it is convenient to have clients' information at your fingertips.  If you have a scheduling conflict and need to cancel, you can create a link on the client's name to show you his or her email or phone number just by clicking their name so that you can contact them to change the meeting.  This is much more convenient and safer than carrying around a pocketbook with client's contact information while traveling.  Also, you can upload pictures from seminars or sites to show coworkers at a later date in an organized and relevant fashion.

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value">IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Evernote is a very useful Web 2.0 application for individuals in every situation. Evernote allows individuals to capture pictures of almost anything they wish to remember. In a few quick short steps those pictures can be saved into Evernote, organized, and given a brief short description making the picture easily accessible in the future. Secondary students, post secondary students, teachers, professors, businesses, and industries all can greatly benefit from Evernote for a variety of different reason specific for their different environments and situations.
Students in all different educational levels and backgrounds can use Evernote to organize their educational priorites. Evernote can help students keep track of their notes, research, homework, tests, quizzes, and anything else that is school related. It would be great to never have to worry about losing those important assignments. Evernote can take that worry away. It is as simple as students photographing all of their important papers, documents, and projects. After that, all the student has to do is upload the important pictures into Evernote in one quick step and organize his or her pictures. He or she can organize the pictures by projects, classes, or anything for that matter. Evernote has made the organizational hassel of being a student much easier and accessible.

Here are a few examples from the Evernote blog on how teachers and students have used Evernote to help them in school:

10 Tips for Teachers Using Evernote

[How My Students Started Usinv

10 Evernote Tips For School

How Evernote Helped Me Through College

for Students: The Ultimate Research Tool|]

Evernote makes the stressful life of a student a bit easier by enabling the student to not have to worry about losing important papers,other written assignments, or class notes.  It can organize them by class, which also makes it easy for future reference when the student goes to study for an exam over the material.  Also, because Evernote is on the Internet, a student can easily access their information when they are on the go from their cell phone or from anywhere on any computer with an Internet connection.  Teachers can enjoy the convenience of Evernote as well.  Instead of carrying mounds of papers home to be graded over a break or long weekend, the teacher can take pictures of the assignments and upload them into Evernote.  Then, while away from school, the teacher can grade the papers at his or her leisure without the worry of misplacing or completely losing any papers.

Evernote is also a fantastic research tool for students. Whether the student is doing a research paper, studying for a quiz or exam, or looking for important quotations and facts, Evernote will make this all much simpler. Rather than the student rummaging through written notes, reading through entire web pages of information, the student can simply take a picture of their written notes, capture the web page, and they now have it all stored and organized in Evernote. This allows the student to search key terms and quotes to make their research and studying more effective and time efficient. 

  • Here is a screenshot of how one can quickly research key terms and quotes using Evernote:

Why Evernote would make a lesson plan easier and more accessible?

You will not have to create transparencies or powerpoints to present the pictures pertaining to each section.
You will already have the pictures saved to your computer, which will make creating the handouts and quizzes much easier.

When it is time for the lesson you will be able to easily access your pictures.
It will be easy to save the pictures you find on the internet that pertain to your lesson plan on Evernote. All that is necessary is to copy and paste, drag the pictures in Evernote.
You can easily organize your pictures into the different sections of your lesson plan.
You will be introducing an easy and accessible means or organization to your class.
 Evernote can make the duties of teaching more organized, easy, and accesible by being able to capture pictures of lessons on a white board, pictures of lessons and activities, pictures of field trips, and much more. Also, elementary teachers typically numerous gifts from their students such as drawings, paintings, and crafts. Over the years the gifts recieved can add up. Evernote allows teachers, moms, anyone to take pictures of all your special gifts, store them, and orgainze them. Art teachers could also greatly benefit from Evernote. Lugging a tons of art projects home can be a hassel. Evernote allows them to take individual pictures of each art project, save the pictures, orgainze them by class and projects, and access them at home for easy grading. There are many other situations can help elementary school teachers in the educational environments.

Teachers in all grades levels can benefit from Evernote. This section focuses on junior high teachers, high school teachers, college professors, and college teacher assistants. They can use Evernote in a variety of different situations. Video clips are often used to portray a lesson in the classroom setting. However, where do those video clips come from? Teachers often just stumbled upon great examples that could be used to convey a lesson or an idea to their class. Evernote allows them to take a picture of the video itself, the title, or the link to the video. After they photograph the video they can save, organize, and give a brief explanation about the video in Evernote. They can then access and remember the educational video at anytime. Teachers can also use Evernote to capture pictures of research, homework assignments, and projects. Saving and organizing assignments to Evernote will allow teachers to access them from home or another environment and easily grade them.

