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Elementry Education
This is an example of a lesson plan using Evernote that could benefit an Elementry School classroom. This particular lesson plan focuses and basic shapes and their characteristics using Evernote to display examples for the students. 

Basic Shapes and Their Characteristics


Students will be able to identify five major shapes with 100% accuracy. They will be able to draw the shape with the best of their ability and after explaining the characteristics of each shape they will be able to name at least one characteristic about each shape.

Learning Environment

The students will be in a typical kindergarten classroom with access to a projection screen so that pictures can be displayed to the class through Evernote. All students are encouraged to participate.

Description of Students

The students participating are all in Kindergarten between the ages of 4 and 6


K 4.1 & K 4.2


Digital Camera (Provided by the teacher)
Construction Paper
Art supplies
Examples of pictures for the students


1.     Prior to the lesson plan, the teacher would need to find pictures to display as examples on Evernote.
2.     To start the lesson plan the teacher will introduce the 5 shapes the students will be learning about. These shapes include; triangles, squares, circles, rectangles and a diamond.
3.     Next the class will go over the characteristics of each shape using the example pictures in Evernote. Shapes will be shown individually as well as in pictures.


Students will be asked to draw a picture on a piece of paper using markers, colored pencils or crayons that incorporate all five shapes.


After the completion of these pictures, the teacher will take pictures of the students drawing and put them into Evernote allowing the class to see everyone's drawings. Together, they will pick out the shapes used in the drawings.


Here are some examples of pictures that can be used through Evernote to help the students learn different shapes and their characteristics as well. The teacher can find pictures online and save them on her desktop to put into Evernote or she can take the pictures herself and insert them into Evernote


Compare basic shapes to real life objects!

Click here to view the Lesson Plan in a word document.

* Image of the Square

* Image of the TV

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