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How -To Project

Grades: 9-12

During this activity, students will create a step-by-step detailed introduction sideshow using photos they have taken themselves, and have uploaded to their own personal Flickr account.


Camera for each student

Flickr account for each student

  1. Student should choose an activity and write down detailed "how to" steps. Make sure that no two students have the same activity to keep this project creative.
  2. You should then check the steps to make sure they are detailed enough and have nice flow.
  3. Give students enough time to take pictures. If you are doing this in class, an hour or two. If you are allowing them to take it home, maybe give them the weekend!
  4. Once the students have taken the pictures that they need to use, have them upload the pictures and organize them in sequence.
  5. Have the student go though and add the steps in the comments section to their pictures.
  6. Allow student to get creative and manipulate some of the features of Flickr. (For example: Tagging students that may have helped that are seen in the picture, or create groups of similar activities.)
  7. When students have completed assignment, have them present the final project to the class. 
  8. (OPTIONAL) Have the rest of the class follow along either hands-on or another way to evaluate each other.
  9. Hold class discussion on how Flickr helped with the process or make it more difficult to explain. Also, discuss the best ideas used and the ideas that needed work or how they could be improved.

Below are examples of pictures.




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