Here is an example of how Evernote was used in a real school:

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

V. How Evernote Is Used Internationally">V. How Evernote Is Used Internationally

Evernote can be used anywhere in the world by anyone. No matter where you are from or where you live, Evernote is a simple, useful web 2.0 application. Evernote can be used the same way in other countries. Evernote is a relatively new web 2.0 application, and unfortunately cannot be accessed in other languages at this stage. However, Evernote is a simple web 2.0 application to use. The same steps for using Evernote apply to everyone using this application from anywhere. Evernote can help anyone organize all of those important images rattling around in their mind and access them easily from anywhere at any time.

Despite the fact that Evernote is a relatively new web 2.0 application and there are not yet versions of Evernote available in other languages, Evernote can still greatly benefit those around the world. Evernote allows each individual user to create their own account, save their own images, and organize their images in any means desired by the individual user. This benefit provides Evernote users to save and organize the information in their desired language. Evernote is also accessible to everyone worldwide.

International teachers could use Evernote for the very same purposes. International teachers could use Evernote to organize and access their lesson plans, simulations, classroom activities, and much more. Evernote makes it extremely easy for individuals to save, organize, and access information. Evernote provides the same perks to international teachers as well. The only difference for international teachers in using Evernote is saving and organizing their desired information in their own language. Allowing international teachers to do this would essentially make Evernote a great web 2.0 application for them to use.


Evernote could be extremely useful for international students as well. As explained early in another chapter, Evernote provides an easy, organized, and accessible means of note taking. All students, national or international, can greatly benefit from using Evernote. Steps for Note Taking for National and International Students are:
Begin by taking your in class notes on your laptop. Dells and Macs work with best with Evernote. However, every computer can access and use Evernote.Save your in class notes to the software you are using i.e. Microsoft Word, Word Pad, ect.Here comes the easy part! Just simply upload your notes into Evernote.If you are using Firefox the above step is even easier. Simply click on your notes, and drag them into your Evernote folder.When your notes are saved into Evernote, you can continue to organize your notes into the specific classes they correlate to, dates, times, ect. Whatever means of organization you desire is possible.

International Businesses and Industries

International businesses and industries can benefit from the perks of Evernote as well. Many businesses are swamped with tons of business cards. Evernote can provide a simple way to organize all of those important business cards without having to hold onto all of them. All an international business or industry would need to do to organize their important business cards is:
Simply take pictures of each individual important business card.Upload your photos onto your computer.Click and drag all of the pictures into Evernote.Once you are in Evernote with the important pictures of business cards, organize the pictures.

Evernote can be used to save and organize recipes. You will never lose another recipe again because Evernote allows you to organize and access your recipes at any time. Anyone, whether they are international or national, can use Evernote to save and access their recipes.

International individuals can use Evernote to organize and access their images and videos as well. It is made even more accomodating for international individuals because they can save and organize their desired images and videos with their own language.

Evernote can essentially be used to everyone everywhere for any means of saving, orgainzing, and accessing their desired information.

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*] ">Table of Contents 

VI. References">VI. References

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Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents

VII. Search

Didn't find what you are looking for? Search confluence!

Table of Contents|#h3.*TableofContents*]">Table of Contents


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    See you tomorrow!

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    I looked through the posts that have already been put off and everyone is off to a good start, but try to put a little more effort into them. Before typing your chapter to our wiki you MUST type your research you did from two weeks ago into the "Evernote Research" section. I have typed everyone question in there already, so all you have to do is type the research you did under your question. You can then get started on your chapter to our wiki page. Below is a link to a wikipedia page about Rainforests. Please go and just skim through it so you get a better idea about what an actual wiki page should look like. A few sentences in each chapter is not enough information. Expand on it. Maybe try to find some more information. I do have a packet full of information that Connie put together for our group. It will be available for everyone to look through tomorrow in lab so people can further expand on their wiki chapter. Please put some effort into this. I know there are two people assigned to make our wiki page look amazing! BUT it is YOUR job to provide them with a good base. They can not make something from nothing and it is not their job to create the entire wiki page.

    If you have any questions please call me  (3172811745)! or email me! I will pick up my phone quicker then I will respond to an email so if it is really important I have no problem with you guys calling me!

  13. Unknown User (emstrong)

    I have finished the rough draft of my wiki page. Please just take a quick look at it. My assigned section is "Ways Evernote can be used in Educational and Learning Environments". Please take time and work on your wiki page. Try to find link and pictures that support and enforce your section and give good detailed research and senarios. You can also go to the "Evernote Research" and see how i put my research in there. All of your reseach should be on that same page.


