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 Business and Industry Lesson Plan


At the end of the session the workers will understand where they are going to build the new building for Parker INC., how it will be designed, and how long they have to complete the project. They will understand and be able to complete the task with 100% accuracy.

Learning Environment

The session will be taught in a medium size meeting room with a round table that will have a projector to show the presentation that the instructor prepared previously.


The students will be a group of construction workers that were recently hired to build a new office building for Parker INC.


1)The workers will need to bring note books and pencils. 

2)A laptop will be brought to show the pictures of the site that were saved to Evernote.

3)The company will provide the projector that will help present the pictures saved on Evernote.


1) Prior to the presentation the speaker will have visited and taken pictures of the site that will be worked on. The pictures will then be saved on to Evernote where they can later be retrieved for usage in the presentation.
2) The speaker will make a form that the workers will sign after the session stating that they understand the task that they must accomplish.
3) All of the information the workers will need for the project must be provided at the first meeting. There will be others later in the year, however this is the only meeting prior to the project. 
4)At the beginning the instructor will provide the following information to the workers:
the deadlines for the project
the look of the building
how long the total project should take
how much they will be paid per hour of work
the site that they will be working on
4) After the basics have been explained the instructor will pull up the pictures from Evernote. Here the workers will see the site they will be working on and will also get an idea of what the building should look like after it is completed.
5) At this point the instructor can open the session up for questions the workers might have.
6) If there are no question the instructor can pass around the forms to the workers.                        


Each worker will be given a form to sign that states that they understand the project. Also, the form states how long they have to complete the project.


Each worker will hand in the papers and will be asked to sketch their ideas on how they feel the building should look to accommodate the requirements.

In this lesson the employees of the particular company were shown pictures of the site they were to work on, and how the building was suppose to look when it is done.  Using Evernote makes organizing the information much easier because businesses and industries can save the pictures onto Evernote. This allows all businesses and industries to breeze though all the photos without any delays.

The above information is presented in the form of a lesson, which may not be entirely beneficial to businesses or industries. However, Evernote is a great web 2.0 application for businesses and industries to take advantage of. The lesson plan above provides one such scenario of how Evernote could be incorporated in businesses and industries.

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