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Post Secondary Lesson Plan

Below is an example of a lesson plan that could be used at the post secondary school level, either college or graduate school. It is an example of how teachers can incorporate Evernote into a lesson plan.  

Classifying Leaves to Determine their Trees


Each student will be able to distinguish between leaves and correctly identify the tree they came from with an accuracy of 85% or higher.  The students will have an assessment quiz requiring them to identify certain characteristics of leaves and also name the trees provided based on their characteristics.

Learning Environment

The students will learn the notes on leaf characteristics and take the practice quizzes in a typical science lab classroom.  The teacher will put up the notes and pictures on a projection screen; the students will take the practice quizzes at computers.  For the actual graded quiz, the students will go to a forest with trees labeled so they know which leaves' characteristics to observe.  There should be about five trees to identify, with a characteristic question for each, making a total of a ten question quiz.

Description of Students

The students participating in this lesson will be in a college level science course. Each student should generally be between eighteen and twenty-two years old and enrolled in a biology class.




  • Picture of a chart of leaf characteristics and tree names saved in Evernote
  • Pictures of actual leaves for the students to practice learning their trees saved and organized in Evernote
  • Notes on different leaf characteristics
  • Practice quizzes for the students to take prior to the final assessment tree quiz


1. Prior to the lesson, the teacher would need to take the pictures needed to cover during the lesson and save and organize the pictures into Evernote.
2. The teacher would also need to save the charts of leaf characteristics and tree names into Evernote prior to the lesson.
3. To begin the lesson, explain that the lesson is covering how leaf characteristics determine which tree it came from and what you expect of your students. Each student will be required to study the charts regarding the lesson and complete a quiz at the end of the lesson.  The students will be able to use the tree name chart to help them determine the specific name of the tree on the final quiz, but they will not be able to use the leaf characteristic chart on the final quiz.
4. After studying the leaves and taking the practice quizzes, the students will complete the actual quiz to determine the tree based on the leaf characteristics in the forest. 
5. Pull up the pictures that you have previously saved into Evernote.
7. Discuss the leaf characteristics and how to follow the chart to determine the tree name based on the leaf characteristics.  You will also need to bring to their attention that bark characteristics will also determine the type of tree.  They will need to observe the bark on the trees when they take the actual quiz in the forest.
8. After discussing how to use the charts, have the students take the practice quizzes.  Allow them to use only the tree name chart on the practice quizzes because that is all they will be able to use on the final quiz.
9. The next class meet at a forest on campus where you have previously marked five trees that your students will need to identify the name of and characteristics of its leaves.


Each student will be given two charts for the lesson.  One will help lead them to the tree name based on leaf and bark characteristics.  The other will act as notes to show them the basic differences between leaves.


Each student will need to print out five completed practice quizzes. The students will receive up to five participation points for completing them, one point for each practice quiz. The students will not receive more than five points, but they are encouraged to take the practice quizzes as many times as they feel necessary for them to learn the material.  The class following the discussion, the students will take a quiz that will be graded for accuracy. The quiz will ask leaf characteristic questions based on the pictures and charts that were presented in Evernote and discussed in class. There will also be a question per tree asking the student to name the tree.  Each student will be expected to complete the quiz individually and pass it with 85% accuracy or higher.

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