  14. Unknown User (afoley)

    Okay, I have added some research to page (sorry, I was not aware of that!!).  I have put some more info. on my specific wiki page.  I am more than happy to stay in lab tomorrow as long at necessary.  I think I am really getting the hang of this, and actually, I am enjoying it!!

  15. Unknown User (emstrong)

    Hey again! Sorry I'm going overboard on the comments. Sorry I did not mention it early but if the research question you were assigned was not subjective you need to put your informational source in the "Evernote Research" section and your own personal section. It is enough to just put the address.... meaning if ANY of what you wrote it something you did not know and got from a website you must site it. I have alot for us in lab tomorrow! Hope everyone is enjoying this and it isn't too stressful.

  16. Unknown User (emstrong)

    last comment of the day... promise!

    if you notice I have put 4 new links up top to 4 new pages regarding lesson plans for elementary, secondary, post senconday, and business/industry pertaining to Evernote. This is another part of the project we will need to do. You are to create a brief lesson plan on how these 4 situations could use Evernote. It will be like project 1. You will need an objective, projected audience, learning environment, all of that good stuff. I need 3 volunteers to help me do this please, I will be doing one as well. For the three of you that will be doing this with me we will talk more about it in lab tomorrow and write down specifically what needs to be included in the lesson plans. You will then just have to put your created lesson plan into its designated link. I need this done by lab next week. So think about if you will help or not, it would probably be wise for people to volunteer that do not have big personal projects such as ben who is doing the powerpoint, amy and celia who are working on making our wiki page gorgeous, and courtney who is working on the sample of evernote that will be presented at the showcase. So between myself, Emily T, Rachael, and Rhonda these lessons plans shouldn't be too hard to create!

    See you tomorrow!

  17. Unknown User (rashford)

    Dose any one have an idea of where I could go to find the developer of evernote because I have no idea.

  18. Unknown User (cragan)

    OKAY.... just so everyone knows... if you look at my part of the chapters, and you're thinking what is she doing?? i'm not done!! it's just a start and I will come back to it! DON"T worry!!

    k, thanx! bye!

  19. Unknown User (emstrong)

    The only information I found regarding the developer was Aaron Katz who is the co-founder and chairman. Hope that helps Rhonda!

    No worries everyone! I know no one really got alot of time today in lab to work on their wiki page just make sure its done by friday so everyone can get started on their own "special projects" (smile) I hope everyone is having fun with this and its a little less hectic!!! Have a great weekend! If you need any CALL! (smile)

  20. Unknown User (bspivey)

    Hey guys! Uploaded my WIKI if anyone wants to take a look and let me know what ya think/ suggest some improvements it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and have a great weekend 

  21. Unknown User (ryoutsey)

    Ben! your page looks reallly goood!

    Emily I have a question though... what kinda of information are you looking for when you are asking for other interesting facts about evernotes, everything seems pretty much covered to me. I wrote a little bit in there but I'm not sure if it's what you had in mind.


  22. Unknown User (emstrong)


    You might add like actual pictures of how to use evernote or additional videos just anything. if you dont think your section has enough substantial information just let me know. we can delete it and you can just add your information to other wiki pages, that is what i did for emily. just let me know!

  23. Unknown User (emstrong)

    your page looks awesome ben!!!! (smile)

  24. Unknown User (emstrong)

    hey everyone. there are still 3 people who have not put their research into the "Evernote Research" page, if it you please do it as soon as possible! Thanks everyone! I think our wiki page looks great and we're off to a really good start.

  25. Unknown User (etrafica)

    Hey Emily. I'm emailing you and Connie the letter I typed up to send to Evernote.  If you want to change anything feel free, and we can print out a hard copy in lab on Wednesday.

  26. Unknown User (jallison)

    Hey Evernote Group!

     I just wanted to tell you guys that your project is looking really good! 

  27. Unknown User (emstrong)

    Emily T., Rhonda, and Rachael,

    I have finished my lesson plan for secondary. It only took me about an hour or so (it will probably take less because i got side tracked). If you guys need to look at it to see what needs to be included its the link for secondary lesson plan. I can not remember but whichever 2 of you are doing post secondary and business there will not be standards.

    Call if you need help!

  28. Unknown User (emstrong)

    Emily T., Rhonda, and Rachael,

    I was just told that the lesson plans need to be in Confluence as well as on a word document. So please look at my page and format yours like mine, then copy, paste, and format it into a word document and email it to me


  29. Unknown User (cragan)

    I'm having trouble inserting my links and videos into my wiki page. Will someone please show me how during lab tomorrow? thanx!


  30. Unknown User (ryoutsey)

    Emily T,

    I'm starting to think we're working on the same lesson plan... for elementry education?

    I remember saying in lab that I would do it but maybe there was some confusion?

  31. Unknown User (afoley)

    Hey everyone!! Just wanted to let everyone know that everything is looking great! Good job on the lesson plans! I will now start looking things over and revising and adding things if need be.

  32. Unknown User (emstrong)

    hey ok so today in lab we're all sitting down and talking. i have a lot to tell you guys.... some good some bad, but i think we all need to sit down and talk about everyones problems. and we need to better communicate with eachother. emailing me at night isn't the best way to go about asking important questions.... please just call.

    see you all in lab

  33. Unknown User (etrafica)


     Sorry I accidentally did the wrong one.  I'll make the other one. Sorry about the confusion!

  34. Unknown User (cragan)

    I've spell checked the chapter "Evernote Research" with microsoft word. So it should be correct now!

  35. Unknown User (clipply)

    Emily...I was just wondering if you could check over my section: How To Use Evernote and see if you think it looks ok.  Thanks! (smile)


  36. Unknown User (emstrong)


    i looked at your page and it looks good! (smile)

  37. Unknown User (clipply)

    Thanks Emily! (smile)

  38. Unknown User (emstrong)

    hey everyone! this is a reminder to myself about tomorrow as well as telling you all whats going on in lab.

    our final draft of the wiki page is due friday so i would like to have everything completely done tomorrow by the end of lab.

    tasks for lab:

    Rhonda: Format your lesson plan like the others. Take out the empty header

    Rachael: I can not figure out how to link the lesson plans to microsoft documents. so i was going to have rhonda, emily t., and myself email ours to you tomorrow in lab so you can link them like you did yours.

    Amy, Celia, and myself: Finish up revisions, make everything look the same and work on references. If we could all actually sit by eachother tomorrow that would be great

    Courtney, Ben, Emily T, and anyone else: I am going to bring poster boards and markers and stuff tomorrow so you guys could possibly work on a big sign for our showcase. If anyone wants to bring anything else that would be great.

    Thank Everyone See you tomorrow!

    oh one last side comment we need everyone to put their references in apa format. I was first told that the links would be ok but i guess now they are not, and we can not do the references without the correct citations. thanks

  39. Unknown User (afoley)

    Hey team,

    I have checked the many purposes of Evernote, and the elementary, secondary and post secondary lesson plans for spelling and grammatical errors in Microsoft word.  I made some corrections.  See ya later in lab!

  40. Unknown User (ryoutsey)

    How do we want our booth to look at the presentation??

  41. Unknown User (kjones01)

    Here is the peer evaluation from our group -----> Evernote peer review

  42. Unknown User (emstrong)

    Hey Everyone! Our wiki page is officially done! that is until we get our evaluations back and then we may have things fix! everyone now should be focusing on the showcase. If we do not recieve shirts from Evernote everyone should where black pants (or a skirt for girls) and a nice shirt, if we recieve the shirts then black pants with our shirts. So if you dont have a pair of pants here with you make sure you grab some when you go home for thanksgiving.


    1. Unknown User (cragan)

      what kind of "nice" shirt? like a button up, polo? i need to know by the end of break.. because i don't have a "nice" shirt. also, what color shirt?


  43. Unknown User (emstrong)

    hey everyone!

    so about the shirts....

    i wish i would know if evernote was going to give us anything but i black pants or skirts with a nice white shirt... button up or polo. i dont want people to have to buy anything. ...... NO FLIP FLOPS EITHER! nice shoes!

    i am also going to try to make us all nametags with the evernote symbol on it for the showcase so we can look more like we belong together (smile)

    im sorry i wasn't in lecture today. i have been terribly sick. if you guys have any questions call me please... dont email my computer has been real messed up and im actually in a lab right now.

    the wiki page is done for now so just continue working on your special projects. and please bring your special projects with you to class next lab after break. we need to plan who is bringing what, see all what we have, the schedule at the showcase....

    have a great break everyone!

  44. Unknown User (emstrong)

    We're almost there everyone! Just 2 more days until our showcase!!! I know everyone is probably nervous, as am I, but I know we will do well because we have all put in so much work, time, and effort!!!! (smile)

    Get excited for our showcase on Thursday!!!!!!

    And cross your fngers for a superior grade so we wont have to take the final!

    See you all tomorrow in Lab! Remember to bring everything you have for our showcase.

  45. Unknown User (ryoutsey)

    Good Luck tomorrow everyone(smile)

    I know we'll do great!